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FREE DOWNLOAD uicksilver 107 ↠ uicksilver is the story of Daniel Waterhouse fearless thinker and conflicted Puritan pursuing knowledge in the company of the greatest minds of Baroue era Europe in a chaotic world where reason wars with the bloody ambitions of the mighty and where catastrophe natural or otherwise can alter the political landscape overnightIt is aBrings a remarkable age and its momentous events to vivid life uicksilver is an extraordinary achievement from one of the most original and important literary talents of our timeAnd it's just the beginningback coverThis PS edition includes 16 pages of supplementary materialsCover design by Richard L AuanCover illustration from the Mary Evans Picture Library; painting of Great Fire of London on stepba. The gold that paid for a pound of Malabar pepper was melted and fused with the gold that paid for a boatload of North Sea herring and all of it was simply gold bearing no trace or smell of the fish or the spice that had fetched it In the case of Cœlestial Dynamics the gold—the universal medium of exchange to which everything was reduced—was force Neal Stephenson uicksilver Book 1 uicksilver That one man sickens and dies while another flourishes are characters in the cryptic message that philosophers seek to decode Neal Stephenson uicksilver Book 1 uicksilver gives off a bit of a low brow SF Pynchon vibe It works well in parts and falls a bit flat in parts dialogue etc I sometimes wish Stephenson wouldn't chase down every last snowflake I really do however enjoy the primary narrator Daniel Waterhouse and his interactions with such figures as Isaac Newton Samuel Pepys John Wilkins etc Having already read Cryptonomicon I was also glad to see Enoch Root one of my favorite characters from that book Like Pynchon Stephenson takes historical fiction and probes the fiction needle into history at funky angles He thrills at causing his fictional characters to interact in obliue ways to historical characters Given the large amount of negative space in history think about how much we DON'T know about people like Newton or even the consumate diariest Pepys a creative writer of historical fiction can bendreflectrefract the light of the past to tell many compelling stories King of the Vagabondsand they don't even have to be plausable they just can't completely contradict major historical eventsBook 2 King of the Vagabonds Jack had been presented with the opportunity to be stupid in some way that was much interesting than being shrewed would've been These moments seemed to come to Jack every few days Neal Stephenson King of the VagabondsStephenson continues his uicksilver Volume with Book 2 King of the Vagabonds Where Book 1 uicksilver dealt primarily with Isaac Newton and Daniel Waterhouse King of the Vagabonds centers around the adventures of Half Cocked Jack Shaftoe Doctor Leibniz and Eliza It seems to have taken stock of Joseph de la Vega's'Confusion de Confusiones 1688 and perhaps also Charles Mackay's later Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds and even Frances and Joseph Gies' Life in a Medieval City Much of the book involves the adventures of two or three of the above Jack Liebniz Eliza making their way across many of the markets and cities of Europe It allows Stephenson to discuss not only the politics of the age of Louis XIV but also the changing markets Leipzig Paris London Amsterdam politics religion and birth of the Age of Resaon Stephenson has said in Book 1 he was primarily dealing with nobility and the top end of the economic ladder So in Book 2 he wanted to spend a bit of time at the bottom of the ladder hence Vagabonds Half Cocked Jack Shaftoe Daniel Waterhouse and Eliza of wghlm are all ancestors of characters from Stephenson earlier book Cryptonomicon Enoch Root appears in this book as well as in uicksilver AND Cryptonomicon He is like a Zelig for science Always appearing just where he needs to be to give the wheel a turn the cart a push the clock of progress a windBook 3 Odalisue Even a well made clock drifts and must be re set from time to time Neal Stephenson OdalisueAn odalisue was a chambermaid or a female attendant in a Turkish haram seraglio particularly the ladies in haram of the Ottoman sultan So the book title references Eliza who in book 2 King of the Vagabonds is rescued by Half Cock Jack King of the Vagabonds Eliza in this book enters the world of European economics and spycraft She rises from broker of the French nobility eventually earning the title of Countess of Zeur She also aids William of Orange as he prepares to invade England gaining the added title of Duchess of ghlm Odalisue also brings us back to Daniel WaterhouseI personally missed Jack Shaftoe but that was partially assisted because we were introduced to his brother Bob ShaftoeI've enjoyed Volume one I'm a big fan of the Age of Enlightenment and was thrilled to experience of fictionalized Pepys Newton Leibniz William of Orange etcNegatives of the books and series so far Like in Cryptonomicon Stephenson is going big think Pynchon Eco etc but his prose is flat often and his dialogue is worse The dialogue seems closer to a Boston pub in 1987 than in a Royal Society meeting but meh It was still intersting and fascinating I like the label History of Science Fiction So I might not read this one twice but I'll for sure finish the series just not tonight

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Don street urchin turned swashbuckling adventurer and legendary King of the Vagabonds risking life and limb for fortune and love while slowly maddening from the poxAnd it is the tale of Eliza rescued by Jack from a Turkish harem to become spy confidante and pawn of royals in order to reinvent Europe through the newborn power of financeA gloriously rich entertaining and endlessly inventive novel that. I think it's official I hate Neil Stephenson's books I hated his so called cyberpunk classic Snow Crash a fact that sets me apart from most of the nerdegalian and I really hated uicksilveruicksilver is kind of hard to classify if you in fact insist on classifying it It's kind of historical fiction in that it's set in the 17th and 18th century and follows the rise of empiricism and science It features real people from that period like Isaac Newton Gotfried Leibniz Robert Boyle Robert Hook King Louis XIV and others But the fiction part of historical fiction comes into play because the main characters an aspiring natural philosopher read scientist named Daniel Waterhouse a former concubine turned finance tycoon named Eliza and a charming vagabond named Jack Shaftoe never really existed and were fabricated for the sake of the book which traces the activities of these three main characters as they live through the eraThe main problem I have with uicksilver was that it was largely plotless I kept waiting for something to happen or some plot to coalesce out of the noise but it didn't The characters are really just there to give Stephenson an excuse to carry on about the development of science as a discipline the ephemeral nature of money and pirates sometimes all three in the same passage There's no narrative just a seemingly endless burbling of scenes the damn thing is nearly 1000 pages long and I READ the paper version of this one I actually kind of liked the some of the parts with struggling scientist Daniel Waterhouse the best because the history of science interests me but even these moments of engagement were covered up by obscure details and diversions that were like overgrown plants in a sprawling gardenIn fact the whole book is bloated with details about experiments geneologies dissertations on stock markets battles family histories and other verbal flotsam that it made it downright hard to read the book and impossible to enjoy I get the impression that Stephenson gorged himself on research for the book and then decided to use it all every last syllable no matter what hellacious effect it has on the narrative or the goal of actually telling an interesting story uicksilver may be entertaining than a high school textbook on the same topics but only marginallyAnd the thing is that it's only the first THIRD of a trilogy plus a tie in to Stpehnons's book Cryptonomicon What's worse is that I went ahead and picked up the other books in hardback though I did so at a thrift store and only set myself back a total of like three bucks I think I'm just gonna eat that cost and not even think about picking them up given how much I disliked uicksilver Life is too short

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uicksilverUicksilver is the story of Daniel Waterhouse fearless thinker and conflicted Puritan pursuing knowledge in the company of the greatest minds of Baroue era Europe in a chaotic world where reason wars with the bloody ambitions of the mighty and where catastrophe natural or otherwise can alter the political landscape overnightIt is a chronicle of the breathtaking exploits of Half Cocked Jack Shaftoe Lon. This book is just too vast to give justice to it in the few lines of this review that I might come up with nowIf you are ready to read this here are some suggestions1 Start with Cryptonomicon first You don't need to read this first but it will help you get used to Stephenson's style and you'll appreciate uicksilver better having done so2 Before reading uicksilver spend some time brushing up on some basic English history Did you know that London burned Do you know what the Monmouth Rebellion was and the Bloody Assizes that followed Do you know about the interregnum Do you know that William III deposed James II in a coup It would be nice if a timeline could be provided that summarizes the main points of English history that serve as context for this book I admit I did not know enough myself of the history involved to get full appreciation of the book on my first reading so now I'll have to read it again some time after doing some historical readingsPerhaps read the wikipedia page on the diary of Samuel Pepys if not the diary itself Although he's really just a minor figure in this novel his diary covers many of the same events that you'll encounter in uicksilver3 Be prepared to deal with long digressions and elaborate descriptions Instead of seeing them as tedious look for the humor Stephenson inevitably tries to put some humor into these and although it's often very dry it's uite amusing when you see how he's looking askance at the goings on of the times and persons4 Beyond the history take care to understand the geography5 Take some time to consider the cryptography used in the novel When you understand just how a letter within a letter can be written you'll appreciate of Stephenson's particular genius6 Even though this is hardly a science fiction novel it does deal largely with scientists in the Royal Society Be prepared then for descriptions of events seen through the eyes of a trained scientific observer Something as simple as the motion of a boat's mast can be used scientifically to provide information about how the boat is loaded as you'll find in the novel Again these portions of the book are trademarks of Stephenson's ingenuity and I enjoyed them immensely7 Be patient This is a long book and not an easy read If you can keep track of the main characters you can actually put it away for a time and return to it later to resume reading I actually started this book some time ago reading it only when I had uninterrupted opportunities to digest the novel I read other lighter works in the interim to keep me occupied and entertainedIn fact after starting this book I actually began work on a Master's degree and completed the Master's degree faster than completing the book That was perhaps a bit too slow but also tells about how busy I was instead of describing the nature of the book8 Revel in the richness of this book It is indeed a masterpiece and you can certainly gain with each reread This type of book is indeed rare and its peculiar idiosyncrasies just make it distinctive in its majesty not lessening its achievement in any way