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Free Queen of Shadows kindle ✓ eBook ß naturaltreatment ↠ Everyone Celaena Sardothien loves has been taken from her Now she returns to the empire – to confront the shadows of her past The fourth breathtaking instalment in the New York Times bestselling Throne of Glass series Bloodthirsty for revenge on thEveryone Celaena Sardothien loves has been taken from her Now she returns to the empire – to confront the shadows of her past The fourth breathtaking instalment in the New York Times bestselling Throne of Glass series Bloodthirsty for revenge on the two men responsible for destroying her life and “Maybe the world should burn” Epicness That's the only word I can think of to describe ueen of Shadows in order to encompass its complexity and awesomeness because while I loved Throne of Glass and Crown of Midnight blew my mind away and Heir of Fire broke my heart into teensy tiny pieces neither of those installments felt as grand as this one worlds collided debts were paid and a ueen rose to her glory “Let’s go rattle the stars” I'm going to start by saying that I've read it twice in a matter of days once devouring it cover to cover fueled by that insatiable need to find out what the hell happens next pulling an all nighter if I might add and then simply to savor its cleverness awed yet again at Sarah's ingenuity But as I finished it for the second time I realized something extremely important oS is a tribute to strong tough heroines main and secondary alike “Please” Lysandra said waving a manicured hand “you and I are nothing but wild beasts wearing human skins Don’t even try to deny it” You will be completely astonished with the unraveling of Aelin Ashryver Galathynius because in reality you haven't exactly met her until now You see she's the same heroine we've come to love during these past 3 4 books and yet a different persona Every trait of Celaena Sardothiens is magnified and combined in such a masterful way to create a uniue character She's still an arrogant stubborn brave and sassy young woman but she undergoes a spectacular character development into a cunning determined and fierce ueen Aelin is completely in control and she makes a statement in bold capital letters that she doesn't buy any bullshit and that she's ready to reclaim back everything that was taken from her And oh boy she does it in style “I went too long without demanding retribution I have no interest in forgiveness” In addition to that she has matured a long way and for the first time she shed her impulsiveness for being open minded calculating and often kind Aelin managed through those crushing sessions of healing from HoF to lose some of her darkness and her real strength spiritual and physical alike finally shone in this installment making me so proud of her at this point And I'd bet a good deal that Sam and Nehemia are freaking proud of her too sobs “I miss you” she said “Every day I miss you And I wonder what you would have made of all this Made of me I think—I think you would have been a wonderful king I think they would have liked you than me actually” Her throat tightened “I never told you—how I felt But I loved you and I think a part of me might always love you Maybe you were my mate and I never knew it Maybe I’ll spend the rest of my life wondering about that Maybe I’ll see you again in the Afterworld and then I’ll know for sure But until then until then I’ll miss you and I’ll wish you were here” Now onto the next awesome woman and uite possibly my favorite character from this book Manon Blackbeak She was completely fabulous in a mind boggling manner I never would have expected her wonderful character development she is not all about discipline and obedience any She starts wondering She starts plotting She starts taking a stand slowly but surely like Dorian did in CoM and later in HoF She's gloriously wicked but she's no evil and I utterly loved her I cannot wait for when her defiance will leave the witches kneeling at her feet And damn when those two met? Shots fired Fireworks exploded And badassery was brought to a whole new level It was by far my favorite scene out of the whole novel managing to exceed my expectations thousand fold they were deadly and powerful and so goddamn magnificent I was literally fangirling The encounter in its entirety was astounding by starting out surprisingly and unfolding in an incredible way that only increased my adoration for both kick ass chicks “We are the masters of our own fates—we decide how to go forward” The attention falls eually on some other ladies Prepare to fall helplessly in love with Asterin She's so strong and loyal and her story will move you to tears We finally get reacuainted with Kaltain and she's not in a place full of flying unicorns and pink rainbows she's basically in her own hellhole There were a few fascinating developments that transformed her into a worthy lethal player Nonetheless her inner strength was awe inspiring and I ended up regretting that we didn't get to know her better before She was hands down amazing and she has my unwavering respect and admiration “She did it for herself To free herself And she was entitled to After what they did she was entitled to rip the entire damn world to shreds” This book allowed us to meet new kick ass females Lysandra who was nothing short of amazing and surprising; Elide Lochan who was determined and immensely brave; and Nesryn Fali who was simply awesome in every way I loved and cheered for them all And now let's fuss over the boys Firstly Chaol His reunion with Aelin was all sorts of shit no this can't be happening and I was mad at him for his demeanor With that being said I can assure you he remained true to his character throughout the whole book his loyal selfless traits reminding me why I like him so much and his insecurities being in sync with his overall upbringing legacy and priorities With Dorian's safety being his ultimate goal his desperation is just gut wrenching “Oath breaker Liar Traitor Chaol was all of those things now but not to Dorian Never to his true king” Speaking of Dorian my sweet precious and innocent cinnamon roll He killed me in this book Killed me with his few and far between chapter POVs that had him in pure unaltered agony and pain Killed me with his loneliness with his sense of being lost with his acceptance that he'll drown in an ocean of misery and cold And finally he killed me with his force to constantly fight back with the desire to tear free of the monster inside him and with the protection he bestowed on his loved ones He's done kneeling before others and he is forever changed but wonderfully so I loved loved loved him even when he broke my heart “I am going to destroy everything you love” Aedion was undoubtedly a new favorite of mine The fact that he's Aelin's male version is only a shade of his real personality he had me tearing up and smiling at the same time with his boundless love for his ueen and his loyalty and sarcasm were a recipe for instant swooning Oh and his father? I went bazinga “Behind them across the hall the dancers shattered their roses on the floor and Aedion grinned at his ueen as the entire world went to hell” We meet again with the King of Assassins Arobynn Hamel and he did not disappoint with his cruel scheming controlling self He was a ruthless bastard but the satisfaction I felt when the pupil outwitted the master was priceless Bon voyage you shameless asshole “Tell me what I must do to atone; tell me to crawl over hot coals to sleep on a bed of nails to carve up my flesh Say the word and it is done But let me care for you as I once did before before that madness poisoned my heart Punish me torture me wreck me but let me help you Do this small thing for me—and let me lay the world at your feet” Rowan Whitethorn is yet again a main focus of the book and I enjoyed everything about him His devotion his wisdom his alpha male intensity and not to mention the rare moments when he let emotions overtake him Aelin's effect on him really brings out sides we haven't met before and the fact that he was at times sweet yes I'm talking about the King of Stoicism continues to blow me away But the best part about these characters is not even themselves Their intricate relationships are the real deal The BROMANCES ARE FLAWLESS Dorian and Chaol redefine friendship Aedion and Rowan set the backbone of a brotherhood for ages Aelin and Manon bring a delicious and unpredictable frenemy dynamic to the table and the ueen regains female companionship through Lysandra Aelin and Aedion are even amazing then I ever would've imagined and their reunion was all kinds of splendid I was crying goddamit and the Thirteen prove again just how much of a family they can be Besides these the original trio crawl their way to being once again a marvelous team Dorian and Aelin is possibly the best thing ever maybe only topped by Dorian and Chaol Banter and kinship and support and dedication are all etched deeply in every single relationship giving them an almost magical uality “For her friends for her family she would gladly be a monster For Rowan for Dorian for Nehemia she would debase and degrade and ruin herself” Now expect romance The wowza kind The slow burning kind The tension off the charts kind One ship is sailing fast folks and it is steamy and romantic and snarky and just asdfghjkl I'm not saying who it is just in case you escaped the spoilers There are new feelings on the horizon for a certain male and I hope it will come to fruition soon And and and maybe I'm a fool to hope or even bring it into discussion but do I sense Dorian and Manon?? BECAUSE I'M DOWN FOR THAT MAAS All my talk about characters shows how incredibly balanced oS is because this book is very much plot orientated So many twists coming from Arobynn and the Valg world and the rebel cause and bitch ueen Maeve and the King and the Duke turns out he's a key player and I can't even The Valg plotline is an endless well of terrifying territory and it seems that we'll venture further into their scary world It's thrilling jaw dropping and fabulously written The last 200 pages or so were a masterpiece keeping you glued to the pages and at the edge of your seat but the entire book is darker and bloodier than any of its preuels “Elegant feminine and utterly wild Warm and steadfast—unbreakable his ueen” oS is not necessarily flawless I have slight complaints like Rowan being a bit too soft sometimes and Dorian and Chaol not getting enough page time but they don't irk me because I got so much awesomeness instead all of the above Abraxos and Fleetfoot of course and I am fully aware we can't have it all; it was almost a 700 pages book My favorite still remains Heir of Fire though with oS and CoM not far behind because that book broke me into pieces and did not apologize for it However oS did with that phenomenal ending that had me smiling ear to ear and teary eyed at its sheer perfection It was like SJM personally apologized for every time I cried and sobbed and went crazy over her devastating story and gave me a solace of utter joy Happiness is not a good enough word to describe what I was feeling at the dinner scene Yet again Sarah J Maas pulled out the big guns and took over the fantasy genre with a gorgeous world otherworldly characters and imaginative plot She is my favorite author and even though I'm aware of her storytelling skills she continues to bewilder me with each book she creates I got literally everything I asked for seriously my initial demands can be found here even the things I thought were impossible to come true So thank you SJM for this outstanding book “She was the heir of fireShe was fire and light and ash and embers She was Aelin Fireheart and she bowed for no one and nothing save the crown that was hers by blood and survival and triumph” ueen of Shadows is a breathtaking continuation to my favorite series a truly wild rollercoaster brilliantly woven with plot twists and thrilling from beginning till end and also an absolutely beautiful journey sprinkled with countless gut wrenching moments Enthralling action packed and heartwarming yes you read that right this book deserves every praise known to humankind and I bow down to the ueens in eternal awe Sarah and Aelin you're both spectacular Cannot wait to see what you have in store for us next “What do I do?”She had to swallow before she said “You light up the darkness” ENJOY 3 PS It pains me to see how a lot of people hate this book due to its main romance I love Dorian to the moon and back and Doraelin is basically my OTP and for that I could've downright hated CoM oS and especially HoF miss you Sorscha Obviously I didn't because what a lot of fans fail to acknowledge is that we shouldn't get blinded by the shipping war I NEED them to take a step back and appreciate the glorious world Mass created the ingenious plot and the ever wonderful characters Romance was never the main focus of these books even if it sweetened the installments and gave us butterflies After all a choice was bound to happen sooner or later seeing we have such swoon worthy males around our beloved heroine and need I remind you there are still 2 books? Anything could change Maybe everyone will die in the end would you prefer that instead of watching your ship sink? Sarah please don't get any ideas Regardless I've said it times and times again as long as Aelin is happy I'm happy and if that means Doraelin isn't endgame I'm not going to bawl like a baby about it because she deserves to have someone at her side and she deserves to choose whomever the hell she wants Team Aelin forever

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Th her assassin's hood and draw on her mortal strength as Celaena to prevent the King of Adarlan from tearing her world apart Only then can she fight for her people Readers will be held rapt as Celaena's story builds to an agonising crescendo packed with heart pounding action and swoon worthy romanc you freaking perfect piece of literature

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Queen of ShadowsDesperate to find out if the prince and his captain are safe Celaena returns to Rifthold the seat of so much evil She has accepted her identity as Aelin Galathynius ueen of Terrasen But before she can reclaim her throne there are dark truths to learn and debts to be paid Aelin must stay hidden benea Hey I made a set of 10 UEEN OF SHADOWS DIY tattoos you can download for free here There is a giveaway for 2 OS tote bags books as well Kim and I will also be doing a joint review discussion on the blog soon I'm refraining from responding to further comments on this review space for the time being while I collect my thoughts but I thank you guys so much for the discussion and passion for these books and look forward to continuing later See you back here in a bit I'll post the link when it's upInitial reactionI stayed up all night reading this and these are the only coherent things I can say at this point1 The women in this series are PHENOMENAL Holy hell I swear fealty to them until the end of my days 2 The new characters are fantastic There is such complexity and poignancy in each of their stories and I loved every single one of them as well as what Aelin's interactions with them showed about her character3 More descriptions of sleeping under a wyvern's wing please 34 I have issues with the way a couple of things are handled most strongly and specifically how poor Chaol is almost unrecognizable for most of this book Even though I can accept misunderstandings mistakes differences of opinion cross purposes and so on it makes me so sad that his story arc seemed to be so diminished and dishonored 5 But the thing I didn't think I could be talked into I'm actually totally on board with I get why people might be upset by view spoilerRowan and Aelin getting together and maybe if there hadn't been so much previous back and forth with Dorian and Chaol and if Chaol hadn't pretty much disavowed Aelin through most of this book the new relationship would've been palatable hide spoiler