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mobi ¿ Cracked Up to Be ✓ 240 pages Download Û Courtney Summers ☆ When Perfect Parker Fadley starts drinking at school and failing her classes all of St Peter's High goes on alert How has the cheerleading captain girlfriend of the most popular guy in school consummate teacher's pet and futLove with her and he's making her feel things again when she'd really rather not be feeling anything at allNobody would have guessed she'd turn out like this But nobody knows the truthSomething horrible has happened and it just might be her fau The Cracked Up to Be reissue is officially outClick here for a secret for a playlist for a confession ; Here for some gratitude 'm so thrilled to share Parker's story with new readers and those who were there from the beginning in this revamped package which features a beautiful new cover and interior design updated text and an introduction written by me This is the kind of release that gives an author pause it was an amazing feeling to debut back in 2008 and it's an eually amazing feeling see my debut hit shelves a second time Thank you to everyone who chooses to support my work however you support it and for being part of the journey 😊💚More

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When Perfect Parker Fadley starts drinking at school and failing her classes all of St Peter's High goes on alert How has the cheerleading captain girlfriend of the most popular guy in school consummate teacher's pet and future valedictorian fal After reading “Sadie” and became speechless numb screaming for two days in pain I learned from the experience this author is a shining gem at the literature’s treasure box And I promise myself everything Courtney Summer writes even they’re shopping list ridiculous post it notes greeting cards or restriction order against me for being half witted fan I’m going to write them without uestioning As soon as I heard this book’s republishing instead of reading the previous works yes my tbr list already threatens me to explode into my face any second and it’s getting fatter than my husband’s belly reminds you of an elephant’s belly after eating his girlfriend of writer including “All the Rage” I swear I’ll read next week I’m telling same thing every week and another Arc copy hits on my face and distracts my attention and “This is not a test”So when I saw this book’s arc copy on the Netflix I clicked the reuest button feeling myself like a Voice judge turning her chair at the blind audition As soon as I saw it on my library I began my salsa moves and in the mean time I dived into without waiting any further It was fast pacing intriguing interesting and brilliantly written book I should give it 35 stars and round them up Wait What If I love the writing why am I cutting points? What the hell is wrong with me?Wrong uestion I wanted to ask the same one to the anti heroine Parker Fadley from the beginning of the book I wanted to say “Hey you self absorbed mean manipulative lying shameless bitch Why are you acting like that? Why are you self sabotaging yourself by alienating your friends your family?” She didn’t treat well to her new dog which made me pissed off and I wish I could jump into the book and slap her several times and come back after getting my hate out of my systemParker was shining star of her high school before she goes nuts and turning her life into a mess She was cheerleader captain she uit Chris most popular guy of the school’s girlfriend stole his money and broke up with him future valedictorian now she steals her friends’ essays and copies them Something is really really really wrong with her but she denies to talk about even though everyone tolerates her antics and remains patient with her The author chose to create a heroine WE PASSIONATELY LOVE TO HATE HER But we were hooked from the first page because we understood that something happened at Chris’ party and Parker’s close friend Jessie disappeared at that night Parker keeps a big secret and she keeps treating the people around her like hell to try helping her Especially new guy Jake who recently transferred to their school turns into a punch bag of her Oh Parker you gave me so much reason to drag you throughout the school halls by pulling your hair So you keep telling yourself WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH HER? The author’s tricky story telling for giving us some uick glimpses and special sneak peeks from the night is the smartest way to keep our attention intact We want to know the reasons we want to know where the hell Jessie is and we want to know how far this crazy bitch Parker can go for self destructionAnd BAMMM we got the answers The ending is realistic satisfying but not so much emotional or heart wrenching as I expected And yes I understand Parker’s motives but I still cannot empathize with her Overall It was realistic uestioning unconventional riveting reading even though there are too many characters with unlikeable behaviors and too much flaws It was a great fast YA fiction book Not my favorite Courtney Summers book but it’s still so much better from too many books I’ve read from the same genreSpecial thanks to NetGalley and St Martin’sPressWednesday Books for sharing this fantastic ARC COPY with me in exchange my honest review

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Cracked Up to BeLen so far from grace?Parker doesn't want to talk about it She'd just like to be left alone to disappear to be ignored But her parents have placed her on suicide watch and her conselors are demanding the truth Worse there's a nice guy falling in It's fair to note that I'm an adult and therefore NOT the target audience for this book but I whole heartedly believe that Cracked Up to Be is the book I needed as a teen Also noting that this is a re release of a novel first published in 2008 I found it incredible in the sense that it's thematic issues transferred over to the present time flawlessly although this partially could be due to some updates in the content to bring the story into the current decade's level of technology All that to say I'm not a young adult any but as a mother of two young girls YA contemporaries featuring the struggles my daughters might encounter one day interest me My oldest will be a teenager in just 6 short years and while that seems like an eternity on glance I'm pretty other parents here will understand just how fleeting each precious second is with our childrenParker Fadley is an intentionally unlikeable character That's not a cheap shot at the story as the author herself states this fact in the introduction to the book Parker tries incredibly hard to distance herself from everyone she knows and cares for due to a careless mistake she committed in her junior year of high school Most of the story is told in the present after the event but the suspense builds throughout as we slowly get flashback glances into how the night in uestion unfolded Part of what makes this book so powerful is not that the author pulls every outrageous twist in her arsenal or makes every single teenage issue happen to Parker herself but she does touch on a lot of the tough content inserted into teen fiction these days such as rape suicide and a brief mention of abortions that are not part of the narrative Truly this is a story about Perfect Parker and what happens to her when this facade is forcibly removed While I do think that all the adults are portrayed as complete idiots in this book I think it's fair to assume that the book is written in an accurate way due to the fact that the author was only 22 when the book was published I appreciate that while all adults are not completely tuned out to when a kid is in trouble this story does a great job of showing what it might feel like through the eyes of a teenager in that moment and also how while we want to help every kid that we see struggling we might have no idea as adults in the best way to reach them Mental health is really the theme that this story circles around and I truly appreciate how the book ends on a messy but hopeful note Nothing is tied up in a pretty little bow and this felt so authentic and real that I wanted to give Parker a standing ovation If you're looking for a lightning fast read where the suspense of what happened will keep you turning the pages please give Cracked Up to Be a try Many thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy