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REVIEW The Thirteenth Child Section Thirteen #1 107 » Immortal sidhe Tuulois MacColewyn is living rough After nearly two centuries of life as one of Faerie ueen Titania's prized wolves and a handful of years as a Roaring Twenties mob boss's favorite enforcer he's now exiled to New York making rent doing dirty jobs for other fey outcasts HeImmortal sidhe Tuulois MacColewyn is living rough After nearly two centuries of life as one of Faerie ueen Titania's prized wolves and a handful of years as a Roaring Twenties mob boss's favorite enforcer he's now exiled to New York making rent doing dirty jobs for other fey outcasts He used to consult on the occult for Detective James Corhagen at the NYPD but since their highly co. 35 stars The Thirteenth Child is the first in the series of thirteen planned books I'm not sure how it was marketed but it's obvious the publisher didn't do a very good job if so many readers expected romance and got urban fantasy instead They didn't do any favors to the author and they also missed the opportunity to attract the new readers those who prefer this genre over romance I have to comment on something at the beginning because I've read the complaints from other reviewers Like many readers I don't like my guys to have relationships with women within MM romance But as I said this isn't a romance and importantly the protagonist isn't human The human sexuality and morals do not and cannot be applied to Cole He is a sidhe and therefore he is not gay or straight or even bisexual Hi is omnisexual in the broadest sense of the word since his relationships do not cross just over the gender but also across the species lines I have to give credit to the author for not making any compromises with Cole in that respect That said there is no on page sex with a woman Cole mentions a one night stand with the woman and imagines one idealized and impossible future in which he is in relationship with a woman although it has to do with with the fact that this future would make his friendship with James possible Another aspect of Cole's character in which author doesn't pull any punches is his morals In the very first scene of the novel he kills a bunch of teenage gangbangers to pay his rent although he gave them every opportunity to run away When he was banished to the human world he spent years as an enforcer for a mob boss He is prone to mischief lust and anger a true fay Cole is probably the best part of this novel a complex and interesting character with sufficiently dark and not yet fully disclosed past He has one major flaw though he doesn't have enough flaws He is powerful and never in any real danger through the entire novel That could fly in one book but I doubt it will be enough in thirteen We'll seeIt is obvious that the author was heavily influenced by Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden series Some scenes are direct homages to Harry Dresten novels like pizza eating pixies There were other similarities and I was fine with that once again because it was the first novel in the series Hopefully the author will move on from the influences and continue to develop the world and his protagonistThe major flaw of the book was the character of James No not because he didn't end up with Cole In fact I'm hoping he will not end up with Cole someone will I've read somewhere that the author plans to develop the romance subplot over several books I wasn't bothered that he got married to the woman who was obviously a liar and a cheat What bothered me was that he was an asshole hypocrite and wuss He jumps in a sack with Cole and Vallimun and than blames Cole Hello Are you five or are you a grown man By the end of the book I disliked him so much I hoped he would be killed and I couldn't for the life of me understand what Cole saw in him What is worse I've read so many urban fantasies AND romances that I can already see several scenarios how the wife That bitch could be removed from the picture Hopefully the author will not choose one of them and Cole will accept what Vallimun is offering At least he will have some hot unapologetic sexAs the first brick in the wall this wasn't a bad novel But it was only the first brick in the wall Many story threads were left dangling and some of them will hopefully be dealt with in the next book I know I will read it

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Mbustible friendship burned itself out a year ago Cole hasn't heard from himAll that changes when Corhagen summons Cole right out of his shower and into the middle of a crime scene The NYPD is facing a rash of messy black magic murders complete with exploding hearts and very little forensic evidence not to mention the sinister disappearance of several half fey children However hard. There is zero romance in this book so I went into reading this with expectations that were not met Plus Cole fantasises about a possible future with his female roommate and at the end he sleeps with another woman for comfort Too many women for my taste The urban fantasy part was ok It seems the first book in a series maybe I'll read the next if it promises me romance

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The Thirteenth Child Section Thirteen #1He tries to deny it and his inconvenient attraction to the sidhe Corhagen needs Cole's help A persistent police inspector rounds out the team but when their investigation comes too close to the truth suddenly it's their lives on the line With a powerful killer on the loose Cole James and Inspector Vallimun must race against time to stop the monster out to claim the thirteenth chil. The thirteenth Child is a hard one for me to rate For a long while I really didn’t know what to think about it It definitely wasn’t what I expected after reading the blurb but that is not always a bad thing I liked the fantasy elements and seeing mythical creatures like fae in a modern world which makes it urban fantasy I guess can be very interesting What stopped me from really liking it were three things there was way too much violence for my tastes I expected some but not in this much gruesome detail the two main characters not just hated each other in the beginning but they really didn’t admit their feelings even at the end romance failure and there was cheating going on than I was able to shake a stick at so to speak some of it with women which I REALLY didn’t expectNow don’t get me wrong some of what attracted me in the blurb was really well done The characters obviously grabbed me enough to make me mad at them so that part was great The world with all its rules and creatures was well developed even though I hated how awful some of the bests were The suspense about what was going on and who was behind it all kept me reading But my biggest complaint is that nothing was resolved at the end The heroes were still pretty much at each other’s throats not even a hint of a HFN and the overall plot has left enough uestions open for me to want a seuel but there is no hint of one to be found anywhere I checked And to be uite honest I am no even sure I’d want to read it – being afraid I’d be heading for another disappointmentAll in all the reasons why I couldn’t like this book are purely personal If you like urban fantasy don’t mind cheating heroes and don’t expect a romance the world building urban fantasy elements and overall plotline will probably keep your interest and let you like this book a lot than I did