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TEXT ☆ The Nix By Nathan Hill Ï Nathan Hill From the suburban Midwest to New York City to the 1968 riots that rocked Chicago and beyond  The Nix  explores with sharp humor and a fierce tenderness the resilience of love and home even in times of radical changeIt’s 2011 and Samuel Andresen Anderson college professor stalled writer has a Nix of his own his mother Faye He hasn’t seen her in decades not since she abandoned the family when he was a boy Now s Update news exciting Meryl Streep is going to star and produce The Nix mini series with JJ AbramsAll I knew about The Nix before I started reading my 625 page physical book was the 'few' things I heard GOOD GREAT TERRIFIC WRITING SIMILAR to JONATHAN FRANZENall of which I agree by the way but I purposely have not read reviews yet I'm tempted to nowbut I'll wait enjoy what other readers have to say soon Not one person told me how incredibly ENJOYABLE the STORYTELLING was IMMEDIATELY I was pulled into the wonderful world of fiction FANTASTIC NOVELone of my years favorites for SURE In the prologue summer 1988 Samuel narrator describes how his mother slowly bit by bit whittled down her life until the only thing left to remove was herself On the day she disappeared she left the house with a single suitcase Part 1 late summer 2011 GOVERNOR SHELDON PACKER of Chicago is ATTACKED The woman accused of the attack is Faye Andersen Anderson She is a teaching assistant at a local elementary schoolconsidered a sixties radical hippie prostitute teacher We will be introduced to Guy Periwinkle publisher He and Sam will have there own running theme throughout this novel about Sam's novel which isn't finished for which he had received advance payment Samuel Anderson is in his 30's a College Literature Professor at a small University northwest of Chicago He is also a struggling writer and a game player in the virtual world His game choice is World of Elfscape Samual plays 'Elfscape' from his University office because he gets faster Internet connection than at home There's a hilarious scene about a student Laura Pottsdamwho wears sweatshorts with various words written across the butt who handed in a plagiarized paper Laura is arguing with Samuel saying she did not cheat Samuel is saying that according to the software her essay came from FreeTermPaperscom Laura says she never heard of it Many rounds of argument continue BUT reallyREALLY continued crying threats drama at it's bestOne of the funniest 'studentteacher' dialogues everSam learns his mother whom he has not seen for 20 years is Packer Attacker The plan is Samual will write a book about his mother a biography an expose a tell all Hopefully this will satisfy Guy Periwinkle his publisher for that advance check he received tooPart Two Late Summer 1988 Ghosts of the Old Country is another page turning section We are taken back to when Sam was just a boy We get an inside look at his childhood Sams disposition his sensitivities insecurities fears and relationship with his mother Reading Choose Your Own Adventure books gave him comfort when his mother sent him to his room to read or if he felt he needed to cry In August of 1988 it's the month that Sam considers it his final month with his mother even though she doesn't really physically walk out for a few years But for abstract reasons all he knew is this was the month a time he need to cry often Constantly crying I read the next few pages very carefully and parts two and three times as I was picking up lots of deeper clues as to what might be coming down the pipes further into the novel plus I was sad There is a scene when Faye tells little Sam to bring 9 toys and put them in his wagon as they are going for a walk I felt for this little kid And when there was a moment when Sam buried his face in the hot passenger seat weeping with his mother sitting next to himI somehow knew like Sam knew at that moment he was alone in the world Whatever illusions he had for protection from his mothers love was gone And soon we learn why this book is called The Nix To me it's so much the heart of this story that EVERYTHING I read after no matter what direction it spins off intofamily matters of anger resentments of understanding the past and healing old scars or the democratic convention in Chicago 1968 the Republican convention in New York protests of Wall Street childhood friends the news media or the crazy crime that brings Faye Andersen Anderson into the limelightI couldn't help but to think about the 'duo' NIXThe first Nix comes from the Ghost Story that Faye's father told her when she was a child back in Norway THE PLOT OF THE STORY IS THE SAME for NIX 1 and Nix 2 which is a story that once read once is very hard to forgetBut in NIX 1 The moral of the story ends with Don't trust things that are too good to be true In NIX 2Faye changes the moral of the story for 'little Sam' toThings you love the most will one day hurt you the worst Sam cries I wanted to fricken hit Faye Andersen Anderson at that moment Moving on Also in Part 2 we meet childhood friends Bishop and Bethany who are twins brother and sister Again we are taken deeper into in life of Sam We are getting to know him We still have much to learn about his mother Later we will meet other characters in this expanding saga Allen Ginsberg Pwnage street people etc Part 3 late summer 2011 enemy obstacle puzzle trap Sam meets his mother after 20 years asks why she threw rocks at the governor Laura is back in the story always fun when she takes center stage Memories with mom dad grandpa FrankPart 4 Spring 1968 The house SpiritFaye and Henry go to Senior Prom fall in love There are secrets Father daughter problems Faye will either get closer to her father are fling apart forever Part 10 Late Summer 2011 Deleveraging Sam Faye GuyI hope by writing this review the way I have you get a glimpse of the structure There are 10 parts I did this hoping that readers can see that when you break the book down it actually reads rather uickly fluidly and it's deeply emotional At the book's core this is a story about a son and his motherbut it's also about family politics love lovers loss regret truth devotion and the gritty pains of life Nathan Hill's novel is a brilliant achievement poignant entertaining and becomes impossible to resist Sooooo soooo ENJOYABLE

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FREE EBOOK ´ EPUB The Nix By Nathan Hill ä ò From the suburban Midwest to New York City to the 1968 riots that rocked Chicago and beyond  The Nix  explores—with sharp humor and a fierce tenderness—the resilience of love and home even in times of radical changeIt’s 2011 and Samuel Andresen Anderson—college professor He’s re appeared having committed an absurd crime that electrifies the nightly news beguiles the internet and inflames a politically divided country The media paints Faye as a radical hippie with a sordid past but as far as Samuel knows his mother was an ordinary girl who married her high school sweetheart Which version of his mother is true Two facts are certain she’s facing some serious charges and she needs Update This book deserves five stars It's fantastic Read it Ignore the math below Well Goodreaders remember that time over the summer when I cheated on my library and found a smaller closer library in a nearby town Yeah that's still going on See my review of The Green Mile for details but things are going very well between us So far I've picked up The Green Mile Rabbit Run and The Nix from this new library of mine and those three books are some of my favorite reads of the year My ratings for these books average 466666 six six six six six repeating Very impressive especially for an overly critical reviewer like me Anyway I was skeptical of this book from the very beginning since it kept showing up in my feed as a sponsored book Over and over and over again And those big colorful letters I just couldn't help but recognize it in the library The giant font and colors on the spine screamed at me from the shelf I saw it and thought about how I keep seeing it everywhere and so I immediately felt like it couldn't be that great If it were so awesome why does Goodreads have to keep marketing it to me But those bright colors man I couldn't resist So I grab the book and rush over to check out I got home and I started wondering why I even picked it up The plot seemed interesting but I'm not really a 600 page book kinda guy I like books to be about half that size But then I started reading and I got sucked into the story right away I was knocking out dozens of pages without even thinking about it I put it down for a few days and came back to it and couldn't put it down again Now that I've finished it I'm missing the characters I spent so much time with throughout this journey And what a journey is was It bounces around to different characters and time periods with pretty short chapters that keep the pages turning This guy is hilarious too with some chapters making me laugh out loud I'm looking at you Pwnage Yep he's a character in this crazy story So much happens in the book and the author goes on some tangents at times that pull away from he main plot but it's all so fun to read At times I was bummed because I got to a new section and had to go back in time again but those sections were just as engaging and fun to read It's pretty impressive that this is Hill's first book He definitely has the formula down and can weave a fantastic story together I'm really looking forward to seeing what else this guy can do He made me a believer with just a few pages I'm telling you this story is gonna stick with you If you are a hippie War protestor online gaming enthusiast professor college student musician trouble maker publisher liberal or just a regular person who loves a great story with lots of humor this is a book you need to read soon Don't throw rocks at politicians

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The Nix By Nathan HiSamuel’s help To save her Samuel will have to embark on his own journey uncovering long buried secrets about the woman he thought he knew secrets that stretch across generations and have their origin all the way back in Norway home of the mysterious Nix As he does so Samuel will confront not only Faye’s losses but also his own lost love and will relearn everything he thought he knew about his mother and himsel This is a smart and terrific novel that packs one hell of a punch It is a sprawling and intricate puzzle that goes back and forth in time to eventually make sense It is a satire of the politics and media with timely observations and insights of the state of the nation captured in a clever and astute manner There is the dissection of the lives of Sam his mother Faye and other characters The eponymous Nix is Norwegian in origin a metaphor a tricky house spiritghostwhite horse that is easily offended and proceeds to curse and destroy your entire life In 2011 Sam is a video games junkie and a washed up literature professor in a mediocre Chicago college He has failed to produce a book for which his publisher Guy Periwinkle issued a significant advance His mother Faye left the family when he was a young boy Faye is now a teaching assistant who throws a rock at repulsive right wing Wyoming politician Sheldon Parker in Grant Park Chicago and refers to him as 'You pig' This incident is an internet sensation and the media go into overdrive labelling Faye a prostitute and terrorist A bitter Sam reconnects with Faye which propels him to delve into her life We learn about Sam's life and a human picture emerges of Sam and Faye It turns out they have much in common We have the ongoing saga of Sam and the off the rails Laura a plagiarist student who will do anything to escape the conseuences of her actionsThere are many perspectives given and multiple twists Short chapters keep the story moving and the reader absorbed in the book More than anything it is the wonderful characters that drive the story It is a novel with big ideas and themes There is family conflict and secrets and it hones in on the idea of how we see ourselves It touches on relationships trust and loyalty with friends lovers parents and children It is cynical full of intrigue and has plentiful humour A fantastic story that captures the US in its current state so well For me it is an irresistable and brilliant read Highly recommended Thanks to Pan MacMillan for an ARC