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The Chill Doc ð Download ã Naturaltreatment ☆ In The Chill a distraught young man hires Archer to track down his runaway bride But no sooner has he found Dolly Kincaid than Archer finds himself entangled in two murders one twenty years old the other so recent that the blood is still wet What ensues is a detective novel of neIn The Chill a distraught young man hires Archer to track down his runaway bride But no sooner has he found Dolly Kincaid than Archer finds himself A runaway bride became practically a cliché of romantic comediesThis time it is a little different a young wife left her husband right during the first days of their honeymoon without any explanation Before people start throwing around accusations of domestic abuse which became another cliché lately I need to say that no the guy was nice to his spouse Anyhow the devastated guy literally stumbled upon Lew Archer who took pity of him and promised to take a look around trying to find the escapee and figure out her motivations I can sum up everything I think about this novel in just one short word Wow This is actually exactly what I said right after I turned over the last page The novel has practically everything I expect from a good mystery a good mystery sorry for a bad pun countless plot twists that were still possible to keep track of interesting cast of people most of whom had some skeletons in the past The said skeletons were interconnected with those of other people's in the bizarre and unexpected ways I was able to solve the mystery at the same time as Archer did to be fair it happened practically on the last page I really hate it when the identity of the culprit becomes obvious in the middle of the book with the second half of it spent on investigator running around like a headless chicken The ability to solve the mystery with clues given is a nice bonus All in all this is the best novel of the series so far At this point I am sure I will finish the series even if the following books would be much weaker; I know Ross Macdonald really can deliver The final rating is 45 stars

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Entangled in two murders one twenty years old the other so recent that the blood is still wet What ensues is a detective novel of nerve racking su You look tired Lew But you do exist The 11th Lew ArcherSome aesthetes were riffing on Ross Macdonald this morning on another site uoted Westlake's dismissal this guy must have bought carbon paper by the pound you know because all of his books in the series seem to have plots that are a mite redundantI could give a rat's assThey entertain me and it's so easy to dismiss the Lew Archer series for being apparently repetitiveI can't argue for the defense I love every novel I've read in the seriesSame goes for thisThis one finds Archer hired by a Dobie Gillis like collegiate to defend his newish wife a troubled young woman who may or may not have committed a bevy of crimes including murderArcher is retained by the husband as well as the dean of the college and the dean's mom to prove the young woman's innocence Footsteps approached from the direction of the main house A big man in an alligator coat emerged from the fog his bald head gleaming in the light from the doorway He greeted Bradshaw warmlyHello Roy I enjoyed your speech what I heard of it You'll elevate us the Athens of the West Unfortunately a patient dragged me out in the middle of it She wanted to know if it was safe for her to see a Tennessee Williams movie all by herself She really wanted me to go along with her and protect her from bad thoughts He turned to me Mr Archer I'm Dr Godwin hisssssssNo spoilers Dr Godwin is just a son of a bitchLike most analystsOnly he seems intent on directing his patients to follow a script of his own making We drove toward Reno a city where nothing good has ever happened to me but I kept hoping So many suspectsI guessed wrong every time I thought I had a handle on the plotI was wrong every timeWhen the culprit is revealed in the last 15 or so pages I was stunned It was just too sickEvery character in this novel is a mental case but nothing prepares the reader for the Big RevealShe explained about all the brilliant ideas was always hatching The one I liked best was a plan for a condensed version of the Bible with all of the offensive passages removed for family reading

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The ChillSpense desperately believable characters and one of the most intricate plots ever spun by an American crime writer From the Trade Paperback edition My favorite mystery novel Ross Macdonald writes in the noirprivate eye tradition of Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett but there the resemblance ends Chandler features a strong first person narrator Marlowe and plots made up of well crafted scenes and many loose ends Macdonald's narrator Lew Archer is a minor character who just happens to be in every scene and his plots are as clever and intricate as the best British mysteries Where other crime writers in the gumshoe genre are obsessed with vengeance fantasies Macdonald's interests are family dynamics Justice especially its fallout and the ways in which the past haunts the livingThe plot of the The Chill is so complex that trying to describe it here is nearly impossible In brief Archer is hired by a young newlywed to find his wife who disappeared on the night of their honeymoon He does so in short order but finding her only raises uestions many of which seem to be tied to a murder that occurred two decades earlier As Archer tries to piece together the past and the present which has murders of its own before long he finds himself moving through the various social strata of a coastal college town in southern California The Chill features one of the great twist endings one that passes the crucial test of being unexpected and inevitable This forgotten masterpiece of detective fiction deserves a wider readership