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The Binding (The Velesi Trilogy, #1) Summary  102 á Two nights after her eighteenth birthday Lily is attacked while out jogging but is saved by Tharin Lunar a Sidhe prince When she discovers that her attacker is her own brother Lucas who disappeared four years ago Lily refuses to believe that her brother would truly hurt her and Ms her that she is his betrothed and must return with him to Velesi fulfill a treaty between their families and unite the two strongest clans through their marriage Lily agrees However she’s not going to Velesi for a wedding but to bring home her only family LucasOn their journey to the borders of Velesi the realm of the Thirteen Clans they’re pursued by a Sidhe assassin group call the Ange meet with an og. L Filloon the auther of this book contacted me via my mailbox on Goodreads giving me a code to purchase The Binding for free That hasn't happened to me before so needless to say I was excited lol But it also made me really nervous what if I didn't like it Then I'd feel guilty yet still obligated to write a review And I hate writing negative reviews which is why I hardly ever doThankfully I had nothing to worry about You've read the premise so I will just say that The Binding was full of adventurous humorous suspenseful paranormal fun My only complaint about this book would be the lack of romance It was there but not as much as my self proclaimed hopeless romantic self prefers view spoilerI was very disappointed we didn't get so much as a real kiss hide spoiler

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Re crime lord that ends badly deal with a sleazy troll motel manager and when they discover that there’s a bounty on their heads they must keep one step ahead of every assassin bounty hunter and low life criminal in VelesiProtecting Lily has become the biggest challenge of Tharin’s life Lucky for him he has help in the form of his twin brother Tolan Lily’s best friend Julia and his three bodyguard cousin. I give this book 35 stars which considering the fact that I don't normally enjoy YA novels is uite generous It's not that I disliked the book actually I did enjoy it to be honest It reminded me a bit of The Lord of the Rings with all the orcs elves trolls and other creatures featured throughout the book Of course the story itself was completely different and original in and of itself What I liked most about this book is how easy it read not in a lazy way but in a fluid way I liked that it could appeal to amny ages;teens to young adults could enjoy the storyline and plot and even older readers could enjoy the same with the added benefit of mature sentence structure and vocabulary THis was a refreching change to other YA novels I've read with their simple sentence structure and mediocre vocabularyBut sadly it still doesn't do it for me I'm still on the search to find that YA novelseries that will completely change my opinion for the genre And this book didn't uite do that However I would gladly recommend this book to those who favour YA novels of this kind In the meantime I will continue my search for that opinion changing YA novel I know it must be out there

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The Binding The Velesi Trilogy #1Two nights after her eighteenth birthday Lily is attacked while out jogging but is saved by Tharin Lunar a Sidhe prince When she discovers that her attacker is her own brother Lucas who disappeared four years ago Lily refuses to believe that her brother would truly hurt her and becomes determined to find Lucas and bring him home Lily finds that Lucas’ disappearance is somehow tied to Tharin; so when he infor. Absolutely loved this book Couldn't put it down once I started reading it Lily is an everyday girl until two days after her eighteenth birthday her life changes The brother she loved her whole life went missing four years ago only to attack her at an attempt to take her life It is the Prince Tharin steps in and rescues her forever changing the course of her life She finds out that Tharin is her betrothed the son of one of many elf clans He is there to bring her back to her world where she a princess is to marry him and unite all the elf clans before a war breaks loose Tharin along with his twin brother Tolan and their cousins must get Lily and the best friend she would not leave behind safely to their realm all the while being hunted by ogres wizards and evil elves all planning to kidnap Lily and prevent unity of the clans But why is her brother the leader of one of the evil clans Lily willingly follows in order to find her brother and make him see that he is being manipulated and bring him home safely What I loved most about this is how Tharin and Lily although betrothed don't fall madly in love at first sight like other books Tharin is actually in love with Kalis another elf back home and resents the idea of him having to marry Lily Lily is turned off by Tharins constant nastiness and ability to make her cry but slowly they open up to one another and realize that they do have strong feelings for each other But something or someone is always standing in the way keeping them from being honest with each other about their feelings I love how throughout reading I was constantly holding my breath to see if one of them would own up to their feelings towards the other Along with their uest to make it out alive and the emotional angst Lily and Tharin grabbed me into the story and I couldn't get enough Can't wait for the next one But the uestion is how can I stand the wait