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Soul Of A Woman Book Ì Å Naturaltreatment è How can you save someone who doesn’t want to be saved?For Broni being stranded on Earth was not the worst possible thing that could happen Given the opportunity to finally meet Rhys Stone she decides to take what she can get with what time she has left before her enemies find herRYthing he wants She thinks she can make him love again make him into the man he once was It was a battle doomed to failure until Fate steps in showing him that if Broni doesn’t survive no one wil Jamie writes another great story Jamie Begley had another great book in this seriesWith characters like the Moirae Fate's daughters 3 sisters Zerina Broni and Cara guide our lives from birth through life and into the afterlife Fate Destiny Mother Nature Chronos Merlin Odin and Thor Rocue a werewolf Saint Valentine the Moirae's father Zeus Hades and humans what a great cast for a storyFollow Rhys and Broni's story in this book full of twists and turns Bonus novella Find out what happened between Fate and Valentine's marriage and how Joro and Odin fit into the story

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How can you save someone who doesn’t want to be saved?For Broni being stranded on Earth was not the worst possible thing that could happen Given the opportunity to finally meet Rhys Stone she dec If you read my review of Soul of the Man you know I was so ticked at Jericho and his behavior towards Cara Oh man I was so wrong when I though he was an asshole I found here a bigger one No joking here And his name is RhysI can't count how many times I forked him and cutted his dick off in my mind Yes like previous guy in the story he lived his on type of hell but seriously He was completely How that saying isLights on but nobodys home That's Rhys for you He didn’t give a fck if someone is in trouble If the girl is attacked and about to be raped That's not his problem He did NOTHING to help He's just sits there and does NOTHING He's just Dead insideThen Broni comes in The way she was treated by Rhys and other members of the clubSo okay In my cutting fantasies there maybe was than one guy balless and headless and So okay I may be over the top bloodthirsty LolSo Broni is really strong and a fighter Though I wished to see her kick ass Literally She has a beautiful soul And she is a protector And that side I admire and care about But GOD I wished she had bitch inside her and let her to come out to playMaybe I should stop here Because for sure I could go on and on and on Just few things This story still has something that drags you in Maybe because it's Jamie's work She's always does amazing job even though we are making bloody plans in our heads for heroes Lol I'm looking forward for next book And I'm excited and scared a little about it Because Jamie somewhere commented that the next hero going to be even 'bad boy' then previous two in the series So yeah It's going to be something interesting to read for sure

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Soul Of A Woman The Dark Souls #2 Ides to take what she can get with what time she has left before her enemies find herRhys is forced to live again by a woman who doesn’t understand the word no and has no shame in offering him an This review was originally posted at my website Leona WoolfolkSince it's not in my nature to leave things unfinished I decided to pick up the remaining books in The Dark Souls series starting with Soul of a Woman by Jamie Begley and ending with Soul of a Demon I knew with the topsy turvy feelings I had towards Soul of a Man that maybe I should've let bygone be bygones but I couldn't compute the fact that I hadn't given all of Begley's stories a chance So as you can see I've been guilted into reading the remaining books in this series by my own conscious Soul of a Woman did not start off where Soul of a Man left at I was actually confused on where we left off at because of the how the prologue was presented to us in this installment It wasn't until the end of the book that the prologue made sense and I was able to appreciate the gravity and tenderness of the moment between the characters in the prologue Where book one Soul of a Man featured Cara who was in charge of delivering souls to their final destination; heaven or hell Broni in this installment was in charge of protecting certain souls for the duration of their life and lastly Zerina the heroine in Soul of a Demon would be in charge of placing the souls within the person chosen for them This break down of the main characters within the series made the most sense to meFor the first half of Soul of a Woman by Jamie Begley I found myself disappointed in how the story was playing out as well as the characters I felt that we would've been left with for the duration of the story When everyone died in a sense and the second half was introduced was when things started to make sense and I began to feel a connection with the characters and story Rhys' character wasn't likable or someone I could strive for because he acted like such a whiny baby and a brat that I was all for Broni falling in love with someone else but thank goodness Warrior arrived because I was all for Broni finding someone worthy of her For an author who has one of the best MC romance series I've ever read I felt disappointed in how she orchestrated the MC Rhys was a part of I felt that the simple fact that they were an MC was sort of thrown in the convoluted mix that this series was full of; there wasn't a brotherhood just a bunch of lawless men with one warden that made sure they get too out of handI would like to say that Begley saved the best for last with Soul of a Demon but since I continued on in the series by reading it minutes after I finished Soul of a Woman I can say with all honesty that she didn't