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Rich People ProblemsShang Young clan has convened from all corners of the globe to stake claim on their matriarch's massive fortune With all parties vying to inherit a trophy estate in the heart of Singapore Nicholas's childhood home turns into a hotbed of sabotage and scandalTak Bespoke Everything is bespoke in this book And to think I had no idea how boujee I was when I took my kids to Build A Bear at the mall Apparently they own several bespoke stuffed animals and I should have been bragging about that shit on the playgroundOk there is still a stupid amount of words about what everyone is wearing in Rich People Problems At one point I wondered if Mr Kwan was selling advertising space in his book Kind of like how tv shows and movies have someone casually drinking a Coke driving a Mustang or eating Count Chocula in a breakfast scene Only you can't casually advertise something in a book because it isn't visualSo WORDS must be used So Many Unnecessary WordsEveryone who comes on to the page is still introduced with a rundown from head to toe of what they are wearing Here's what it felt like Astrid entered the room her glossy dark hair in a loose chignon held in place with a vintage pin that once belonged to Katharine Hepburn She was wearing a insert designer I've never heard of here blouse paired with a simple pair of black pants by insert designer I've never heard of here Her insert brand I've never heard of here shoes had a thread of gold artfully woven into the heel to give off just the right amount of understated elegance The entire outfit was finished off by a pair of pearl earrings that looked inexpensive to the untrained eye but in all actuality were worth 10 million dollars because they were shit out together as twins by the rarest oyster in the existence of the world This oyster was then eaten in 635 AD by Tang Taizong the then Emperor of China who was known not only for creating a golden age in China but also for his extravagant and luxurious fashionsAstrid looked up and saw Charlie who was wearing a bespoke suit from insert designer I've never heard of here and To me All of that nonsense could have been whittled down to this Astrid walked in and saw CharlieThen again I'm not a bestselling author so what do I knowAlright Rich People Problems did seem to me a lot toned down when it came to all the stupid descriptions of who was wearing what and who designed it than China Rich Girlfriend so that's a plus And the story moved at a decent pace this time around More like the 1st book did You can kind of forgive the silliness if there's some actual plot happening you knowAnd as much as I appreciated that I was sort of confused when this thing kind of turned into some kind of half baked Spy Kids mysterySuddenly in this 3rd book the asshole grandma turns out to have had a past and Nick has to follow these Di Vinci Code clues all over the world to track down this secret that will save Tyersall Park from being sold off and chopped into a luxury community for rich Christians WHATIt was weirdAnd it seemed to be trying very hard to make grandma suddenly seem sympathetic I genuinely like it when books do that But the sort of past that Su Yi had view spoilerTurns out she was this very brave woman who used her influence to smuggle people out of the country when Japan had invaded saved tons of lives stood up to evil Japanese generals fell in love with a man that her father didn't approve of continued her affair with him even after both of them were married arranged marriages and got pregnant with this other man's child Then ended up having to beg her husband's forgiveness at which point he forgave her and they fell in love All of that All of that meant that there's no way she would have let Nick's marriage to Rachel drive a wedge between them like it did She might have been pissed at first but a brazen woman like that would have gotten over it uickly And why the fuck was she so awful to her own daughter in law Eleanor Even that horrible gift of soap because she thought she was a dirty whore left to Eleanor in her will seemed ridiculous in light of all of that new information I mean if anyone was a dirty whore Su Yi hide spoiler

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reader é Rich People Problems ↠ Kindle Edition ☆ NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER 'Flashy funny Delicious A memorable laugh out loud Asian glitz fest that's a pure pleasure to read' USA Today Nicholas Young's grandmother Su Yi is on her deathbed While he rushes to be by her bedside he's not the only one The entire Shang Young Ing us from the elegantly appointed mansions of Manila to the secluded private islands in the Sulu Sea Kevin Kwan's final installment in this irresistible trilogy reveals the long buried secrets of Asia's most privileged families and their rich people problems Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || PinterestGather 'round friends Come sit at my table because I've just put the tea on and I'm about to spill it all over the damn place It took me two months to finish this series and I have some major thoughts on how it ended and what Kwan did with some of the characters Each book in the series is a very different sort of story CRAZY RICH ASIANS the best one by far is like an underdog love story of the kind that was so popular in the mid 2000s in which the plain read beautiful ordinary girl hooks up with the major hottie because he sees through her plainness to all the beauty that lies within read hot sex It ends on somewhat of a cliffhanger so reading CHINA RICH GIRLFRIEND is necessary for closure even though it isn't really a romance any at this point but one of those gossipy potboilers of the type that were popular in the 1980s where rich people behave badly just because they can and to hell with the conseuences as long as you look good doing itWith the two previous books neatly adding closure to Rachel and Nicky's love story I wasn't really sure what there could be left to address for them in RICH PEOPLE PROBLEMS The uick answer is not much Apart from what I believe was a brief appearance in the beginning Rachel basically disappears until around p250 or so In RICH PEOPLE PROBLEMS the family matriarch who disapproved of Nicky's marriage to Rachel Grandma Su Yi has a heart attack and the entire family turns Tyersall Place into a circus ostensibly to care for her but with her last will and testament very much on their mindsEddie in particular reminded me very uickly of how much I hated him with his maneuvering to keep Nicky barred from entering the house Eddie is basically human shaped garbage on legs Everything he said and did made me want to punch him The other relatives too sink back into their odious ways as soon as the uestion of money comes up Kitty who had a Pretty Woman redemption arc in the previous book starts up a rivalry with Colette Bing Colette is also human garbage on legs I almost warmed to Eleanor in the previous book because she did reunite Rachel with her father but in this book her sleazy machinations to pressure Rachel into having kids were super creepy especially when she invites her to a bible study group only to try to have one of her friends give her an ob gyn examination in a room they have set up just next door cue horror movie music Astrid and Charlie are given air time in this book than Rachel or Nicky since their romance is the one filled with uncertainty now with both of their ex spouses making as much trouble for them as possible I did not like the Isabel subplot and Michael proved that he was even of a creep than I'd imagined in this book I also didn't like what happened to Colette at the end of the book Isabel and Colette were both terrible characters but I don't really like it when physical or psychological trauma is treated like justice There are better ways for characters to get their comeuppanceI did actually warm to Su Yi a bit in this book and the scenes with her were surprisingly touching I also liked Carlton's romance with Scheherazade although Scheherazade Really Oliver came off looking like much of a worm in this book and I kept wondering what had happened to Connie Some people didn't like the fighting about what to do with Tyersall Place but I felt like that was pretty realistic and handled well especially since it is true that because of property values something like that never would be or could be built again in Singapore Not everything needs to be bulldozedRICH PEOPLE PROBLEMS was a definite downgrade in terms of uality and felt like straight up trash than the smart snappy CRAZY RICH ASIANS I feel like the author probably could have stopped at two book or even the first book if he had written in that happy ending instead of padding Rachel and Nick's future out across two books and then throwing in a whole bunch of other random stuff about the family in for the lols as Rachel gets to know her dad This book felt entirely unnecessary but trilogies are in and I'm guessing the author wanted to cash in on that as much as anyone It was the perfect thing to read while sick because it didn't reuire a whole lot of thought but I can definitely see why so many people who read this felt cheated or disappointed3 to 35 stars

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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER 'Flashy funny Delicious A memorable laugh out loud Asian glitz fest that's a pure pleasure to read' USA Today Nicholas Young's grandmother Su Yi is on her deathbed While he rushes to be by her bedside he's not the only one The entire These are so consistently fun