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The first time Henry Hughes and Cameron Jameson meet it's an unmitigated disaster Cameron reminds Henry of all he left behind when he stopped making adult films and he cruelly rejects Cameron When Cameron discovers Henry's por. I really don't like giving less than my standard 3 stars rating Honestly Not because I want to spare the author's feeling but because I think whatever attempt to actually createproduce something should be commended somehow Even with movies I apply the same thing So it pains me to give this 2 stars rating especially since I like Mr Koehler's stories before Here are the reasons why this one doesn't work for me The MCs Henry and Cameron and their supposed tell to find love are left to be desired I find them unspiring Henry and Cameron spend most of their time in the book to be with their friends rather than actually interacting So they meet a couple of times without really talking or connecting and I suppose to believe that they start to have feeling for each other which results in a couple of imaginary sex scenes totally NOT one of my favorite things in stories and then fall in love Uhm no sorry That doesn't work for me The secondary characters are actually interesting compared to the MCs Henry's friend Darren or Cameron's friends Van and Thad and even Cameron's mother Herculine they seem to have fun and alive than either Henry and Cameron A story where secondary characters steal the spotlight from both the MCs where I actually prefer reading about them than the MCs is never a good sign for me particularly The plot with one of Cameron's friends Simon is one that I don't find important So Cameron said he had a crush on him I couldn't understand why exactly Plus Simon seemed to be a condescending character It'll be nice to actually have Cameron and Henry interact rather than reading about how Cameron thinks about Simon see point #1 Similar with the plot with Cameron's nephew Erik See point #1 and #3 Oh and I'm also so very annoyed with how Cameron calls his own mother That Woman Once or twice it sounds funny But not 67 times And I counted this using my Adobe Reader search function Reading 67 reference of That Woman in dialog or description is aggravating for meThis story might work for other readers and I always think you should make up your own opinion But this is definitely a disappointment for yours truly

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First ImpressionsNo thespian past he assumes he's dodged a bulletBut circumstances continue to throw the two together Though the physical attraction between them grows they cling to first impressions even as a slow dance reveals just how good. This book was unusual for me as my opinion kept changing One minute I was loving it the next I wasn't so sure In summary I did enjoy the story and it's laugh out loud moments but a little loving would have raised it just a notchThe strengths of the book were the wonderful range of characters most hugely over the top especially Cameron's mother and the humour throughout the story This is one of those books with some great one liners I also adored Cameron's 'stories' about his familyThis is the story of two men who are looking for something in their lives Henry is an ex porn star whose reputation seems to follow him everywhere He is sick of being known for his huge 'endowment' and wants to find a special person to love him for himself He is a successful business man and philanthropistCameron has tried to be independent and make a life away from his crazy family He didn't want to dependent on their money or connections but at twenty nine finds himself in a position where he is wondering where his life is goingAn unfortunate first meeting where Henry insults Cameron based on a misunderstanding of what he thinks of Cameron results in Cameron disliking Henry But fate and their friends has a way of bring them together As they keep running into each other they are attracted and eventually realise they have both may have made a mistake in their first impression of each otherThrow in some fabulous and strange friends wacky drag ueen uncles Cameron's outrageous mother Her son wasn't the marrying type and a bratty teenager and there is lots of funSo where did it not come together for me I think it was the romance angle I wanted to see Henry and Cameron spend time together and it just didn't happen Because they weren't together I also failed to see how their love developed I guess I just wanted loveI definitely think some points are deserved for including character names such as porn star Hugh Jerection corny as that may be and a kid calling his uncle's gay friend's Uncle Dickrider and Uncle Fudgepacker and them just putting up with it35 starsI now publish all my mm reviews on my blog so if you want to see all my mm reviews in one place come visit at Because Two Men Are Better Than One

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First Impressions Characters ß 2 ¶ The first time Henry Hughes and Cameron Jameson meet it's an unmitigated disaster Cameron reminds Henry of all he left behind when he stopped making adult films and he cruelly rejects Cameron When Cameron discovers Henry's porno thespian past he assumes he's dodged a bulletBut circumstances continue to throw the tThey could beHenry finally realizes how wrong he was but Cameron can't cope with sleeping with the enemy It will take a confrontation for Cameron to realize just how wrong he's been but unfortunately he may have lost his chanc. This is one of those books that utterly fascinate me yet drive me up the wall because the main characters just don’t get it This story contains misunderstanding after misconception interpretations of events that are clearly incorrect with reader sight as well as hindsight – in other words this novel feels like a slice of real life to me Cameron and Henry get off on the wrong foot – and stumble through the rest of the book clearly fascinated with each other even if they’d never admit that but unable to get over their first impressions to reassess the other in the light of day and taking into account the fact that both of them are only humanCameron is a bit of an idiot He wants to be independent from his rich parents which is fine but he really does bite his nose off to spite his face He struggles along working retail while dreaming about going to college When he runs into Henry at a party he is very attracted to him but the man treats him like crap and that first impression sticks with him throughout the rest of the book Thanks to his friends who believe he and Henry were meant to be together he keeps running into him but the process of recognizing his own mistakes is slow and painfulHenry has a ton of issues He used to be a gay porn star and has been fighting to get away from being objectified for ten years Even running a successful business hasn’t truly set him free and his one wish to find a life partner still eludes him When he meets Cameron Henry thinks he may be his wish come true but the subseuent misunderstandings are almost too much to deal with Thank God Henry is as stubborn as Cameron Just a little actually and far forgiving as wellIf you like a “slice of reality” in your stories if main characters with definite flaws interest you and if a troubled start to a relationship is something you like reading about you may like this book as much as I did NOTE This book was provided by Dreamspinner Press for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews