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Edge of Eternity characters Û 100 Û Imagine Being Pulled Into the Hereafter While You’re Still Alive A disillusioned business executive whose life has hit a dead end Nick Seagrave has lost loved ones to tragedy and his family to neglect Now at a point of great crisis he unbelievably and inexplicably finds himself transported to what appears to bR world Suddenly he’s confronted with profoundly clear views of his own past and personality At the same time he’s enabled to see hear taste and smell the realities of both heaven and hell–realities that force him to face dangers and trials far greater than any he’s known before Pitted against flying beasts a mo. This was SUCH a good book Where do I even start The characters are well written the plot works great and the whole thing is such a beautiful testimony to the power of JesusEdge of Eternity is a modern ish version of Pilgrim's Progress It tells the story of Nick Seagrave a fifty ish man who has spent his whole life chasing after the newest and the best He has wrecked his family and his marriage but now he will get a chance to try again He must walk the red road to the great Chasm which only the Woodsman's death can cross This is obviously a thinly veiled allegory for salvation and the Christian walk and Alcorn executes it so perfectly There are very few books that make me cry but this one did Randy Alcorn is one of the best authors of this age and I pray that his legacy will endure for a long time for he is today's CS Lewis

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Nstrous web that threatens to hold him captive an evil brooding intelligence and undeniable evidence of a spiritual world Nick must finally consider the God he claims not to believe in Walking between two worlds Nick Seagrave prepares to make decisions that will change his life forever as he stands on the Edge of Eterni. Hm It felt slow drawn out disjointed and choppy I was bored most of the way through Maybe I don't have enough patience Maybe allegory isn't for me p

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Edge of EternityImagine Being Pulled Into the Hereafter While You’re Still Alive A disillusioned business executive whose life has hit a dead end Nick Seagrave has lost loved ones to tragedy and his family to neglect Now at a point of great crisis he unbelievably and inexplicably finds himself transported to what appears to be anothe. The Bible describes spiritual warfare in Ephesians chapter six among other places What if it were possible to roll back the screen of the supposedly tangible and actually see the battles that take place between angels and demons What if we could see clearly than ever the actual truth of the spiritual world that we claim to believe in but so often act as if we do notThese interesting uestions are explored by Randy Alcorn in his book Edge of Eternity The earlier reviewed book The Chasm is a later written adaptation and expansion of part of Edge's narrative In the story a wealthy businessman Nick Seagrave is trapped in a storm on the way to a hunting trip and stay at his cabin in the woods He finds himself in a strange land where he is attacked by some animals and protected by othersHe proceeds to follow the road to the City of Light called Charis Along the way numerous evil forces try to corrupt him and turn him to the path of evil Well actually they do turn him to the path of evil but he is rescued by the working of the King and the King's mighty armyWhen he gets near the city he finds the way blocked by a fearsome infinite chasm He despairs of there ever being a way to cross it What hope is there in any path Won't he just die in this strange world no matter what he does Then something interesting happensNick takes part in a brutal execution of an innocent who turns out to be the King and is redeemed when the King rises from the dead The King even helps him and several other of his murderers reach the other side of the chasm Now placed on his journey with a group of fellow Chasm crossers Nick and his friends must navigate the strange world in which they find themselves with the help of the GuidebookTo identify which book was the inspiration for this story would be difficult I'd say that it is bits of The Pilgrim's Progress by Bunyan Lewis's The Pilgrim's Regress and The Great Divorce and a smattering of some of Tolkien's poetry that has facets of journeys to otherworldy realms as well as tiny bits of and references to others All of these influences are rolled together and used to create a gripping tale that has truly convicted me of the enormous sins in my lifeI see so many of the person that I am and the sins that I commit in the fictional person of Nick Seagrave These include both the supposedly minor ones a nice fiction there are no truly minor sins and the supposedly huge ones all committed by Nick Seagrave He was a US Marine in Vietnam and I was a Soldier in Ira I won't go further into the comparisons as to what sins or failings but they are thereI think to myself how awful I am I think of how my relationship to my King Father Savior Lord and God is not what it ought to be I am going to endeavor anew to make it what it ought to be With His help I will succeedYes there are some drawbacks in the narrative The shoutouts which were really neat at first to other theologians and to Lewis and Tolkien get mighty tiresome eventually I found myself rolling my eyes at them I also felt that I was reading Alcorn's attempt to mimic the cosmic descriptions of song by the angels to God at the end of Perelandra and not a good mimicry either I also would have liked to have seen Nick's further life as he attempted to ask his family for forgiveness and witness to then I feel like the story was left hanging Nevertheless the not so good parts were even uite good and who knows maybe there will someday be a seuel Perhaps the most significant thing I can say about the novel was that it truly convicted me with this view into a fictional representation of the truth of the spiritual battles going on around us Please read this book Think on what it says If you don't know Christ come to Him as Savior If you're pathetically ungrateful and away from Him like I am then turn back to Him as well PleaseHighly Recommended