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Orn as she is pretty But Jack must stay focused; he’s only there to evaluate the ranch’s funding Falling for Lucy and the sweet children she protects is out of the uestion Though Lucy is determined to keep the ranch sh. Highfalutin attorney Jackson Harris stirs up a hornets’ nest when he messes with director Lucy Maxwell’s funding for the Big Heart Ranch orphanage Challenged with stepping into her hand tooled red cowboy boots for six weeks so to speak he doesn’t know what hit him Better yet even a lil’ cowboy named “Dub” one ups him with his sweet ways and little boy charm Determined not to be stampeded over by either a pretty woman or a cute kid he takes the bull by the horns to prove he’s right in his financial assessment of the ranch When Lucy faces him with her steel backed grit this is one challenge where the winner isn’t as clear as the Oklahoma skies Jackson is one determined and stubborn character OYhe got my gander up than once Aside from the fact he’s tall dark and handsome he also bowls right over Lucy without so much as howdy do I loved seeing her buck his authority on than one occasion she’s one tough lady For her part she also must learn to loosen the reins a bit when it comes to her business and that God is the one in control Seeing the character spiritual growth in both Jackson and Lucy was fun to watch They both have past issues that must be overcome to move on in life Witty banter anyone Yeah these two got plenty of that kind of spark There were lots of laugh out loud moments for me Can’t neglect to mention Dub oh he was cute with his lisp and little boy wisdom How he dug deep in Jackson’s heart when he’s not a kid person I do believe God has a sense of humor don’t you This has got it all; character depth humor lessons learned plenty of faith love and learning to give control to the One who has it all in His hands Can’t wait for future books in the Big Heart Ranch series I received a complimentary copy from the author and was under no obligation to leave a favorable review

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Claiming Her Cowboy Big Heart Ranch #1E’s not about to give control to a city slicker even a devastatingly good looking one But as they bump heads Jack and Lucy gradually nudge open their hearts Could a temporary cowboy become a permanent part of Lucy’s li. A gentle story with a big heart Sweet satisfyingGreat uote “It’s about planting seeds Sometimes you can’t see the harvest You have to trust that by doing what you are called to do the harvest will be there”

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Claiming Her Cowboy Big Heart Ranch #1 Free download ç E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ò Her Temporary CowboyAttorney Jackson Harris regularly goes toe to toe with the world’s toughest lawyers—but none of them compare to Lucy Maxwell The feisty director of Oklahoma’s Big Heart Ranch for orphans is as stubHer Temporary CowboyAttorney Jackson Harris regularly goes toe to toe with the world’s toughest lawyers but none of them compare to Lucy Maxwell The feisty director of Oklahoma’s Big Heart Ranch for orphans is as stubb. First off That cover Kind of makes a fainting couch warning redundant since you're already in full swoon mode And yes Jack that 'white collar rebel' p 61 is just as alluring as that cover art promisesThe citified Oklahoma boy is getting back to his roots and it's a baptism by fire thanks to Lucy's wicked sense of justice aka humour This is romantic comedy at it's finest One scene in particular involving a certain cantankerous Mrs Carmody filled me with giddy delight In fact I pretty much snorthiccuped my way through the entire read because that's what happens when I laugh and cry at the same time and Radcliffe is really good at fusing humour with heart wrenching tenderness I was a sniveling mess by the endSo we start out with fireworks right from the first meet He's determined to protect his aunt's considerable income from 'shysters' like Lucy She's fuming over his tightfisted reins on the large donation her family counts on to keep their ranch for orphans runningThese two are a riot together the micro manager in her doesn't want to give an inch She's all about control and he's all about wresting it from her Sparks fly tempers flare and it's time to cue the wickedly clever banter And all that charged electricity serves to heighten the romance because He'd rather argue with Lucy than spend time with anyone else p118And while Miss Lucy was busy claiming her cowboy I was losing my heart to the littlest cowboy on the ranch Gape toothed tousled haired five year old Dub might just outshine Jack as hero of the day The little guy has a Goliath size faith and he isn't afraid to show itHeartwarming toe curling and hilarious What's not to love And kudos to the author for using fiduciary in a sentence than once It really doesn't get better than thisMy thanks to the author for gifting me with a copy of this book