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summary Conuest of the Useless Reflections from the Making of Fitzcarraldo ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ð Werner Herzog Grizzly Man is one of the most revered and enigmatic filmmakers of our time and Fitzcarraldo is one of his most honored and admired films  More than just HerS about crew and cast including Herzog’s lead the somewhat demented internationally renowned star Klaus Kinski and breathtaking insights into the filmmaking process that are uniuely Werner Herzog Conuest of the Useless is an eye opening look into the mind of a cinematic maste. But in the film the geography has to be visible two rivers that almost touch with only a mountain ridge between them over which the ship has to be hauled Without that understanding the point of the story is lost says HerzogIn the jungle things can go wrong and everything that could go wrong did in Herzog's case And people kept asking him why can't we ditch the scene with the ship or fake it at least And he replies because there is a metaphor there without this metaphor there is no film So what is the metaphor they asked him I don't know I can't express it with words but it is there And it is important he repliedIn my opinion the metaphor of the ship being hauled over the ridge is open it is all inclusive that's why it is all important The metaphor has become in itself art It can become anything at all in each person's mind Whether you think it is about madness human endurance humanity mortality vanity colonialism the conuest of the useless the burden of dreams you would be correct In a very introspective moment I thought it was about the divide between conscious and unconscious mind and you know what maybe I was right maybe I wasn't not important The metaphor is there for all to carry around inside them If the fleshed out metaphor was faked it would have lost its power I have a feeling that in this movie Herzog has blended performance art with movie and they coexist symbiotically All that is to be reported is this I took part Leaving my musings aside this book the diary Herzog kept while shooting the film is not about the film You will not find descriptions of how he did what and why It is a diary of everything else that happens while they shoot this film And you are left to wonder how the hell did they finish shooting it with literally everything going awry In the face of the obscene explicit malice of the jungle which lacks only dinosaurs as punctuation I feel like a half finished poorly expressed sentence in a cheap novel It is also a diary of Herzog's astute observation of landscapes and innerscapes Funny and vaguely dreamlike Once despite all my attempts at fending it off a shuddering sense creeps into me of being trapped in the stanza of a strange poem and it shakes me so violently that I glance around superstitiously to see whether anyone is watching me Does the monkey dream my dreams in the branches above me I ordered a beer and my voice sounded altered like the voice of a parrot imitating operatic arias The sun sank in an angry blaze For a moment and for the only time I think I can remember the earth struck me as motherly covered with a decaying forest that seemed positively humble A large brown moth was boring into the smooth concrete floor as if it wanted to go down into the earth and beating its wings so violently that the wooden sound it created blended with the electrical hissing and crackling of a dying fluorescent bulb overhead like a symphony from the depths of a ghastly universe a universe readying itself for the final harvest You would expect a colonialism in his approach but there is none It struck me at how authentic his reactions and his relationship with the jungle became The jungle existing exclusively in the present is certainly subject to time but remains forever ageless Any concept of justice would be antithetical to all this But is there justice in the desert either Or in the oceans And in the depths Life in the sea must be pure hell an infinite hell of constant and ever present danger so unbearable that in the course of evolution some species—including Homo sapiens—crawled fled onto some clods of firm land the future continents I looked around and there was the jungle manifesting the same seething hatred wrathful and steaming while the river flowed by in majestic indifference and scornful condescension ignoring everything the plight of man the burden of dreams and the torments of time A declaration I feel I should make is that I am a big fan of Werner Herzog I like his good stuff and I also celebrate his failures There is meaning in them Or I find it The same with Cronenberg

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Werner Herzog Grizzly Man is one of the most revered and enigmatic filmmakers of our time and Fitzcarraldo is one of his most honored and admired films  More than just Herzog’s journal of the making of the monumental problematical motion picture which involved among other t. From Marina Hyde's column in today's GuardianAnyway let me conclude with a correction A fortnight ago I suggested the movie disaster Brexit was most like was Heaven’s Gate simply because that notorious flop effectively collapsed a studio much in the way this crisis is threatening to collapse the UK But I have since wondered whether the most closely analogous flop is Werner Herzog’s Fitzcarraldo don’t worry you needn’t have seen it which even its director came to see as “the conuest of the useless” Stop me if any of this feels familiar but during the making of it Herzog claimed to have stopped sleeping entirely – “I just have brief strenuous fainting spells” – while actors he accused of immense stupidity were reuired to do things like drag a steamship over a mountain Everyone on the movie behaved appallingly Indeed when I look back over all the progressively insane and insatiable demands of the ERG and others during this sorry saga I think of the story of Herzog’s leading man Klaus Kinski who on the very day he arrived on set screamed “Not even my hairdresser is allowed to touch my hair” And things went downhill from there One of the crew was bitten by a snake and sawed off his own foot Some of the extras offered to kill Kinski Herzog talked them out of it on the basis that the film wouldn’t be finished

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Conuest of the Useless Reflections from the Making of FitzcarraldoHings major cast changes and reshoots and the hauling without the use of special effects of a 360 ton steamship over a mountain Conuest of the Useless is  a work of art unto itself an ian fever dream that emerged from the delirium of the jungle  With fascinating observation. One of my favorite films of the 1980s was Werner Herzog's Fitzcarraldo about a 19th century Peruvian rubber baron who decides to bring the opera to the jungle city of Iuitos In order to do this he must find a way of moving a largish steamship over a ridge that separates two adjacent rivers the Camisea and the Urubamba Naturally such an idea is madness on the face of it But Herzog did it and the result is a film production that will continue to amaze people as long as films are being watched Almost eual to the film however is Herzog's journal of the making of the film Conuest of the Useless Reflections from the Making of Fitzcarraldo Although in form the book is theoretically a documentation of an insanely difficult film production it is as much a series of vignettes of life in the jungle dreams tales of encounters with snakes spiders Peruvian Indians strange fish and birds jungle rot illnesses and wounds and whatnot Here is a brief exampleWhen I tossed a cigarette butt still glowing into a metal sewer grating suddenly something like a snake shot up out of the damp black sewer seized the butt dropped it again at once and disappeared just as fast It was a very large frogHere is another typical instance of jungle lifeOur kitchen crew slaughtered our last four ducks While they were still alive Julian plucked their neck feathers before chopping off their heads on the execution block The albino turkey that vain creature the survivor of so many roast chickens and ducks transformed into soup came over to inspect gobbling and displaying used his ugly feet to push one of the beheaded ducks as it lay there on the ground bleeding and flapping its wings into what he thought was a proper position and making gurgling sounds while his bluish red wattles swelled he mounted the dying duck and copulated with itThere were also many descriptions of problems with the cast and crew particularly with Klaus Kinski who played the lead After one of his crazier tantrums a number of Campos Indians came up to Herzog and whispered whether he wanted to have the actor killed Kinski got wind of what was going on and immediately died downThis book is a classic and tells me about the area around the Peruvian headwaters of the than I have seen in any other source But then Herzog had made two films in the area In addition to Fitzcarraldo there was the eually excellent Aguirre the Wrath of God also starring Kinski Also this book gives me a good reason for never having wanted to become a film director I would have gone stark raving mad and would have had to be killed by the Indians out of spite