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Download Book ↠ Austin The Petersheim Brothers #3 The Petersheim Brothers #3 Ì Fondly nicknamed “The Peanut Butter Brothers” Andrew Abraham and Austin Petersheim skillfully run one of Wisconsin’s most cherished family businesses But their mischievous younger twin siblings have a talent all theLish a local market to direct sell his family’s goods he’ll stand out as a potential husband He’s so grateful for the help of his longtime friend Hannah Yutzy who has such practical ideas and is so easy to talk to   While Austin embarks on his plan his siblings have a plan of their own to give Austin and Hannah a little nudge to show them they’re made for each other When their antics wreak havoc with a ri The Petersheim eight year old twin brothers Alfie and Benji are at it again They live in the basement where it is dark scary and downright uninviting They have devised a plan to marry their brothers off to be able to move upstairs in their bedrooms They have one brother left Austin Alfie has one particular young girl in mind and Benji has another The two brothers work against each other for the girl they want for their brother One of the girls is an old family friend of Austin and his family Austin and Hannah have been best friends since they were young children Hannah has always loved Austin but Austin just sees her as a friend The other is Priscilla Hannah and Priscilla are night and day Priscilla does not like anything but Austin and and herself The boys realize that and join forces right away to see that Austin open his own eyes and see that Hannah is the frau for himThe shenanigans of these boys are funny and delightful They have harmless fun but they seem to find trouble Austin has never looked at Hannah as anything but a friend but when he Hannah become business partners he begins to see her in a different way Priscilla is the friction of this triangle She is a joy to dislike and brings out the best in Hannah's character It just takes Austin a while to see that there is than just a pretty face There is a true partnership in any relationshipOne of the insightful lessons from this book was on the popular bible verse Spare the Rod Spoil the child In biblical times a rod was used for the sheep to protect and guide Poor Benji and Alfie were the scorn of Priscilla in using this verse Discipline is for teaching not terror That just made me like Hannah Their story is one of love and faith learned It does take learning to love in faith A Special Thank you to Kensington Books and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review

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Fondly nicknamed “The Peanut Butter Brothers” Andrew Abraham and Austin Petersheim skillfully run one of Wisconsin’s most cherished family businesses But their mischievous younger twin siblings have a talent all their own for matchmaking   Between work and keeping his little brothers out of trouble Austin Petersheim barely has time to think much less court the most popular maidel in town But if he can estab Austin by Jennifer Beckstrand is the third book in her Petersheim Brothers series Austin is the third eldest of the Petersheim brothers fondly known as the Peanut Butter Brothers so named because of the family businessAustin is very handsome but is also cocky and self centered and needs his best friend to fix things for him His best friend Hannah Yutzy knows and loves Austin but is tired of being taken for granted Can lifelong friendship turn into lifelong love? The youngest Petersheim brothers are nine year old twins Alfie and Benji who are totally “laugh out loud” hilarious They’ve been forced to sleep in the cellar due to a lack of bedrooms since their grandparents have moved in Alfie and Benji plan to get their room back by getting their older brothers to marry and move out They’ve successfully married off their eldest brothers Andrew and Abraham and are now working on a plan to link Austin with his best friend Hannah Yutzy The twins have enlisted the help of Hannah’s young cousins two of their female classmates who add to the hilarity This is going to be a tough task for the kids but they’re determined to marry Austin off and get that bedroom back Austin is a uick easy really good read The characters are completely developed and believable The kids are especially entertaining As with the previous books in the series the writing flows smoothly and there’s just the right amount of conflict This is another 5 out of 5 star endeavor from Jennifer Beckstrand I recommend this book to all readers of Amish fiction especially Amish romance My thanks to Kensington Books and NetGalley for the opportunity to read an advance copy of this book However the opinions expressed in this review are 100% mine and mine alone

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Austin The Petersheim Brothers #3 Val family emporium Hannah must help Austin set things right  And as she does just that Austin is stunned to realize his best friend could be his perfect wife Now he’ll just need the courage and faith to find out if she agrees   Praise for Jennifer Beckstrand and Andrew   “Fans of Dee Henderson will relish Beckstrand’s clever plot and moving ruminations on the nature of forgiveness” –Publishers Weekly This has been one of my favorite Amish series ever and I loved this third and last book in the series I know that Hannah and Austin are the featured characters in this book—and they are wonderful ones—but it’s really Benji and Alfie who made this series special for me They are uite the enterprising set of nine year old twins and when they put a plan in motion there’s great fun ahead Although their master plan to get Hannah and Austin to marry takes some unexpected turns they never give up The twins’ family are never uite sure what they will do next in the name of promoting true love I hated to say goodbye to the Petersheim family but I’m hoping that we’ll get glimpses of them sometime in another book by this authorI received a copy of this book from the publisher All opinions are my own