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Ha Joon Chang's 23 Things They Don't Tell You About Capitalism turns received economic wisdom on its head to show you how the world really works In this revelatory book Ha Joon Chang destroys the biggest myths of our times and shows us an alternative view of the world includingThere's no such thing as a 'free' marketGlobalization isn't making the world richerWe don't live in a digital world the washing machine has changed lives than the internetPoor countries are entrepreneurial than rich onesHigher paid managers don't produce better resultsWe don't have to accept At first I turned my nose up at this book I couldn't imagine that it would have anything interesting to say to me Indeed but for the personal recommendation of the author I would have passed over this book altogether Well I say personal recommendation but what I mean is that I listened to this podcast in which Ha Joon Chang talks through three of the twenty three things that he discusses in this book Anyhow the author's presentation convinced me and I seized a copy of the whole book at the next opportunityHa Joon Chang has two objectives for this book First he says in the introduction that he seeks to promote what he calls 'active economic citizens' people who know enough about economics in the broadest possible sense to demand the right courses of action from those in decision making positions pxvi By the end of the book however he is talking in terms of the need to rebuild the world economy In either case his first recommendation to the remove the rose tinted glasses of neo liberal economic thinkingIn this the book reminded me of From Eden to Exile Unraveling Mysteries of the Bible Both are carefully written grounded in evidence driven by a desire to change public discourse but precisely because of that missing the target The irrationally exuberant people convinced by their own exuberance plainly are not convinced by reasoned evidence that neo liberal policies work or that it is reasonable to look for Noah's Arc If I were cynical I might be so bold as to venture to suggest that a fair few of those who espouse neo liberal economic policies would themselves be beneficiaries view spoilermaybe I've seen the film Inside Job hide spoiler

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23 Things They Don't Tell You About CapitalismThings as they are any longer Ha Joon Chang is here to show us there's a better way'Lively accessible and provocative read this book'    Sunday Times'A witty and timely debunking of some of the biggest myths surrounding the global economy'    Observer'The new kid on the economics block Chang's iconoclastic attitude has won him fans'    Independent on Sunday'Lucid audacious increasingly influential will provoke physical symptoms of revulsion if you are in any way involved in high finance' Guardian'Important persuasive an engaging case for a caring era of glo This is a book that systematically takes apart neoliberal economic assumptions – the ‘things’ here are all nicely summed up in an opening paragraph per chapter where they are stated in the standard unforgiving terms of neoliberal ideology This is a book that really does deserve to be read This guy is so clear he is a joy to read Not only that he also opens up the possibility of understanding what is far too often presented as only available to the expert and in impenetrable jargon You actually get to see the simplicity of the ideas underpinning so much of economics talk He considers capitalism to be the only workable economic system – so this really isn’t about praising Caesar or even about burying him this is someone that loves economics showing that it needs to be understood within its own domain and in nuanced ways than is generally attempted for a lay audience That’s two of this man’s books I’ve read now – eventually I ought to get around to reading Bad Samaritans If you are after a uick overview that will help you understand a bit when people start doing eco speak – this is as good a place to start as any

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PDF å BOOK 23 Things They Don't Tell You About Capitalism ð NATURALTREATMENT ¼ Ha Joon Chang's 23 Things They Don't Tell You About Capitalism turns received economic wisdom on its head to show you how the world really works In this revelatory book Ha Joon Chang destroys the biggest myths of our Balization'    Financial Times'A must read incisive and entertaining'    New Statesman Books of the YearHa Joon Chang is a Reader in the Political Economy of Development at the University of Cambridge He is author of Kicking Away the Ladder Development Strategy in Historical Perspective which won the 2003 Gunnar Myrdal Prize and Bad Samaritans Rich Nations Poor Policies and the Threat to the Developing World Since the beginning of the 2008 economic crisis he has been a regular contributor to the Guardian and a vocal critic of the failures of our economic syste Ha Joon Chang is one of the few economists who you can actually trust to tell the truth as he sees it based on objective evidence Shiller and Stiglitz are also rare exceptions among economists as both are in this same categoryThis book is a great antidote to the free market propaganda that passes for economic analysis these days A good example is the section on the birth of the South Korean steel industry Despite the predictions of every free market economist worth his Heritage Foundation research grant that government sponsored South Korean entry into the world steel market would be disaster Korea went on to dominate the steel industry for decadesThis recent article by Chang on the market turmoil in early 2015 is also well worth reading Don't blame China alone for the world's economic problems; the failure of governments to take any steps to reform the economies of the US and UK in particular but also of other Western powers after the crash of 20082009 and instead maintain their economies with asset bubbles fueled by uantitative easing is now going to pay us all back in spades at what is politically a very bad time for the world From the articleWhether or not the recent market turmoil leads to a protracted slide or a violent crash it is proof that we have wasted the past seven years propping up a bankrupt economic model Before things get any worse we need to replace it with one in which the financial sector is made less complex and patient investment in the real economy is encouraged by fiscal and technological incentives and measures are brought in to reduce ineuality so that demand can be maintained without creating debtsThe problem is that while much of Ha Joon Chang's analysis is borne out by events his remedies such as stated above are not acceptable in political systems like those of the US or UK that do not reflect the will of the majority of the people We are left with politicians who only want to hear the opinions of economists who have either been bought or brainwashed by vested interests that support the status uo