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а ѝ същностПисателка поетеса съпруга любовница измамница и дете – младата жена решава да избяга от всичките си роли като инсценира смъртта си Но дали това ще е достатъчн This book really pissed me off I guess there's no real character arc The main character starts out weak unself aware and just really messed up for plenty of good reason so I did sympathize with her but nothing has really changed by the end of the book She's still messed up and unself aware Ugh The whole book made me feel really impatient and uncomfortable I felt kind of sick and nervous the whole time I was reading it as if doom was just around the corner That probably says a lot for the power of Atwood's writing I guess And the book was good enough to read all the way to the end; Atwood is certainly a good writer But I just didn't like anyone in the book except Aunt Lou who's a secondary character who doesn't get much page time in the story

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Lady OracleПубликувана за първи път през 1976г Ясновидката на Маргарет Атууд е роман който е актуален и днесДжоун е неуверена и объркана жена Демоните от детството ѝ я преследват а ся The secrets of self Margaret Atwood has wowed me again with this uirky 1976 delight It's surprisingly playful and humorous for Atwood but also brings with it her trademark not messing around intelligence when it comes to womanhood self body and loveJoan is our protagonist our red headed Botticellian heroine who begins the book with this tantalising line I planned my death carefully; unlike my life which meandered along from one thing to another despite my feeble attempts to control itHave you ever wanted to start fresh shed your life like a snake worming out of an old skin and leave it behind Joan has done it faked her death and re emerged in a small Italian village She is at heart an escape artist She writes gothic romances she lives under two identities and the person she presents on the outside is only one reflection of the whole Her interior world is secretive hidden claustrophobic Soon the secrets start to collide in a most inconvenient fashion Atwood writes so well about the cruelties of childhood and about the opposing natures of freedom and love I couldn't help but be pulled along in the story which was at times relatable the complexities of the motherdaughter relationship heartwarming the character of Aunt Lou was my favourite by far a bit ridiculous the Royal Porcupine need I say and frightening a former lover turned stalker who becomes than a little menacing She also plays with the literary world and its conventions When Joan unexpectedly becomes a published literary poet she is attacked by a male interviewer who tries to skewer her and force her into the Women's Lib mold something she wiggles out of just like MA would and still doesAnd it forces the uestion what is the truth when so many forms of truth exist in one person Many of the characters in this novel are two sides of the same coin It is impossible to be exactly as one presents or present exactly as one isI enjoyed this ride from beginning to end I enjoyed being privy to Joan's messy life because all lives are messy While this book is not as chocked full of literary protein as other books by this author it reminds me why she continues to knock her readers' socks off even 41 years after this was published

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DOC ↠ READER Lady Oracle ☆ í MARGARET ATWOOD í Публикувана за първи път през 1976г Ясновидката на Маргарет Атууд е роман който е актуален и днесДжоун е неуверена и объркана жена Демоните от деката която хвърлят върху живота ѝ е толкова плътна че самата тя не може да осъзнае мястото сиДжоун започва да води двойнствен живот и никой около нея не познава истинскат At the beginning of Lady Oracle Joan Foster is hold up in her Italian apartment after faking her death Back in Canada Foster was hailed as a literary sensation and a major author on the rise so why did she choose to die at the height of her hypeIn many ways Lady Oracle is the polar opposite of Atwood's previous novel Surfacing Surfacing is a uiet introverted atmospheric novel that concerns only a handful of characters over a few days Lady Oracle is a globe trotting saga that follows our protagonist from early childhood up to the present day in a style that mirrors the Gothic romances that she secretly authors This novel is bloated but enjoyable It is clear that Atwood had a lot of fun with this one As it was written has a partial pastiche of Gothic romance novels there are a lot of scenarios and characters that fall into the realm of the ridiculous I mean there is literally a Polish count in here and a dude called the Royal Porcupine As the novel is told through flashbacks when the author is in self exile in Italy a lot of her memories read like heightened fantasies which leads you to uestion just how truthful she is being My favourite parts of the novel were the early chapters when Joan was recounting her early childhood She was an obese child who found solace in the company of her Aunt Lou These are the most touching and shall I say 'rational' chapters before everything turns slightly bonkers Overall I feel this novel needed a better editor My edition almost hits the 400 page mark and that is so totally unnecessary for this novel One could argue that Atwood was somewhat over indulgent in her tale of Joan Foster and gets carried away in the minute details and events of her life which have no overall impact on the plot It is as if post Surfacing she decided to have the literary euivalent of a binge and pen a novel which is essentially all plot and nothing much else But there are many fun aspects to Atwood's binge I liked this one but it is odd