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Crescendo Free download  109 Ñ HUSH HUSH SERİSİ 2 KİTABIOKURLARI TUTSAK EDEN BÜYÜK HEYECAN VE KEYİFLE OKUNAN FISILTI 2KİTABI ÇIĞLIKLA KALDIĞI YERDEN DEVAM EDİYORNora Greyin hayatı mükemmellikten hâlâ çok uzaktadır Hayatına kastedilmiş olması hoş bir deneyim olmasa da en azından bu durumun içinden bir koruyucu melek sahibi olaraHUSH HUSH SERİSİ 2 KİTABIOKURLARI TUTSAK EDEN BÜYÜK HEYECAN VE KEYİFLE OKUNAN FISILTI 2KİTABI ÇIĞLIKLA KALDIĞI YERDEN DEVAM EDİYORNora Greyin hayatı mükemmellikten hâlâ çok uzaktadır Hayatına kastedilmiş olması hoş bir deneyim olmasa da en azından bu durumun içinden bir koruyucu melek sahibi olarak çıkmışt?. EDIT 1692012I edited this review just a bit It's an old review but I think I could have worded some things a little better There were many Paranormal YA series where I couldn't possibly continue reading after the first book but the Hush Hush series is special Despite the fact that yes it is merely another abuse glorifying panty wetter the unintentional hilarity just makes the books so much fun to read in a twisted masochistic kinda way Crescendo is like a bright shining star of heaven compared to Hush hush because Crescendo gave me a favourite character who is none other than Marcie Miller the bitch who's out to get Nora And anyone who's out to get Nora is a pal of mine I also give Crescendo props for giving me an ending that assured some much needed ass kicking of Nora and Patch I mean come on apparently Patch doesn't screw Nora up enough we may as well give them a run for their money big time right After dragging myself through that bullshit of a book that ending actually made me very very happy But other than that this book was still pretty freaking bad Though not as unbearable to read as the first 'book' it was still a flaming piece of shit I will give everyone a big piece of advice and I must insist that you take it DO NOT GET LOVE ADVICE FROM THIS BOOK Crescendo teaches girls that if their boyfriend doesn't have a 247 arousal in his meat sword as soon as he catches sight of her it OBVIOUSLY must mean that he doesn't love her Nora dumps Patch for this reason I kid you not Nora breaks up with Patch because she claims 'he doesn't feel it when she kisses him' even though Patch says it affects him emotionally also he kinda can't 'feel it' because lust is a sin according to God so it would get him in big doggy doo But that apparently isn't enough for her so in a matter of ten seconds she conveniently compiles a list of all the things that she can't do with Patch around and dumps him a list of differences which are never brought up again later in the storyNot too bad so far right I mean yeah she's a twat who's missing at least three uarters of her brain but at least she's rid of that douche bag right RIGHTNot really He's still there We still have to read about himA lot After she dumps him she spends 80% having a tantrum about the break up and oh how she misses him and oh how she hates him but misses him but hates him and so on And of course like any moron missing most of their brain she claims she should NEVUR have broken up with Patch because he's just so darn special Well my darling dearest if you don't want to dump him then STOP dumping him Just save us the pain from being dragged around your angst for 100 fucking pages and run on back to your potential rapist See if we care if you end up dead in the forest with a cactus in your anus I also couldn't help but notice that Becca Fitzpatrick seems to have had a change of heart about how she was going to write Patch in this book Because for most of it she made Patch out to look like the top bastard of the bastard Mafia and we should all feel sorry for Nora because she's being 'used and cheated on' Well where in the name of buggery was all of this in the first fucking book when Patch really was the bastard of Scumville who sexually harassed her intimidated her emotionally and mentally AND sexually abused her But in Becca Fitzpatrickland the worst thing Patch ever did to Nora was kissing Marcie This is why no one takes you seriously Fitzpatrick Absolutely no one You thought Edward Cullen was a creep watching Bella sleep Patch invades Nora's dreams when they've broken up for the fifteenth time to make out with her What a swell guy amirite Even Nora found it wrong That's gotta say something If Nora and I do stress that I am talking about NORA finds Patch's behaviour alarming THAT'S ONE FUCK OF AN INDICATOR THAT THERE IS SOMETHING NOT RIGHT He also purposely walks in on a make out session between her and Scott cough or Jacob cough cough and punches the poor bastard suare in the face despite Nora screaming at the top of her lungs Also keeping her 'father's' ring when she asked for it back after the breakup Not cool She may have broken up with you for stupid reasons but you don't keep her dead father's ring when you're not the person she is closest to any As mentioned before I liked Marcie Marcie was the only thing keeping me sane throughout the whole book As I said in my review of Hush hush I support anyone tormenting Nora I thought she was uite a badass though it did piss me off that she was called a 'ho' Just because she isn't afraid to express her sexuality it doesn't make her a 'ho' But that's another story I didn't care much for Scott He was obviously the typical third wheel Jacob of this New moon copy the guy who the girl uses to get back at the guy she is actually in love with Though he had some interesting aspects to him the fact that he was just the typical third wheel love interest prevented him from achieving both uniueness and greatness Also he just seemed like a recycled Elliot from the first book Nora just wont stop being whiny and stupid Plus she stalks another guy And she breaks into other people's homes and steals other people's stuff How she is not already in a straight jacket is beyond me And as usual she is also a hypocrite and one hell of a parasite She uses Scott to get back at Patch and dares to preach how she is committed to a relationship when she is the one running from a relationship at the first signs of trouble She manages to avoid serious jail time and also somehow gets guys left right and centre Oh what a strange universe this is But whatever I honestly didn't care about her and Patch breaking up The two are terrible for each other anyway Nora can't live with him or without him and Patch is psycho when she's around and when she isn't Just move one to a different planet from the other and let them find someone else If Nora had to end up with someone it should have been Vee Though Vee isn't that much smarter than Nora the two mirror each other perfectly They share the same insanity interests and stupidity Together they could make history Plus that would have been hilarious to see I would also like to point out that the archangels are stupid Okay like I said before love and lust are totally mixed up in this book It makes no sense that angels get sent to hell for falling in love with humans 'Consorting with mortals' does not mean falling in love with mortals it means wanting to have sex with mortals I don't believe in God or Jesus or even angels but I don't expect either of them to think of love as being a sin if you're straight I know lust is apparently and okay Let's consider that I mean technically the archangels in this book consider lust a sin and something you get sent to hell for Yet there are so many moments that they don't seem to notice Patch gets away with making out with Nora sexually harassing her in the first book and even getting hit on by Marcie But the archangels still continue to sit up there twiddling their thumbs act all threatening and 'wait for Patch to slip up' Please If Patch can get away with shit like that he wouldn't have a problem with getting it on with Nora therefore he wouldn't even have a problem and they can both live happily ever after bla bla bla The plot was mostly about Nora bitching about not being with Patch while some random drama occurs The plot twists felt very soap opera ish to me Therefore they didn't affect me at all They were funny than shocking But the again Becca fails at shock value and plot twists In fact she fails at drawing any emotion out of the reader Her writing is very noobish with weird descriptions to over dramatic expressions of sorrow and love They made me want to gag Like Hush hush this book tried but failed to make me feel anything for it other than disgust and the occasional laughs and not the good kind I didn't care for anything that happened in this book

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Tehlikeli hale gelen durumların içerisine sokar Ama belki de bazı şeyler olduğu gibi bırakılmalıdır zira gerçek güven duyduğu her şeyi ve herkesi yok edebilirYılın en ateşli serisi SUGAR MAGAZINESürükleyici heyecan verici bir kitap Doğaüstü aşk hikâyelerinin hayranlarını kendine tutsak edecek PUBLISHERS WEEK. Sometimes if you're really lucky a book will teach you a lesson or give you something valuable you can carry with you through your entire life Crescendo gave me an unexpected gift although lesson might be too generous a term It's a sort of 'I've been through this so that can't possibly be as bad' I am no longer afraid of childbirth or other really painful experiences but specifically childbirth because I know that the pain of labor does not usually add up to the amount of hours I spent with Crescendo Also I'll have drugs to get me through it which might have been the only thing that would have made Crescendo a pleasant experienceOften the second book in a YA trilogy will feel like a filler between novel one and novel three You usually get to see what it's like when the honeymoon is over so that in book three you can get some sort of affirmation that the characters are indeed soul mates because they made it through all of that and then someFor Nora and Patch the honeymoon is indeed over Nora tells Patch she loves him He is less than responsive to her delightful confession I'm sorry but why are things like this seen as confessions In the last book she'd been willing to sacrifice herself to give him a chance of what he wanted most a life as a human Obviously she loves him We get it He gave up the chance at humanity because being human wasn't worth anything without her Obviously he loves her We get it I think these confessional moments come from trying to pace what is supposed to be an extraordinary relationship against social norms and rites of passage because the author loses track of the story's pacing Fitzpatrick is not the only one guilty of this but it does make Nora look dimmer than a two watt light bulb to fuss over the word loveThe inevitable fall out of Patch not telling Nora he loves her back with roses and fanfare you know fanfare than him sacrificing what he wanted most for her is that she breaks up with him Nora does it mostly out of childish spite because he isn't telling her SECRETS and he doesn't really love herTheir break up could have been done without It was just stupid and confusing Nora can't decide why they're broken up At one point when they're almost back together Patch tells her that he's going to have go on the run and hide from the archangels because they're going to put him in hell for loving her Nora walks away rather than risking his soul but for the rest of the book she wibbles back and forth about the reasons why they're over Is it because he's keeping secrets from her or because she doesn't want to risk sending him to burn in hell Later she wants him to burn in hell but she doesn't want anyone else's help accomplishing it Fuck the archangels she's putting him in hell herselfAlso my what the fuck moment with all of this Fallen angels routinely mistreat humans and their half human offspring They torture and kill people Patch was going to murder Nora and get a human soul as a reward for all his effort That was all okie dokie The straw that breaks the camels back here the freaking thing that will send him to hell is loving herImagine a bunch of archangels chilling in a conference room discussing the matter What do we do about angels who disobey and fall from heaven Let the fallen angels keep their immortality as punishment muwahahaWhile they're down there should we let them torture people Yeah that's totally within acceptable standards Okay what about killing people Should we let them kill people without conseuence Personally I think they should get a gold star and a human body for that Agreed agreed But what about falling in love BURN IN HELLWhat a great way to make the romance forbidden Look I get that Angels are not supposed to love humans that this is the big no no for this particular supernatural creature but it seems a little stupid for the archangels to let the fallen angels run rampant and then lose their shit and play the hell card over thisOther major plot points in no particular order aside from what struck me as totally ridiculousSo Nora's not her father's biological child but the entire plot of the first book is based on her being her father's child and having some very specific nephilim blood in her that makes her an acceptable sacrifice in exchange for Patch's soul How does Fitzpatrick fix this gaping plot hole She makes her biological father and adoptive father distantly related on the nephilim wave length Okay I can tentatively accept this if I stop using 23s of my brain Goodbye 23rds you will be missed when I have to tie my shoes tomorrow morning Guys I could have lived without those 23s but Fitzpatrick greedily tries to tax me another 13 by giving this explanation for Nora's adoption her biological father gave her and her mother it's so sad I'm not even worked up about this giving business to her adoptive father to protect her from angels who might want to sacrifice her as the female child of a nephilimThat's right Both men are nephilim Granted her biological father is MUCH nephilim than her adoptive father but apparently her adoptive father was not human enough to have kept Nora safe from Patch in Hush Hush because Patch wanted to kill her on the basis of being her adoptive father's child or at least that's how it was explained in the first novel It's disgustingly complicated and stupid It was clearly NOT the intentions with which the first book was written This entire subplot about who is really Nora's daddy is about extending what should have just been a stand alone into a trilogy Milk that money making cowThere's a scene where NoraDrew and Vee are breaking into a character's bedroom to find out all his mysterious secrets and sniff his laundry Nora always comments on laundry when she's busting into someone's house undercover In the scene before it Nora instructs Vee to park behind some shrubs Vee expresses the concern that the car will not make it over a ditch to get to said shrubs Nora insists and Vee does it Her car gets stuck in the ditch They move the car back and forth until they flatten one of the tires on a rock Without a tidy getaway car Nora still decides to go through with the plan I assumed the fact that the car was totally disabled would become part of the plot of the scene like their hasty escape is thwarted by the car but NOPE Despite all the time Fitzpatrick spends discussing the position of the car the moving of the car and the fact that the car is stuck the entire conclusion was calling Triple A later in a throwaway sentence At this point I was rocking myself in a corner trying not to stomp my nook into rubbleSpeaking of Vee all the fat jokes in the novel started to piss me off We get that Vee is heavy Vee don't need her to suggest food at every turn to reinforce it If Nora eats one donut Vee eats twelve and the polishes off Nora's leftover one while Nora is outside being flirted with boy of the moment More examples include Vee insists on stopping for hot dogs before they go on their NoraDrew mission This scene is there so Nora can complain about the grease and chemicals and Vee can swoon over the courage endorphins she supposedly gets from them Again Nora's food goes uneaten or consumed by someone else In that same scene Nora demands Vee chase down a car a uarter of a mile The car arrives at the location the boy gets upstairs and inside he has an entire conversation with Nora Nora goes downstairs and Vee is still standing by the curb wheezing For the love of god we get it Vee is fat and Nora is slender as a toothpick Skinny euates good pretty worthwhile and every other characteristic you want Nora to haveWhenever Marcie the book's mean girl has a negative comment to make about Nora it's usually not actually about Nora Marcie routinely calls Vee fat while fighting with Nora as if this somehow negatively reflects upon Nora If you ask me it only negatively reflects on Marcie Marcie's first scorching remark is that Nora's father's dead I don't even know how I can begin to explain that this is not an insult My father died when I was a teenager and if someone had told me my dad was dead as an insult I'm not sure I even would have comprehended they were trying to insult me If you want to use a dead father as a joke you should say he had a heart attack while in a cheap motel with an even cheaper hooker Nora is too perfect to insult The only thing repeated through the book is that she studies too muchI could go on and on about everything that was wrong or crappy about this book but I'm not going to continue subjecting myself to itI read this book despite having disliked Hush Hush because of a blog post the author wrote about negative reviews coming back to haunt the person writing them The book was bad and I'm not going to be intimidated out of telling people exactly why

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Crescendo?r Gizemli çekici ve muhteşem bir koruyucu melek Ama Noranın hayatındaki yerine rağmen Patchin hareketleri kesinlikle meleksi değildir Hatta her zamankinden daha anlaşılmaz görünmektedir;tabii bu mümkünseHayatındaki gerçeklerin ne olduğunu umutsuzca öğrenmek isteyen Nora cevaplara ulaşabilmek için kendisini giderek. So I was at Borders the other day and this book was on the shelf and underneath it read 'Patch is the bad boy Edward wishes he was'Of course the idea of a forbidden ish love story will always remind us of You Know What but i'm seriously saying that this book is addictive enough for it to be a crime to compare it twilight It has its own characters and instead of VAMPIRES its about ANGELS and that makes me happy because angels are as cool or even so than vampires And yes I have a fetish unsexual of course for angelsNora Grey is a teenager living in a town somewhere One day a new transfer student comes and he is u guessed it tall sexy unreachable yet irresistable and the most intriguing thing dark He has a very very mysterious pastAnd that's the next great thing about the book I'm guessing it can be categorised as a thriller beecause in some parts of the book I was so scared in a good way that I had to close my curtains because i thought I'd see a stalker out there Did you catch that A STALKERHush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick is so good It's a great mix of mystery thriller adventure lurve and a sexy sexy sexy bad boy or angel named PatchPS in the blurb it says For Nora is in the middle of a centuries old battle between the immortal and those that have fallen The battle wasn't that dramatic so just keep that in mind It was still really good Read it