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A gripping new saga of pre historic America that takes us to the Mississippi Valley and the tribe known as the Mound builders It is a time of troubles In Cahokia the corn crop is failing again and a wa 45 stars Based on historical archaeological records this fictional account traces the daily lives of one group of Native American Indian tribes The plot follows a few characters mainly shamans from several villages as their paths intertwine They live in a feudal style city state at a time of major droughts Villages struggle to feed themselves while also paying tribute to the king Each character must deal with restoring a balance and sanity in their lives either through magic travel or battleThe socioeconomic politics are very interesting and we can see how larger city states like those of South AmericaMexico might have abandoned their cities in similar situationsAlso of interest were uniue Native American Indian cultural traditions elder women as clan leaders matrilineal descent divorcing someone by either leaving if you're male or placing their belongings outside the home if you are female human sacrifice upon the death of a great leader birth traditions ideas of shamanism and dreaming female warriors berdache transgenderism clan leadership through the male line etcDo not read this book if you cannot either believe in magic or put yourself in the mindset of a person who does Other books in this series are not as heavy on ideas of prophetic dreaming and speaking to spirits as this one read those insteadTrigger Warning this book shows the way a people really lived without sparing anything As a result there are scenes of war rape torture etc though they do not make up the majority of the story

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People of the RiverRchief and the warrior woman he may never possess are disgusted by their Chief's lust for tribute Now even the gods have turned their faces closing the underworld to the seers If the gods have abandone Historical fiction that hits homeHaving grown up on the shores of the Mississippi I felt I could really relate to the Peoples of this story Having a love of history and having a rich heritage of trappers and traders in my home town the rivers are major highways and the cities that become transportation hubs for trade seemed normal I was not surprised by the rich society that had been Cahokia Having seen the actual archaeological site only made this story real to me I realize this a beautiful rendition of historical fiction but it is spot on for bringing the real understands of the past what made it great and also what tore it apart rich and livelyAgain I was moved by the characters in the story I absolutely love NIghtshade she is one of my favorite characters from this entire book series Badgertail is also one of my favorites I feel for their struggles and I resent the Sun Chief not only for his selfishness and cruelty but for making so many people do things they wouldn't normally do Having been in the military I understand the necessity of following orders but it doesn't always make them right and sometimes it conflicts with your own beliefsI love the lore of the Native American religion and mythology I love the deeper understanding I find with each book in the amazing series I think it is a must read for anyone who loves history but also for every American This is our past and the Gears make the lessons of the past just as valid for our modern society

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FREE READER ☆ DOC People of the River ´ 9780330336512 ☆ W. MICHAEL GEAR ß A gripping new saga of pre historic America that takes us to the Mississippi Valley and the tribe known as the Mound builders It is a time of troubles In Cahokia the corn crop is failing again and a warchief andD the people there is no hope unless it comes in the form of a young girl who is learning to Dream of PowerA masterful story of the first north Americans by the bestselling authors of People of the Ear This story takes us away from the West to the Mississippi valley Various groups called the Mound Builders have built their homes around Cahokia where the Sun Chief lives But this is a troubled time their main food corn is not growing since there is no rain They blame it on the Sun Chief he is thirsty for power and demands tributes from all the villages not caring that they starve And the gods including First Woman have turned their backs on the people as wellBut the only hope there is is found in a young girl Lichen who will become a powerful dreamer with the help of Wanderer and Nightshade Will the three bring the gods back? Will there be rain? Or will there be a war to end all human life?This is a most interesting series and ties what archeologists have found in areas across North America