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Trust Exercise epub Ñ Hardcover ✓ In an American suburb in the early 1980s students at a highly competitive performing arts high school struggle and thrive in a rarified bubble ambitiously pursuing music movement Shakespeare and particularly their acting classes When within this striving Brotherhood of the Arts two freshmen David and Sarah fall 's stunning coda for the final piece of the puzzle to fall into place revealing truths that will resonate long after the final sentenceAs captivating and tender as it is surprising Susan Choi's Trust Exercise will incite heated conversations about fiction and truth and about friendships and loyalties and will leave readers with wiser understandings of the true capacities of adolescents and of the powers and responsibilities of adults Incredibly ambitious structurally with a shape that is organically interesting than ASYMMETRY which it is uite similar to Reminds me a bit of SPECIAL TOPICS IN CALAMITY PHYSICS but loses its connection to the fun teen drama that propels the first 100 pages of the novel A very very fun book to talk about and think about I'm just not sure the ambiguity about what is true at the end of the novel is a slight misstep I would have liked this a touch better if toward the end there had been answers I love withholding novels but I'm not uite sure if the math of this structure uite adds up

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In an American suburb in the early 1980s students at a highly competitive performing arts high school struggle and thrive in a rarified bubble ambitiously pursuing music movement Shakespeare and particularly their acting classes When within this striving Brotherhood of the Arts two freshmen David and Sarah fall headlong into love their passion does not go unnoticed or untoyed with by anyone especially not by their charismatic acting Trust Exercise is a novel about a performing arts high school in a sprawling southern city that for some reason is never named it's Houston The first half of it is told from the point of view of Sarah one of the students who goes through the usual issues with friends and boyfriends and parents although everything is ratcheted up to 11 here I guess to emphasize that performing arts schools can be a tad dramatic Self important Certainly the writing in the first half of the book would support this idea Sure everything feels like a big deal in high school but does it really feel like THIS BIG of a deal Everything is overwrought Everything is overwritten Everything is like a tiny terrarium into which way too many lizards have been crammed The sides of the terrarium are steaming up Everyone is flushing pink and sweating literally; I got a little tired of learning how everyone smelled Who keeps reaching into the terrarium and poking the lizards Why the illustrious drama teacher Mr Kingsley a man with such an inflated sense of the significance of himself and his theatre never theater god forbid department that he was only bearable if every time he appeared I imagined Jon Lovitz's voice in my head intoningHELLO I AM LLEWELLYN SINCLAIR Here’s Mr Kingsley’s oversize ego on display Here’s Mr Kingsley getting inappropriately involved in his students’ personal lives Honestly everything about this section annoyed me from the creepy adults to the creepy students to the eyerolling intensity HELLO I AM LLEWELLYN SINCLAIR of everything they did Houston was portrayed as a bunch of parking lots connected by multilane boulevards and highways which was probably accurate but horrible to have to spend time in Everything was yucky and gross and impossible to care about I wanted to give up so much but kept going because 1 I have liked Susan Choi’s work in the past so I was giving her the benefit of the doubt; and 2 I’d heard there was some kind of “twist” halfway through and I was curious about what it was I thought there was a chance the book could still be redeemed Then the “twist” happened Without really giving anything away the twist is that the second half of the book is told from the point of view of a character who is peripheral to the first half of the novel Peripheral Character is here to let you know that not everything Sarah told you is true Peripheral Character is also extremely boring and prone to parsing words listing their synonyms and how they can circle back around to words that don’t mean uite the same thing as the words they are supposed to be synonymous with The point of this seems to be that NOTHING IS AS IT SEEMS The New Yorker review makes much of all this intoning that the first half “of the story serves one of its characters ie Sarah than the others” But isn’t this how it always is in fiction The author chooses which characters to use to tell the story The other characters are there but don’t really get a say in what’s going on This is literally what happens in every piece of fiction Why is it uniue here Is it because Choi switches to the point of view of a character who was peripheral in the first half For me it just heightened the level of “Who cares” about the w

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Trust ExerciseTeacher Mr KingsleyThe outside world of family life and economic status of academic pressure and of their future adult lives fails to penetrate this school's walls until it does in a shocking spiral of events that catapults the action forward in time and flips the premise upside down What the reader believes to have happened to David and Sarah and their friends is not entirely true though it's not false either It takes until the book Wow this one didn't work for me at all Given how much I read I guess it's surprising that it doesn't happen oftenSusan Choi's newest book Trust Exercise is a marvel of language and imagery but on the whole I found it confusing a bit meandering and once Choi flipped the script on the plot I wondered whether what I was reading was actually happening or if it was a figment of the characters' imaginationThe book took place in the early 1980s at the Citywide Academy for the Performing Arts The first year students are ready to being learning Stagecraft Shakespeare the Sight Reading of Music and of course acting where their charismatic teacher Mr Kingsley puts them through a variety of trust exercises challenging their sensory perceptions and awakening their emotionsTwo students Sarah and David fall for each other and begin a passionate yet mercurial relationship in full view of their fellow students But neither of them are ready for the ramifications of a relationship and they're not prepared for the manipulations of their peers—or Mr Kingsley for that matter In an effort to drown out the pressures of everyday life Sarah makes a decision which has major ramifications ramifications that ripple long into the futureAnd then Choi speeds up the timeline and sets the book in the future and the whole narrative goes hazy so you're not sure if what you read actually happened or if Choi simply wants you to uestion the storyline But that's not her only gimmick as she throws yet another twist into the plot that once again left me shaking my headSusan Choi has been a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize and certainly there's no doubt about her writing ability But unfortunately Trust Exercise never worked for me I have seen some really positive reviews however so it may work for someone elseNetGalley and Henry Holt Company provided me a copy of the book in exchange for an unbiased review Thanks for making this available See all of my reviews at itseithersadnessoreuphoriablogspotcom or check out my list of the best books I read in 2017 at