summary There's No Such Thing as Bad Weather A Scandinavian Mom's Secrets for Raising Healthy Resilient and Confident Kids from Friluftsliv to Hygge ↠ eBook ePUB or Kindle PDF

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summary There's No Such Thing as Bad Weather A Scandinavian Mom's Secrets for Raising Healthy Resilient and Confident Kids from Friluftsliv to Hygge ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ¸ “A perfect antidote to Ded by physicians In the US on the other hand she found that the playgrounds which she had expected to find teeming with children were mostly deserted In preschool children were getting drilled to learn academic skills while their Scandinavian counterparts were climbing trees catching frogs and learning how to compost Worse she realized that giving her daughters the same freedom to play outside that she had enjoyed as a child in Sweden could uickly lead to a visit by Child Protective ServicesThe brewing culture clash finally came to a head when McGurk was fined for letting her children play in a local creek setting off an online firestorm when she expressed her anger and confusion on her blog The rules and parenting philosophies of her native country and her adopted homeland were worlds. This entire book can be summed up in a few words let your kids play outside I like the premise of this book that outside is not something to be feared and outdoor enjoyment can be found in all seasons I'm already convinced of the need to let kids play in nature they truly benefit from that outdoor time so I was hoping for some practical tips on what to do with your family once you get them outside Especially when you have to spend your outdoor time in your neighborhood which probably is not backed up to a nature preserve Although I'd love to spend daily time in the forrests and mountains that's just not a reality for my family The author seemed interested in convincing the reader of how awesome Sweden is than in sharing Scandinavian secrets to get outdoors wherever we may live The biggest secret to getting outdoors seems to be wear appropriate clothing Hopefully the books referenced at the end of the chapters can help with that

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“A perfect antidote to the hyper vigilant extra electrified standardized tested house arrested 21st century childhood” Richard Louv bestselling author of Last Child in the Woods and Vitamin N Bringing Up Bébé meets Last Child in the Woods in this lively insightful memoir about a mother who sets out to discover if the nature centric parenting philosophy of her native Scandinavia holds the key to healthier happier lives for her American childrenWhen Swedish born Linda McGurk moved to small town Indiana with her American husband to start a family she uickly realized that her outdoorsy ways were not the norm In Sweden children play outside all year round regardless of the weather and letting young babies nap outside in freezing temperatures is not only common it is a practice recommen. This Book Cannot recommend it enough It's my everything right now Wonderfully written with beautiful details humor and honesty It's inspired me to make changes that are already underway finding a neighbor with a house who will split the cost of their composting bin pickup since we can't get one for our condo association trying to form a Free Forest School in OPRF taking A out for walks regardless of the weather and not stopping her from getting dirty in the processSome favorite takeaways Friluftsliv Open Air Life childhood is not a race to adulthood when children play in nature calm yet alert SIMPLIFY CHILDHOOD less scheduled children free time and put them in control of it it's not easy 3 scaffolding and zones for development need other children to inspire not just parents Dirty kids are happy kids washing machine exists summer legs as safe as necessary instead of as safe as possible REFUSE TO GIVE INTO THE CULTURE OF FEAR DARE TO TRUST YOUR CHILD increase social trust in your community keep playing my little troll so much joy in watching the formation of a humanuotes in general the problem isn't that kids today are too dirty but that they are too clean As a culture we don't trust our children at all we basically live their lives for them The most dangerous thing of all is to sit still We want our daughters to learn how to climb trees because if you know how to climb you don't fall We want them to feel safe with it because it's when you're scared that you fall The best way to raise an eco conscious child is to be an eco conscious parent Live by the principle of the three Rs reduce reuses recycle and involve your child in the process Talk about how personal choices can impact the environment and look for opportunities to make a difference for example by volunteering for cleanup days at a nearby park using public transit or riding your bike instead of taking the car and shopping for organic locally grown food if we want children to care about nature they need to spend time in it first Sometimes I think that it's better for the adults to take a step back observe and not interfere It's a lot easier to clean up after an outdoor party You have to get them out now not when they're thirteen regardless of how torturous it can be sometimes The way to the park is an important part of the experience Plato said that the most effective kind of education is that a child should play amongst lovely things You either view children as empty containers waiting to be filled by adults through teaching or you believe that they have the innate capability to learn together with others In Sweden we have faith in the child's own curiosity and desire to learn We call this concept 'the competent child' Too much order and cleanliness hampers play Children must be allowed to get muddy get in the water with their clothes on make a mess and be rowdy; they should be spontaneous improvise and do things that are not thought through enormous difference between walking and getting a ride somewhere nature is everywhere when you're outside even just the wind blowing in your face

summary There's No Such Thing as Bad Weather A Scandinavian Mom's Secrets for Raising Healthy Resilient and Confident Kids from Friluftsliv to Hygge

There's No Such Thing as Bad Weather A Scandinavian Mom's Secrets for Raising Healthy Resilient and Confident Kids from Friluftsliv to HyggeApartStruggling to fit in and to decide what was best for her children McGurk turned to her own childhood for answers Could the Scandinavian philosophy of “there is no such thing as bad weather only bad clothes” be the key to better lives for her American children And how would her children’s relationships with nature change by introducing them to Scandinavian concepts like friluftsliv “open air living” and hygge the coziness and the simple pleasures of home McGurk embarked on a six month long journey to Sweden to find out There’s No Such Thing as Bad Weather is a fascinating personal narrative that highlights the importance of spending time outdoors and illustrates how the Scandinavian culture could hold the key to raising healthier resilient and confident children in Americ. This book is a beautiful blend of memoir and research McGurk perfectly describes the challenges parents and children face today when it comes to getting outside the school system screentime community and She compiled relevant research on these topics as well as references other authors gives tips and recommended continued reading This beautiful story is enough to inspire anyone to want to go outside weather is no excuse