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Me to be there Why does the dwarf keep showing up It is all very perplexing and Hans Thomas has enough to cope with with the daunting prospect of seeing his mother Now his journey has turned into an encounter with the unfathomableor does it all have a logical explanation This novel which was published in Norway before Sophie's World is another offbeat delightful ontology masuerading as an ingeniously constructed fairy tale It tells the story of the 12 year old Hans Thomas who is driving with his father from Norway to Greece in a uest to retrieve his errant motherI was captivated by the twin storyline of Hans Thomas who left Norway with his philosophical father in search of his mother who had went out into the world to find herself; and that of Baker Hans Albert Klages whose mother died when he was a child Ludwig the German soldier and Frode who found himself stranded on an island with nothing but a pack of cards for company This is a story within a story in which fantasy and reality the past and present are brilliant mixed Encapsulated is the advice that we should all try to be jokers in order to appreciate what is in front of us A joker is a little fool who is different from everyone else He's not a club diamond heart or spade He's not an eight or a nine a king or a jack He is an outsider He is placed in the same pack as the other cards but he doesn't belong there Therefore he can be removed without anybody missing himVery few books make one want to sit down and re read them all through again after the first reading but this is one of them It is deceptively simple yet the ideas are so striking that you can't work out why nobody ever pointed them out before As the story progresses the themes of the essence of being of God's role in the world destiny and the joy of being alive or of the beauty of the world resonate in both stories Our lives are part of a uniue adventure Nevertheless most of us think that the world is 'normal' and are constantly hunting for something abnormal But that is just because we don't realise the world is a mystery As for myself I felt completely different I saw the world as an amazing dream I was hunting for some kind of explanation of how everything fitted togetherGaarder a former philosophy teacher in Norway concentrates on these aspects of philosophy using both stories to illustrate his themes and intrigue his reader At one point during their visit to Athens I was reminded of a theme utilized by a lot of authors eg Gaiman to explain the intertwining of religion and the passing of time But in a way they were in the world as long as people believed in them People see what they believe the world didn't grow old or frayed at the edges until people started to doubtOnce you've read it you'll wonder why you never read it before A classic plot yet such a very new one Simple yet incredibly complex yet an intelligent child could understand it It's because the world has become a habit Nobody would believe in the world if they hadn't spent years getting used to it We have seen everything so many times before that we take reality for granted A novel of ideas that is coherent and striking and memorableBook Details Title The Solitaire MysteryAuthor Jostein GaarderReviewed By Purplycookie

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KabalmysterietTwelve year old Hans Thomas lives alone with his father a man who likes to give his son lessons about life and has a penchant for philosophy Hans Thomas' mother left when he was four to find' herself and the story begins when father and son set off on a trip to Greece wh I don't belong anywhere I am neither a heart a diamond a club nor a spade I am neither a King a Jack an Eight nor an Ace As I am here I am merely the Joker and who that is I have had to find out for myselfEvery time I toss my head the jingling bells remind me that I have no family I have no number and no trade either I have gone around observing your activities from the outsideBecause of this I have also been able to see things to which you have been blindEvery morning you have gone to work but you have never been fully awake It is different for the Joker because he was put into this world with a flaw he sees too deeply and too muchTruth is a lonely thing

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Download Kabalmysteriet eBook Ì 352 pages Û naturaltreatment Ä Twelve year old Hans Thomas lives alone with his father a man who likes to give his son lessons about life and has a penchant for philosophy Hans Thomas' mother left when he was four to find' herself and the story begins when father and son set ofEre she now lives to try to persuade her to come home En route in Switzerland Hans Thomas is given a magnifying glass by a dwarf at a petrol station and the next day he finds a tiny book in his bread roll which can only be read with a magnifying glass How did the book co I suggested a translation theme to my small group of GR friends for this weekend which later turned into mystery translation and this was the book that came to my mind It was short to read over the weekend a translation and has been out under mystery category by GR members To be honest I thought it to be a murder mystery with a 12 year old protagonist But once I started reading I found that I was very wrong Once I finished reading this book I told myself not every mystery is about murder theft or abductionThis is a road trip that Hans with his father from Norway to Greece in search of his mother who left them when he was 4 year old to find herself During this trip Hans not only discovered about his family curse but also come to know about his grandfather and a secret island of Dwarves This book is a beautiful tale of story within story and concentrate on father son relationship This was surprisingly good Will definitely going to reread it sometime