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The Diplomat's WifeHow have I been lucky enough to come here to be alive when so many others are not I should have died But I am here 1945 Surviving the brutality of a Nazi prison camp Marta Nederman is lucky to have escaped with her life Recove So this book is the follow up to The Kommandant's Girl but I didn't realize this until I started reading it It takes one of the supportive characters from the first book and then tells her story as the war ends Loved it Lately I have really been intrigued with this period of time in history Again just like the first book I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning to finish it but I will say there are events that are a little too far fetched Even so I would highly recommend this book Love the ending but my heart broke as you learned the outcome of the character from the first book The character from the second book experienced pain and suffering repeatedly than I can imagine but also was allowed a break once in awhile a sweep you off your feet and knock you out romance and in the end became a strong powerful successful woman Girl power

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PDF Ç BOOK The Diplomat's Wife í NATURALTREATMENT ñ How have I been lucky enough to come here to be alive when so many others are not I should have died But I am here 1945 Surviving the brutality of a Nazi prison camp Marta Nederman is lucky to have escaped with her life Recovering from the horror she meets Paul an AmericDiplomat and glimpses the joy that home and family can bring But her happiness is threatened when she learns of a Communist spy in British intelligence and that the one person who can expose the traitor is connected to her pas A seuel to The Kommandant's Girl which follows Marta a friend of Emma's a Resistance fighter who is imprisoned by the Gestapo and soon rescued by an American soldier Paul Marta is soon put in an Austrian refugee camp so that she can recover from her injuries and she soon meets up with the dashing American soldier that rescued her Paul and Marta agree to meet in England and then sail to America However Paul never arrives and Marta's life takes a different path than what is planned Years later Marta's Resistance training is once again needed by her adopted nation and what she finds brings feelings long ago suppressedPam Jenoff presents another thrilling wartime page turner

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Ring from the horror she meets Paul an American soldier who gives her hope of a happier future But their plans to meet in London are dashed when Paul's plane crashesDevastated and pregnant Marta marries Simon a caring British Since I just read The Kommandant in December I figured I should immediately follow it up with the seuel while it's all fresh in my head I normally accidentally wait years between reading seuels xD So yay for actually following that logic for a change Now was this book great Did I love it like the first one Sadly no But it did improve as it went onIn The Kommandant we meet Marta as a young naive girl in the ghetto friend of Emma's I liked her back then She was kind and full of energy and drive for having to endure the life of the ghetto But once Emma was snuck out and started her life with Krysia Marta changed And it wasn't a good change When we saw her later in that book she was cold distant and rather judgemental towards Emma which annoyed the hell out of me She didn't understand what Emma was going through but was casting her extreme judginess all the same Such an annoying human tendency lol Anyway I loved that book so much I was thrilled to see there was a seuel written Buuuuuuut when I saw it followed Marta instead of Emma I won't lie I was disappointed But I picked it up all the sameSo this book picks up after Marta was captured by the Nazis on the bridge I'm gathering she's been imprisoned about 2yrs I'm not entirely sure But anyway we see her as she's being liberated from prison at the end of the war and sent to recoop at a palace in Salzburg Austria I thought this part of the story was very interesting hearing what happened with the liberated Jews from those hellholes they were kept in I loved dear sweet Rose and I liked their nurse Dava It was nice Marta finally met some good people again Marta herself though I felt was a little flat here She seemed unexpectedly childish and a bit blandThen her struggle to get to England I thought was also a bit interesting seeing what France was like post war something I've never read about before but again it wasn't really enthralling like the first book There was tension yes I really felt for her struggling to make her way through a country whose language she didn't understand to try to catch a boat in a very limited time slot But I wasn't really hooked But I must admit right now I really only picked this up cause I heard you get to hear what happened to Emma and that was why I pressed on lol The initial romance felt super forced and rushed and so I didn't really like it I'm a cynical skeptic and don't believe in love at first sight Marta Paul were super gushy in love even though they really knew nothing about each other and just rushed into being engaged yadda yadda And when his plane goes down he dies I didn't really feel her emotions of grieving etc The book just rushed them into all this way too fast and then took it all away just as fast Really wasn't a fan If it had been gradual I would've been on board Now I understand this had to all be setup fast so the real plot of the story could get underway but maybe it should've just been mentioned in a prologue or something since it all was already so brief anyway The setup as it was just doesn't work But I can say I do like how everything is wrapped up at the end which I'll get to laterOnce Marta gets to England she finds out she's pregnant which in those days was highly scandalous heavily judged so I totally understand her agreeing to marry fast without too many uestions asked However Simon Gold shudders I found him creepy from the get go Practically pounces on her on the boat to England offers her a job one that needs filled soon So it sounds like a high priority And he just gives the impression he's interested in her even though they just met on this ferry And it all just comes off rather creepy and even Marta is uite ready to excuse herself and announce she's engaged Well after everything she ends up running into him again after Paul dies and again offers her this priority job which has been open for a month now so it must not really be a priority at all He just really wants her specifically for some reason So creepy weird And then just a few days after she starts working for him he pushes her into dating him I didn't like any of that And I was surprised Marta didn't uestion things Again I know she was pregnant out of wedlock and so she wanted to avoid a scandal But at the same time as someone who fought in the resistance and suffered greatly at the hands of the Nazis you'd really assume she'd be a little mistrustful of people wouldn't you think You wouldn't trust easily marriage is a HUGE trust thing to go into So that was a meh part of the story on Marta's part She wasn't using her head enough thereBut that's all easily explained since view spoilerwe know Simon Gold is the leak in the British Intelligence department Marrying Marta was just a cover to deflect any suspicion since he looked like a respectable family man this way hide spoiler