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PDF Ó BOOK The Best Man FREE ¸ NATURALTREATMENT Ç Faith Holland left her hometown after being jilted at the altar Now a little older and wiser she's ready to return to her family's vineyard the Blue Heron Winery to confront the ghosts of her past and maybe enjoy a glass of red After all there's some great scenery there LikeD time forgetting that he helped ruin her wedding all those years ago If Faith can find a minute amidst all her family drama to stop and smell the rosé she just might find a reason to stay at Blue Heronand finish that walk down the aisl I just finished listening to this one which makes it the second book for me by this author Since I read the second book first I knew a little bit about this story I knew Faith was engaged to the love her life but was left at the altar when Jeremy came to terms with his true feelings It wasn't that he didn't love her but that he was gay and had never accepted that as who he was until his best man Levi challenged him to see what he really wanted in life The title is so fitting for this story because Faith learned that the title Levi held as Best Man at her wedding was than just a title He is the best man she knows

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There's some great scenery there Like Levi Cooper the local police chief and best friend of her former fiancéThere's a lot about Levi that Faith never noticed and it's not just those deep green eyes The only catch is she's having a har I just love Kristan Higgins’ author’s “voice” She could write the phone book and I’m sure I’d read it

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The Best ManFaith Holland left her hometown after being jilted at the altar Now a little older and wiser she's ready to return to her family's vineyard the Blue Heron Winery to confront the ghosts of her past and maybe enjoy a glass of red After all I’m sure the number of enthusiastic reviews I’ve written for her work hardly makes this a secret but nevertheless I feel compelled to mention Kristan Higgins has earned favorite storyteller status from this reader She’s become a go to author An automatic reach No marketing campaign necessary to convince me The heart humor and relatability dominating her storylines have captured my heart time and again ensuring any and all of her books earn a place in my read if not my loved pileWith that said The Best Man is far from what I would consider Kristan’s strongest work and not a candidate for my loved pile With the number of books she’s released into the world there was bound to be a “dud” among the bunch though Granted this series starter is one of her earlier works—published in 2013—which says to me that she’s not only grown considerably as a writer but reigned herself in a bitPresent and accounted for is the author’s witty sense of humor I’ve come to adore The majority of which is expressed through the “uirky” characters she brings to life among the pages This time though Higgins straddled that fine line between chuckle inducing humor and just plain overkill There were so many secondary characters fighting for the spotlight with their colorful personalities that it tended to overshadow what I showed up for—Faith and Levi’s love storyThree years post life altering heartbreak Faith finds herself back in her idyllic hometown of Blue Heron It’s not only time to face her demons—the husband to be who outed himself on their wedding day—but to reconnect and find her place in the family vineyard Having the WORST luck with men means she’s showing up single and ready to mingleIn a fun twist of fate it's the somewhat grumpy town sheriff a guy Faith grew up with that ignites the spark of possibility Levi and Faith were never what you’d call friends You might even say Levi wasn’t Princess Super Cute’s biggest fan Their history is one riddled with secrets and stunted by assumptions—made on both ends Now with time and a little space things feel a bit different Walking away is no longer a possibility The progression of their relationship is a bit unbalanced extremely slow at some points and rushed in others but sweet nonethelessBeing this is the first novel in the Blue Heron series I assume Higgins wanted to get readers acuainted with the characters fans would be spending considerable time with this is now a 5 book series Or the excuse I’m running with for why she didn’t force her secondary characters to take a seat My biggest gripe with this storyline stems somewhat from the interference brought on by those pesky but still loveable secondary characters Faith and Levi’s storyline demanded development—less side noise and focus on their connection Especially with what felt like the author’s determination to conclude things on one particular note The wince triggering finale she presented lacked natural progression and happens to be one of my BIGGEST pet peeves in the genre Adding to my discontent was the lengthy page count I'd just trucked through Higgins had than enough time to get her characters to that particular place without the wham bam too much way too soon feel EekRegardless of my non love I’m still going with I “liked” it for this particular book I will most definitely read the rest of the series and anything else this author pens Without a doubt Kristan Higgins is the BEST in the genre It's darn near impossible to love them all right?