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Sleepy Bear (Picture Puffins) characters ✓ 7 Å Shows Bear getting ready for his long winter's nap or hibernation and his springtime awakeningIon and his springtime awakenin. This book is very underwhelming when it comes to plot with an average of about three words per page And yet it's ridiculous how happy Son of Athos gets when we read it So yes it's a charmer

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Shows Bear getting ready for hi. Sleepy Bear by Lydia Dabcovich is a great read aloud about Bear getting ready for his long winter's nap hibernation and his springtime awakeningBear notices the cold weather falling leaves and birds headed south Bear is sleepy so he finds a cave and sleeps through the snows in his cozy cave In the Spring Bear doesn't want to wake up even though birds and bugs come back When Bear hears bees however he remembers honey and gets up to follow the beesThe text features bold words in capitals and lots of repetition Dabcovitch's delightful bold outlined illustrations feature humor particularly the sleepy bear with an expressive face who doesn't want to leave his cozy cave Among the many animals shown are rabbits suirrels ducks pheasants crows birds spiders grasshoppers ants bees snails butterflies and assorted bugs This is one of my favorite preschool and toddler read alouds which I have successfully read many times Children enjoy the variety of animals and the very sleepy bear It works for seasons or bear themesFor ages 2 to 5 read aloud bears hibernation seasons bees honey animals and fans of Lydia Dabcovich

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Sleepy Bear Picture PuffinsS long winter's nap or hibernat. A very simple story of the seasons As it begins to get cold a bear finds a den and hibernates for the winter When the air begins to warm up the bear leaves the cave and follows the bees to find some honey