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Doc ´ Montauk Author Nicola Harrison ✓ Nicola Harrison Extravagance of a summer by the sea with the story of a woman torn between the life she chose and the life she desire Favorite uotesAs we drove up the tight and winding road tree branches reached overhead toward each other like lovers’ hands desperate to connectI’d felt paranoid that everyone already knew about Harry’s philandering How could they not? Women talked and Harry apparently was about as discreet with his affairs as a pack of rats going through a dumpsterSometimes I yearned for that forever feeling—those hours that stretched into days and days into a week without a thought for tomorrow It was simple then We wore swimsuits all day long and we slept long and deeply at night eager for it all to start again the next day never thinking for a second that another day wouldn’t come“What’s important in situations like these is that you find a way to relax and nature will most certainly take its course” He jotted these thoughts down on a prescription pad tore off the page and handed it to me “Take this seriously” he said “It’s your duty to your husband and to America”As a kid anything seemed possible; in the real world though nothing was Youth gave us an inflated sense of possibility that you could achieve anything if you really went for it but it felt as if you’d have to fight your whole life to get there and most of us just got married and had childrenMy ReviewThis beautifully written story was taut with tension and kept me on edge while I was mesmerized by the lushly descriptive and enticing writing style The storylines were wincingly well crafted and easily believable This emotive tale upended me I was uickly sucked into a confining and misogynistic 1938 vortex something I would typically avoid but not this time I couldn’t put it down I am totally in awe; this debut author has major skills and a bright future ahead Lies deceit rampant infidelities and the petty dramas of social climbing women marked the days and nights of the betrayed and deeply disappointed Beatrice and in many ways she was just as tarnished and culpable as the rest although she saw the hypocrisy and at least felt some guilt about it Apparently the entitled wealthy and social elite still existed and lived uite well throughout the Depression These compelling characters were rather vile yet kept me holding my breath and gripping my kindle from the very beginning to the crescendo finish that nearly broke me and left me in definite need of a spa day

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Montauk Author Nicola Harrison Epub ✓ 388 pages ☆ Naturaltreatment Ö Montauk Long Island 1938A simple town on the brink of a glamorous futureA marriage drifting apartA life on the edge of what is and what could beAn epic and cinematic novel by debut author Nicola Harrison Montauk captures the gl Montauk Long Island 1938A simple town on the brink of a glamorous futureA marriage drifting apartA life on the edge of Nicola Harrison's debut takes place in 1938 a turbulent time in history where dark clouds hint of a world war to come she explores the stifling expectations and roles of women at the time and a story that is revealing of the class ineualities of the period the differences in the vacuous inconseuential lives of the rich and the precarious lives of those that are poor or making modest livings It is set in the spectacular natural beauty of the small fishing village of Montauk Long Island known for its hurricanes where for 3 months has the wealthy elite of New York City descend on it Hoping to rekindle her marriage to Harry Beatrice Bordeaux is staying amongst the high society wives at The Montauk Manor a coastal hotel Beatrice has been desperate for a child in her 5 year marriage but there has been an increasing distance between the couple Harry however has other plans he is spending most of his time back in New YorkBeatrice has little in common with the high society women and they do little to welcome her Beneath the glamour and fashion these ghastly rich wives may have children but have little to do with their care they are marked by their dissatisfaction rivalries bigotry the propensity to judge are small minded gossipy and with an overwhelming arrogance and air of superiority when it comes to the locals Beatrice feels a sense of dislocation and finds these women of little interest instead begins to connect with some of the locals such as Elizabeth the hotel's laundress who reminds her of her modest past life and the person she used to be and Thomas the lighthouse keeper the polar opposite of Harry as a man and to whom she feels drawn Unsavoury aspects of Harry's life spill out leaving Beatrice stranded amidst the wreckage of her marriage a conseuence of the life she has chosen and hopes for a life that is true to who she isBeatrice is pushed to discover just how strong and resilient she can be in her efforts to become a independent woman Harrison evokes this historical period beautifully its fashion and with its attendant social norms and attitudes the class ineualities and its antisemitism For me I particularly appreciated the great sense of location and the depiction of the beauty of Montauk and the locals that inhabit the place who share little in common with the rich that flood the village I found this an enjoyable light and entertaining read and I was drawn to the character of Beatrice the trials she faced her changing sense of identity and the uandry of facing up to what she desires Many thanks to St Martin's Press for an ARC

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Montauk Author Nicola HarrisWhat is and what could beAn epic and cinematic novel by debut author Nicola Harrison Montauk captures the glamour and Thank you to St Martin's Press who provided an advance reader copy via NetGalleyI received an invitation widget from the publisher to read and review this book Otherwise this wouldn't have caught my eye as something I would want to read I'm not into the historical romance genre but every once in awhile I travel outside my comfort zone Technically this is classified as women's fiction I steer clear of those too Beatrice Bordeaux has been married to Harry for five years It's 1938 she's now thirty and childless Beatrice came from humble beginnings but has been living a privileged existence with Harry so successful in the finance field When they first got married they couldn't keep their hands off each other such was their ardent hunger for one another Now Harry is spending time away on business and it seems like their marriage is on auto pilot The Bordeauxs live in New York City but like many other well to do couples they are going to Montauk at the tip of Long Island for the summer The wives stay at the opulent hotel The Manor flying solo during the week while their husbands join them on the weekend The wives just have fun playing tennis sunbathing swimming and other indulgent activities while boarding at The Manor They send the laundry to be done by a young local named Elizabeth and mothers even send dirty cloth diapers out to be cleaned by someone else Meals are taken in the hotel and mothers have nannies to tend to their children They plan charity functions to fundraise for various causes The ladies wear the finest gowns and jewelry especially on weekends when their husbands will dine with them Beatrice isn't like the other rich ladies that vacation at Montauk She's fascinated with the locals The men have sinewy limbs from working hard at physical jobs The laundry girl Elizabeth has four young children to take care of while cleaning the rich people's laundry Beatrice is particularly drawn to a man named Thomas the island's lighthouse keeperThis was an OK read The book was 400 pages and it felt like 400 pages By the time I got to the end I felt cheated by the climax