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The 7 issue miniseries event that rocked the entire DC Universe in 2005 2006 a seuel to the epic CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS is now available in an amazing softcover collectionOMAC robots are rampaging magic is dying villains are uniting and a w. The seuel to the events on the very first crisis I bought this in its single comic book issues but I chosen this TPB edition to make a better overall review This TPB edition collects “Infinite Crisis” #1 7Creative TeamWriter Geoff JohnsIllustrators Phil Jimenez George Perez Ivan Reis Joe Bennett SINS OF THE BRONZE AGE This crisis is a direct seuel to the events shown on the famous Crisis on Infinite Earths and while on Zero Hour Crisis in Time is also mentioned the first crisis i’s clear that this Infinite Crisis is the true seuel to the events on the original crisisTwenty years have passed since the original crisis and many things have happened the Bronze Age was born and the stories became mature darker and violent You could say that it wasn’t a sin of the Bronze Age per se but a sin of the times that civilization in real life were living However it’s normal to refer to the Bronze Age as a way to distinct it from other Comic Book Eras with precisely those said characteristics Imagine how this evolved storytelling would be seen by characters from the previous eras Golden Silver ones Characters with moral visions even impossible to match to real life people but definitely the ideal portraits of the comic book literature of those naive times in the pastThe Joker killed a Robin Jason Todd Batman had developed plans to beat fellow superheroes and to control humanity JLA Tower of Babel; Brother Eye Satellite OMAC sleep agents Green Lantern Hal Jordan killed the entire GL Corps and the Oan Guardians to get enough power and getting back all that he lost; Wonder Woman murdered a man Maxwell Lord and it seems that the only way that Superman inspires humankind is when he was deadIn twenty years many gritty things have happened and several of those weren’t commited by villains but by heroesImagine that noble characters sacrificed themselves in the first crisis to save this dark and violent worldReal heroes and true villains Something disturbingly in common Both types think that what they do is a just causeInfinite number of Earths all erased from reality and the only remnant one is hardly a role model to inspire hope and peaceIn real life there are many layers of grey to watch all those dark situations in different anglesbut for Golden Silver Age comic book characters that they were made for only seeing in white and blackImagine when some of those Golden Silver Age characters would start to interact with the Bronze Age characters standing in the same grounds breathing the same airadopting the same dark and violent behaviorbecause after all the end justifies the means rightThey are looking to end the dark Earth of now to shape a perfect world one where the morals of yesteryear would lead to a brighter future Such inspiring ideal can only lead to something good rightWrongThe road to hell is paved with good intentionsA man wants that the woman he loves would live foreverOther man wants to grasp perfectionAnd a young boy with too much power wants to be a heroNothing good would come out of this and precious blood will be spilled

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Infinite CrisisAr is raging in space And in the middle of it all a critical moment has divided Earth's three greatest heroes Superman Batman and Wonder Woman It's the DCU's darkest day and long lost heroes from the past have returned to make things right in the. 2019 Absolute Edition Re readSo I took a moment and re read this after familiarizing myself a bit with DC comics lore and I must admit I appreciated it much a second time around I actually really like it as a matter of fact I was engaged with where we find the characters at the start and what they learned along the way and how their experience of meeting the pre Crisis heroes put things into perspective for themIt seemed like the first time the DC Trinity have had their mistakes shoved into their faces this potently Wonder Woman has to learn to be compassionate Batman has to confront his paranoia and the fact that his distrust can be destructive and Superman realizes that he isn't inspiring the world the way he used to I found it very compelling this time around And then there's Superboy Prime such a great villain an immature insecure kid with unstoppable power and a temper problem He's basically Kylo Ren with god powers and one of my favorite things in this bookI still believe it's WAY too crowded with characters that only serve to make it confusing and I wish they did a better job at reacuainting new readers It could've been a lot tighter but there's some really good stuff here and I'm very glad I gave it another chance Original reviewMan this is why so many people are turned off from reading superhero comics from Marvel and DC I feel that before I read this I should've read all of the lead up books to Infinite Crisis as well as every DC comic book in existence because I understood maybe 7% of this whole story There are some interesting elements here whether its every DC hero basically getting their asses kicked by a pretty awesome villain in Superboy Prime or a story that touches on the difference between the simple heroism of the Golden and Silver Age versus the darker morally grey heroes of the Modern Age essentially pre Crisis on Infinite Earths vs post Crisis heroes I see what Geoff Johns is trying to say But damn it I'm not going to pretend I understand most of what happens in this book or who half the people are And I'm not going to pretend that I believe that it's necessary to be this dense I don't know I've been thinking that I shouldn't rate these comics that I just don't understand because readers versed in DEEP DC mythos might really enjoy this But I struggled with finishing this one

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SUMMARY Infinite Crisis í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ¸ The 7 issue miniseries event that rocked the entire DC Universe in 2005 2006 — a seuel to the epic CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS — is now available in an amazing softcover collectionOMAC robots are rampaging magic is dying villains are uniting and a war is raging in space And Universeat any cost Heroes will live heroes will die and the DCU will never be the same againThis exhaustive volume contains every cover and variant produced for the project annotations character designs excerpts from scripts unused scenes and muc. WhatI will give a shiny new penny to anyone who can explain with any level of coherence what's happening here It's damn near Dadist