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Fortress of OwlsI Dreamed of Owl That Means Wizardry is NearTristen is a weapon in an ancient war between wizardry and sorcery He is a summoning and a shaping brought to life by a wizard And his sword is a weapon as well Its keen blade marked Illusion on one side and Truth on the other once helped Tristen win the throne of Ylesuin for the young king Cefwyn ga. It was almost by accident that I discovered this amazing series by Cherryh who rather uickly has become one of my favorite authors I have noted in previous reviews that this very definitely is a series that should be read from beginning to end; in order to follow the action with any sense of understanding you must start with the first volume and proceed forthwith There are two reasons for this One is that the central character Tristen is in effect created anew by an aged wizard at the beginning of the first book and is looking at life was completely fresh eyes and a blank mind and part of the very charm of the first book was how life unfolded to him in his innocence and how that very innocence affected the people he met; if you do not understand this from the very beginning you will simply have no real understanding of Tristen’s character The other reason is that Cherryh has created for this series an extraordinarily complex society and the average reader would be unable to comprehend that milieu except by reading it in the same seuence by which Cherryh developed itI have noted before that Cherryh has an incredible ability to create such fanciful worlds and that when she is at her best writes prose that reads like poetry I find myself often reading her sentences aloud simply because I love the way the words sound in seuence Having said that I find that this particular book is slightly less poetic than the preceding two but makes up for it by having a great deal action I felt a little gypped by the fact that the long delayed marriage between King Cefwyn and Ninevrise took place between two chapters at the beginning of the book effectively happening offstage But there is enough of other activity to sate almost any reader I am not even going to attempt to summarize the storyline through this novel as there is so much going on throughout the book that it would be extraordinarily difficult to summarize it without getting into explanatory detail that could not be followed by someone who has not read the previous two books In gist the story occupies the first half of the winter following Tristen’s creation with Cefwyn sending Tristen back to Amefel as its new Duke there to keep the southern inhabitants of the kingdom strongly opposed to the militant force being raised by the kingdom’s enemies across the river while Cefwyn fights his own political battles in the northern part of the kingdom and we read the story in or less alternating chapters showing what is happening to one or the other of these two heroes Amongst and around that simple storyline Cherryh continues to weave her ever expanding tale of wizardryI ended my review of the previous book by a brief diatribe against the cover artwork which portrayed in minute detail a scene that did not occur in the book — and indeed could not have occurred I find I have to do that again; it seems an absolute puzzle to me that a publisher would contract with an artists to do a scene as the cover art for a book and not have it be a correct portrayal of the scene described in the book It is almost as if somebody made an off the cuff remark about one of the scenes in the book and certainly far from the most important scene which makes it even irritating and the artist then went off to do his own thing without at least reading the page or two in which that scene occurred and with nobody in the publishing office ever bothering to note the discrepancies This is so foreign to my experience of working with artists in the technical publishing field that it is incomprehensible to me

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Review ↠ Fortress of Owls 102 ✓ I Dreamed of Owl That Means Wizardry is NearTristen is a weapon in an ancient war between wizardry and sorcery He is a summoning and a shaping brought to life by a wizard And his sword is a weapon as well Its keen blade marked Illusion on one side and Truth on the other once helped Tristen win the throne of Ylesuin Magic he has forsworn He is destiny's own created a combatant in a far older and fearsome conflict than any ever imagined by mere mortal man And he is about to do battle once Rich with magic intrigue and adventure this high fantasy series from the acclaimed C J Cherryh brings to life an enchanting world as real as yet far wondrous than our own. It started out strong and just kind of finished poorly Not my kind of book I guess

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Ining Tristen the stewardship of the brave country of AmefelTristen's rule in Amefel is blessed with two extraordinary friends one a stalwart and simple warrior the other a young rebel with royal blood But the scarlet banners of war are unfolding again and far than a kingdom is at stake Now Tristen must take up the sword as well as the Sihhë. This one is hard to review The first book in the series could almost have been a standalone book albeit leaving you wanting to know The second book in the series while definitely a seuel and hard to follow without the first had a beginning middle and end This third book is one of the better onesbut is missing an ending I am going to start with 3 stars and revise after reading the 4th It is obviously unfinished and should only be read with the 4th I can only assume a marketing publishing deadline came up and her editors decided this was good enough and people can wait for the 4th edit 5 Stars but you really must have Fortress of Dragons ready to go before you even pick up this bookthey are meant to be read together This series like others from this author is about unfolding a mystery like layers of an onion than about the action or plotline Every time you think you have unpeeled all the layers at the end of the book you find another one She also has veerrry sloooooooow pacing I like that but if I had bought this book at the time of publication and found she hadn't finished itI would be a very unhappy camper The book starts out with an overly long prologue The first 8 pages of which is historical background which originally was only very slowly revealed in the first book Fortress in the Eye of Time I guess this was helpful if you read the first book and were still very confused although the readers who finished that book and were confused still tend not to like the authors writing style and not get this far anywayThe next 10 pages recount the plot lines of the first two books for youa good catchup if you are reading this series with months long breaks The rest of the book is political intrigue set both in Amefin with Tristen and Cefwyn back in the capitol A gathering of forces before the anticipated warinvasion of bordering Elwynorand last minute assassinations and evil workings from forces within and without the kingdom against our protagonistsand then no ending just a couple of unexpected reintroduced characters coming back at the climactic moment you don't expect and a lot of unanswered uestions see review of Fortress of Dragons