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He network Kids including her brother Stephen have logged into the net and cannot escape. I love this series I read it years ago picking it up only because of the cool cover It's not the type of book I usually read I'm not a fan of cyberpunk lit But then again Otherland is far from typical Heck the main characters are black South Africans unlike in District 9 Tad's rendering is realistic and free of prejudiceSmile little did I know that years later my novel would be bought by the very editor who worked on this awesome seriesI'm on page 268 and I'm enjoying it in the same way that I enjoyed it back in the late 90s I LOVE Xabbu Back in when I first read it I was totally in love with his character Like he seemed like The perfect guy He still does I totally relate to Renee on many levels Long Joseph is a great character When Tad is with Christabel Mr Sellars and Orlando I'm happy But whenever Tad's with the Grail Brotherhood or Dread or Paul I'm totally bored that's when I start skimming Paul never interested me because he was always confused and in the dark often literally and his plot felt too traditionally fantasy which bores me The Grail Brotherhoodugh wholly uninteresting all the Egyptian persona and such seem silly Dreadhe's just a bad guy ya know Heh Also I've always had a hard time with novels that jump from point of view to point of view too often I get frustrated because I get really into one story and then we're off to another story and I have to work to get interested all over again This is especially frustrating when I read on the Stairmaster which I do a LOT Nevertheless I am enjoying rereading this series and will happily continueOk finally done Loved it I'm tempted to move right on to part two but I've got Under the Dome to contend with first

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City of Golden ShadowClues point to a mysterious golden city called Otherland but investigators all end up dea. Executive Summary Slow in places but this story really works for me Interesting world building and decent characters has me looking forward to the continuing on this seriesAudio book George Newbern does an excellent job with this book Good inflections and emotion as well as a variety of accents He is definitely a narrator that adds extra enjoyment to the book Full Review My only experiance with Tad Williams prior to this book was his urban fantasy book The Dirty Streets of Heaven I was not much of a fan The writing was excellent but the characters and the plot didn't do much for meI'm not sure how to categorize this Is it sci fi Is it fantasy It is cyberpunk It has elements of all three but doesn't exactly fit into any one of them neatlyThis isn't a dystopian story It's a near future one where computers have enabled in depth virtual reality It has a very cyberpunk feel at times Maybe it's post cyberpunk Then within the virtual reality we experience many traditional fantasy settings and characters So it's really a blending of the threeRegardless of the exact genre the world hits all of my buttons I'm a sucker for VR stories If you mix in fantasy like this does all the betterThe story took me a bit to get into at first It's very well written but there are several subplots and it took a long time for it to become clear just how they related to each other This book is very largely a setup book Much of it seems involve moving characters into the right place and setting up the worldThe characters are pretty well developed and diverse We have a VR specialist from South Africa named Irene Renie Sulaweyo and her student a Kalahari Bushman named Xabbu There are also the traditional protagonists in Paul Jonas and Orlando Gardiner I found Renie and Xabbu refreshing as characters but for me the large draw was the world building and the mystery of the Golden City Once I was up to speed on what was going on and the storylines began to converge I was hooked I'm definitely looking forward to continuing on and seeing where things will go next

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City of Golden Shadow Read & Download à PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Renie Sulaweyo a teacher in the South Africa of tomorrow realizes something is wrong on the network Kids including her brother Stephen have logged into the net and cannot escape Clues point to a mysterious golden city called Otherland but investigators aRenie Sulaweyo a teacher in the South Africa of tomorrow realizes something is wrong on t. Tad Williams has been one of those authors I'd never really gotten around to even though he's a pillar of fantasy literature Technically I did read his story contained in Songs of the Dying Earth which was excellent but never one of his mainstays such as Otherland and his epic Memory Sorry and Thorn seriesApparently that day has come and I've officially read Tad Williams And what did I think I hate to say this but mostly mehThat's not to say I didn't enjoy City of Golden Shadow but for the ending we get ie the status of the characters at the end there's not really a whole lot to show for it It's a long book and not really all that much happens There are tons of mysteries but I found myself not really caring about some of the main characters and that made it difficult to say the leastAt the same time I feel compelled to go on Though I was disappointed with where we got in the end of the book I wasn't so much disappointed in the ending itself It was exciting to finally see things moving along to see progress I was finally sucked in by the end but how did it take just under 800 pages to do thatI won't go into the story I feel like I'm one of the last to finally discover Williams so it's weird describing it but it's interesting and mysterious and I guess that's what kept my interest for so longAdditionally I listened to this on audio and I really wonder if I would have pushed through had I been reading this page by page It's so long and slow moving I honestly think I might have given up I'm glad I listened to it because I'm excited to see what happens now that the story can finally begin But that's one long intro And I have to say that the narrator George Newbern did an excellent job That certainly helped as well His accents for the different characters including Indian Spanish and Bushman Xabbu were always impressive He switched through them effortlessly as well and though some sounded similar it was also distinct Overall I'm glad I finally read City of Golden Shadow and after doing so to completion I might add I'm convinced that Williams deserves the praise he gets I was bored at times but interested and even captivated at other times I enjoyed it in the end but I don't know if it's worth the slog for everyone because it really was a slog at times I'll have to read in the series for incite3 out of 5 Stars for a slow start but eventual payoff recommended