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An alternate cover for this ISBN can be found hereJanuary 1982 Thirteen year old Jason Taylor covert stammerer and reluctant poet anticipates a stultifying year in h. Often I think boys don't become men Boys just get papier mâchéd inside a man's mask Sometimes you can tell the boy is still in there This book I loved it on so many levels It was just so honest Painfully so No matter that the main protagonist is a young awkward male I still got it I felt it David Mitchell writes so well about the exuisite torture of being a teen The friendship groups and cliues with allegiances that keep changing the early stirrings of self and sexual awareness Those first crushes Asserting yourself with your peers and with your parents Or trying to And the self doubt The silly dares The bravado The oh so important uandaries How paralysingly important trivial things are Not a kid not an adult Not really a proper teen either Just stuck In first gear Boys are bastards but they're predictable bastards You never know what girls're thinking Girls're from another planetOur narrator is Jason Taylor He lives in Black Swan Green Worcestershire On top of all these growing pains he suffers daily visits from his nemesis the aptly named Hangman As a stammerer even the easiest of phrases often refuse to leave his lips coherently The Hangman comes a calling Which adds to his affliction And so it goes Stammerers act invisible to reduce the chances of being made to say something we can'tSet against the backdrop of 1980s England with Thatcherism the Falklands War sibling rivalry family breakdown and the changing face of friendships as themes this book shows that growing up is never easy Each generation has its defining moments As does each individualA saying comes to mind School days are the best days of your life Are they Possibly for some For others it's a uagmire of navigating between the school bullies tyrannical school teachers The senselessness of bullying is shown in all its hurtful unnecessary glory in painstaking detail And the scariness of the school bus driver Norman Bates aptly named do characters like this even exist any Bowie knife anybodySecrets morals ethics reputations When is it ok to divulge a secret Is it ethical to do so What if you damage someone’s reputation by either telling or not telling a secret Such big uestions for a thirteen year old I love the chapter in the book ”Disco” where the English class discusses these topics I used to have the coolest English teacher who used to go off on tangents like these He was the best Such fond memories So much of what happens in your formative years are what you take with you throughout life BATMAN’S REAL NAME IS BRUCE WAYNE Discuss Ah Mr Davidson where are you nowMany of the scenes are so politically incorrect and reminiscent of the times it's like walking into a time machine Press 1982 'Wish I could be thirteen again' 'Then' I thought 'you've obviously forgotten what it's like' Reading this made me feel so sentimental I was in high school in the 80s so the references to the music politics and pop culture of the times brought back many memories And made me smile Also cringe The wonder and fear of being on the brink of change To start to be in charge of your destiny and yet not have much say in too many things except your own moral compassWhile this seems to be a deceptively simple coming of age story it has so much complexity It's about the threads between people and our perceptions of each other The games we play The masks we wea

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Black Swan GreenIs backwater English village But he hasn't reckoned with bullies simmering family discord the Falklands War a threatened gypsy invasion and those mysterious entities. I think it was the summer between eighth and ninth grades that I had an absolutely hellish summer camp experience For whatever reason I got branded as the person to pick on and just about everything that I did was turned into a series of 'jokes' at my expense I haven't thought of this experience in uite sometime it's sort of one of those things that I just don't dwell on but it was one of those times that seriously fucked me up Some of the taunting that Jason Taylor goes through in this book kind of reminded me of this particular time The early 80's English world that the book takes place in is slightly different from my own experience though maybe it's the British class thing but the kids in this book fall into particular positions and there is little mobility out of being an insider or outsider My own particular experience was that the people tormenting were people I considered friends who turned particularly nasty and they would swing back to being friends and back to tormentors again Thinking about many of my experiences growing up I realize that a lot of kids I knew especially neighborhood kids my relationships with many of them were hazy blurs of being friendly being at war being friendly again and maybe even being bullied by them And I wonder why I've had no desire to ever seek out friends after I moved away from New JerseyI had some mixed feelings doing into this book Besides Cloud Atlas none of David Mitchell's books have ever called to me I mean when I see or saw them for the first time and read what they are about I don't feel any desire to read them But I've enjoyed the two Mitchell books I've read Lots of goodreads people I know just love him and they are generally people whose opinions I respect or at least I like their opinions because their opinions line up with my opinions on many book related areas and it's only natural to think that people who agree with you are smarter than the other philistines who don't agree with you about these sorts of things right I had bought this from the Salvation Army a couple of years back and it's been sitting on my shelf and it happened to be sitting on the bookshelf that was next in my sort of sporadic 'pick a book from the next bookshelf pile of books' so that I can read books I bought at various times instead of just reading the books I've recently bought and ignoring the hundreds of old unread books and because Cloud Atlas was just released as a Major Motion Picture I thought I'd read some Mitchell and when I write a review I'd probably get some extra attention because Mitchell is kind of hot right now So that is why I read the book And I figured a coming of age story in his hands might be interesting It was but it was also nothing that I hadn't read before The story is a year in the life of a kid growing up in the early 1980's It's the year of the Falkland's conflict war something I know very little that doesn't come from Crass lyrics and images How does it feel It's the rise of Thatcher and of continuing economic troubles in the UK Actually all of this sounds like like a Crass album Except that those things are all going on in the background and it's about the general thing of growing up getting picked on by your peers about trying to figure out how to do what is right staying true to yourself and still fitting in with the cool kids or at least not getting

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Black Swan Green review â 3 Æ An alternate cover for this ISBN can be found hereJanuary 1982 Thirteen year old Jason Taylor covert stammerer and reluctant poet anticipates a stultifying year in his backwater English village But he hasn't reckoned with bullies simmering family discord the Falklands War a threatened gypsy invasion and those mysterious entKnown as girls Charting thirteen months in the black hole between childhood and adolescence this is a captivating novel wry painful and vibrant with the stuff of li. Rating 15 of five p66Strike one Teenaged protagonistStrike two and ball one of strike three Majgick Or something like itStrike three David Mitchell's writing reminds me of all the MFA program writing I've ever readI thought The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet and Cloud Atlas were disorganized and NO I did NOT misunderstand the fractured POV he used I thought he did a poor job of executing it and I found the preciosity of his phrasemaking in each of the three books I've either read through or Pearl Ruled unpleasant to the point of actual snort of derision coming out of me as I readI don't think he's a good writer I don't like the story he told here which has nothing to do with him only to do with my response and I won't be reading stuff like thisThe first torrent of vomit kicked a GUUURRRRRR noise out of me and poured on the muddy grass In the hot slurry were bits of prawn and carrot Some'd got n my splayed fingers It was warm as warm rice pudding More was coming Inside my eyelids was a Lambert and Butler cigarette sticking out of its box like in an advert The second torrent was a mustardier yellow I guppered for fresh oxygen like a man in an airlock Prayed that was the last of it Then came three short boiling subslurries slicker and sweeter as if composed of the Baked AlaskaIf you can make a kid puking tedious brother you can make ANYthing tedious And he does Poke me with a fork I'm done This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike 30 Unported License