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Black Diamond Stark Springs Academy #1It’s not a place for the weakNo one here tolerates wimpsIf you can’t handle it leaveWhen Roxie Slade snaps into a pair of skis there’s no one on Sugarville Mountain in Vermont who can keep up with her Not even the boys Still Roxie was shocked when she received a scholarship to Stark Springs Academy a boarding school that churns out Olympians in each gr. this was uite a surprisei had an itch to read smth not really too complicated but still angsty without extra teen drama but still placing the plot into a tight closed up spacesurroundings and of course being at least similar in some ways to Fallen Crest High Corrupt The Silver Swan The EliteBlah you're probably thinkinggood luck with thatbwahahahand yet voila I did find smth resembling to all of the mentioned abovebullseyeFirst time I'm reading anytthing by this authorI was once pleasantly surprised and i uite enjoyed myselfThe storyYoung talented ski racer RoxanneRoxie Slade gets a scholarship to attend highly acclaimed Stark Springs Academy The school that delivered many Olympic chams of winter sports The first excitment slowly simmers down when she realizes that the school is run by the snowboard prodigy Ryker BlackShe doesn't get what the big deal is and she defies him every step of the waybut everything is not as it seemsand Ryker does run the school but not for the reasons she'd thinkHis life was set in the ruling direction from the early ages and he took the position of a CEO of a huge family empire of sport goods onto his 18 year old back So him and his mean and spiteful posse that follows every single of his rules bossing around the school is everything and all he's ever known Until herUntil she proves him that he could changehis waysif he'd be willing to do soAnd she'd prove to him that money legacy and connections are not the only thing that makes things happen it's a heart of a fighter it's determination and hard resilient work it's pushing the limits and Building a character having the talent is only the peek of the iceberg and that's not all they were both fighting against before realizing how futile the fight wasInspite of the liability in age credibility at certain points I found this read interesting angsty and fastjust like a perfect snack

Free download Black Diamond Stark Springs Academy #1

Free read Å Black Diamond Stark Springs Academy #1 Û PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ç It’s not a place for the weakNo one here tolerates wimpsIf you can’t handle it leaveWhen Roxie Slade snaps into a pair of skis there’s no one on Sugarville Mountain in Vermont who can keep up with her Not even theHis friend Sure he’s gorgeous and rides a snowboard like it’s his fifth limb but he’s cold ruthless and holds way too much power over the Stark Springs population Roxie won’t put up with it She’s here to train and she doesn’t care about impressing anyone off the slopes The only problem Ryker Black doesn’t permit defiance Not without conseuences. When he drives under a lamp his smile widens and I notice for the first time a dimple under his right cheekboneOh no this isn't goodA guy like Ryker Black cannot have dimplesIt's wrong And right Too right Since I read Kick by Ali Dean and loved it I've been wanting to read the rest of her books and I got the chance to get this series on booksprout in exchange for an honest reviewMy first mistake was to read the reviews here on Goodreads before starting the book I was already overanalyzing everything Ryker did or said because of it I'm not saying he's gonna get on my book boyfriend list anytime soon but it's better to dive into the story without knowing what to expect or what other reads thought of itStill I spent 90% of this book pissed at Ryker and the posse and everything they tried to rule in that school I hated his attitude and his smug arrogance I was really on board for Roxie to ignore him and make him step down from his throne And even though that worked I'm sure he would not have changed if Roxie bent to his crazy rules You never say what I expect you to say Roxanne You never do what I expect either Each time I ask you to hang out I wonder if you'll go off on me or ignore meAsk me You never ask Ryker you just takeHe smirks still staring at the fire That's only because I'm afraid you'll say no I always enjoyed a good YA and this one was good to read The writing is good the storyline is also interesting I read it in one sittingFor me the best aspect of this book was that Roxie never gave up She was put at the limit several times and she still returned the next day with her head high and ready to prove that she deserved to be there Every time she raced I got so nervous like I was the one racing down a mountain but I just believed in this character and wanted her to shove her talent in the faces of all the people that doubted herI'm looking forward to reading the second book and see what will happen now that the power shifted in Stark It's not practical it's not logical and it's totally unreasonable but it's undeniable You've got me tied up and wrapped around your finger and you don't even know it

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Aduating class Entering as a high school junior Roxie can’t wait to learn from renowned coaches and train with the fastest ski racers from all over the globe But upon arrival Roxie discovers that Stark Springs lives under its own set of rules and it appears one boy plays dictator Ryker Black is not friendly and Roxie cannot fathom why everyone wants to be. Title Black Diamond Author Ali Dean Rating 2 stars HEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler