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SUMMARY ò Atlas des lieux maudits Ö Oliver Le Carrer brings us a fascinating history and armchair journey to the world's most dangerous and frightful places complete with vintage maps and period illustrations in a handsome volume This alluring read includes 40 locations that are rife with disaster chaos paranormal activity and death The locationsOliver Le Carrer brings us a fascinating history and armchair journey to the world's most dangerous and frightful places complete with vintage maps and period illustrations in a handsome volume This alluring read includes 40 locations that are rife with disaster ch. This was a fantastic concept but it fell flat in execution for meThe book had a lot of good information but the reading felt very dry for most of the book There were a lot of old maps of where each area was but the scale was often so close up I couldn't get a good world reference I also would have rather had photographs of each area rather than a full page map So many of these would have been augmented well with images I had to keep going to the internet to find pictures or videos to add to what I was reading When I found images it brought the stories and history to life for me Without them I just wasn't engaged Perhaps a second edition with photographs would really make the difference for readersI plan to look into Aokigahara Suicide Forest This area sounds so devastating I hope the government looks into providing suicide help and education for the area Thank you Netgalley and Black Dog Leventhal Publishers for a free digital copy in exchange for an honest review

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Aos paranormal activity and death The locations gathered here include the dangerous Strait of Messina home of the mythical sea monsters Scylla and Charybdis; the coal town of Jharia where the ground burns constantly with fire; Kasanka National Park in Zambia where 8. I was SO excited for this book I can’t begin to tell you how eagerly I started reading it I first started reading it on a long haul flight so when I struggled I figured it was just the flight messing with me and I put it away Two weeks later when my jet lag was fully recovered and I was wanderlusting once I tried againStill no luckThe introduction is very good but a book can’t stand on an introduction alone “The cases described in this book area reminder of how much the woes of a place owe to mankind’s overactive information”The book is also gorgeous the layout and typography are simply amazing; and if I had even remotely enjoyed this book I would absolutely purchase a physical copy for my coffee table Alas the major problem with the content is that the places are not properly introduced It is as though the author is operating on the assumption that the reader already has a background knowledge of the places I want details of where the place is what it looks like and why it is deemed “cursed” – right at the beginning not vaguely woven into the substance of the chapter And photos I got annoyed having to Google every single place Take away some of the random sketches of a compass and rather include photos or even sketches of the places themselves I know that this presupposition was the reason for my disappointment in the “Atlas” based on the fact that there were three places I did indeed have a good background knowledge of Gaza Kasanka National Park The Valley of the Kings Aokigahara and The Bermuda Triangle I enjoyed these sections because I knew of the places and what they looked of and so the additional information provided was enlightening to meSo very sadly this traveler was disappointed by The Atlas of Cursed Places Perhaps in the future a second addition could address the troublesome points Disclaimer I received an eARC via NetGalley and Black Dog Leventhal Publishers in exchange for an honest review


Atlas des lieux mauditsMillion migrating bats darken the skies; the Nevada Triangle in the Sierra Nevada mountains where hundreds of aircraft have disappeared; and Aokigahara Forest near Mount Fuji in Japan the world's second most popular suicide location following the Golden Gate Bridge. Don't get me wrong this is a gorgeous book reminiscent of an old sailor's journal with full drawings of maps macabre artworks of skeletons and just overall really pleasant to look at and flip through I think it's part of the appeal of this book that certainly and the enticing title Atlas of Cursed Places If you're a casual connoisseur of the macabre like me you'd probably instantly think that this is the book for youBeyond the excellent packaging however there's little to be said The entries are sparse and although charming witty and captivating enough to the casual reader failed to engage both the intellect and the imagination For example why is Chateau of Montsegur has the subtitle Satan's Synagogue As an avid reader of internet Creepypasta and horror stories to me this title seems like a gift from God ironically to a writer especially in a book themed as such but alas it's the first page and the book failed to live up to its promise Maybe it's just me but I think this book should really capitalise on the stories bit the human interest since legends and mythologies is what kept these supposed cursed places alive and well in the collective human psyche not dry facts Yes birds mysteriously commit collective suicide in this place but why It's not enough to say experts say maybe it's this and that and legend had it that plus some witty sardonic joke which I actually really appreciate I love the brand of humour here at least it'd be engaging if you kept to the spirit and spun a yarn Tell us a story We wanted to be entertained we wanted to be terrified we wanted to be haunted We wanted to be cursed We wanted to understand just why these places in particular are cursed This book just often felt too light hearted for me and maybe that's the point to lay down an atlas of places that was supposedly cursed but we know curses don't exist now do we Barbara to people who lack imagination who trembled at the mere mention of the Suicide Forest And I do love how this book raises awareness on those places who's not so much cursed as it is the making of mankind sometimes we do curse ourselves unnecessarily as a species I do love how this book raises awareness about climate change about global warming poverty and so on and so forth We as a species must never lose sight of ourselves especially those that we usually call less fortunate I wouldn't call their unsung and unspoken tales a real life horror story that'd be an absolutely unfair judgement towards their plightBut sadly this is the bane of my generation I guess no pun intended I was born in the dark whereas you merely adopted it I have braved the dark waters of the internet in search for truly horrific and disturbing tales and frankly if I may be so honest I've watched videos on Youtube interesting than the contents of this book Still three stars since I uite enjoyed the ride the aesthetics and it was indeed fairly entertaining could use photographs of the actual places instead of just maps though A nice addition to my bookshelf