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Inn feels inescapably drawn to the two sexy dangerous shifters despite everything she's been taught When she overhears a plot by her parents to assassinate Julius she'll do whatever it takes to stop it Will it be enough or were uinn Julius and Hudson never fated to be together? A Bear’s Nemesis is a red hot thrilling romance with two men who can’t resist each other fated mates who risk everything and tons of spi A Bear’s Nemesis book two of the Shifter Country Bears seriesHaving been raised by shifter hater parents her entire life uinn Taylor isn’t sure what to expect when she is dragged to Granite Valley to protest a trial about the rites of shifters and legalizing triad marriages that is until she locks eyes with bear shifterlawyer Julius Bloom As things begin to move in slow motion uinn stirring up feelings deep inside Julius suddenly hears gunshots ring out Doing whatever he can to save his mate he doesn’t think before diving for the girl When the dust has settled and uinn realizes just how bad her parents really are as they plot to have the lawyer killed uinn seeks out the handsome lawyer and his mechanic mate Hudson Trager and together they unlock something that has been hidden deep within the two bears Will uinn be able to stay with the two shifters against her parent’s wishes? Or will tragedy strike the triad and tear them apart forever?I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book

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A Bears Nemesis Shifter Country Bears #2Uinn Taylor has hated shifters for as long as she can remember After all her parents lead the world's most prominent anti shifter group Now they’re taking uinn to protest marriage rights in Cascadia the shifter state Julius Bloom is grizzly shifter and lawyer mated to the sexy mechanic Hudson Trager For months Julius has been at the helm of the trial that will determine whether triad marriage is legal not that the CAPTIVATING BEAR'S NEMESIS A spine chilling romantic storyThe story focuses on uinn a curvaceous sassy beautiful human; Julius and Hudson two strapping heart stopping gorgeous bear shifters who want a female mate to complete their triadWhat you'll find in this story; a cast of animated impressive and engaging characters spectacular story line picturesue and powerful scene descriptions gripping suspense life threatening incidents life saving incidents pent up desires humor camaraderie family issues jaw dropping heart throbbing pulsating romance and a melt your heart conclusion leaving you content and wanting uinn has been brainwashed by her overbearing parents that shifters are horrific beings When she learns that her parents intend on murdering Julius she reaches out to her brother for advice With new found courage she plans on crushing their monstrous schemeINCREDIBLE fast paced well written read by a truly gifted author I relished this story a most gratifying read The characters are convincing and come to life in this thrilling story The chemistry between Julius Hudson and uinn is endearing and shines like a beacon uinn's lion hearted persona makes her a most valiant heroine If you enjoy shifter romance stores this is a terrific choice for your library I received a copy of this book for a completely honest review In the world of shifter romance the possibilities are endless and always fascinating Without reservations I recommend this book

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PDF ↠ BOOK A Bears Nemesis Shifter Country Bears #2 FREE ä uinn Taylor has hated shifters for as long as she can remember After all her parents lead the world's most prominent anti shifter group Now they’re taking uinn to protest marriage rights in Cascadia the shifter state Julius Bloom is grizzly shifter and lawyer matTwo men have had time to find a woman to complete their own triad The morning of the trial is the worst possible time to find the perfect woman one they can't resist Of course the curvy gorgeous brunette happens to also be holding an anti shifter sign outside the courthouse When they lock eyes Julius feels something stir deep within just as gunshots ring out He doesn't think twice He’ll protect her at any price u Arriving at the courthouse Julius looked out the car window at the enormous crowd that had grown bigger each day of the trial Julius would be presenting his closing argument today regarding the rights of shifters in a triad relationship to get married As he briefly scanned the crowd he caught sight of a beautiful woman who made his bear roar with lust No not here not now and a shot rang out Julius threw himself on her to protect her from the bullets until the shifters captured the human shooter But after making sure the woman was okay Julius had to find his made Hudson to be sure he was okay tooAfter a panicked search Julius found Hudson putting pressure on a woman’s gunshot wound until the EMTs got there Then he turned and they hugged in relief that each had survived A woman nearby made a nasty comment and Julius recognized Barbie Taylor a prominent anti shifter activist Beside her was the woman Julius had protected Hudson tensed up beside him as he saw the younger woman too They both realized she was their mateuinn had been raised to hate shifters to think the worst of them always But when the gun was fired her group all saved themselves instead of helping anyone else Only the shifter lawyer immediately covered her to protect her And it was a human with the gun not a shifter In fact since they had arrived in Cascadia no shifter had caused any problems or harmed themThe next day Hudson and Julius were served and had to appear in court for injuring uinn’s arm – which a doctor’s report said was “very badly sprained” – even though she could move it without pain They said he had ‘viciously attacked’ her The second charge said she sustained emotional damage from ‘witnessing a sex act’ as the two shifters hugged after finding each other unharmed from the shooting uinn was furious at her parents for doing this It was what they repeatedly did when they were angry at people – sued them even if they had to make up the facts Fortunately uinn honestly answered the judge’s uestions and the case was dismissed Finally seeing how wrong her parents were uinn chased after the two shifters and apologized She was beginning to think for herself and acknowledge some important truths But would she try to accept the feelings that were stirring among the three of them? Would she give them a chance to prove to her how strong their relationship as mates could become? Or would she let her parents drag her away and fill her with of their hatred?This was a book that tried to share some understanding about family and relationships both healthy and toxic ones It was done well through the characters and how they express themselves If you love shifters I think you’ll enjoy this one