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kindle ´ The Salmon of Doubt Ç Вие сте на път да навлезете в мъдрия провокиращ добродушен бликащ от живот и водещ до пристрастяване свят на Дъглас Адамс Най долните чекмеджета на наскоро починалите автори в Вие сте на път да навлезете в мъдрия провокиращ добродушен бликащ от живот и водещ до пристрастяване свят на Дъглас Адамс Най долните чекмеджета на наскоро починалите автори в повеч I waited sixteen and a half years to read this and I just about managed to get through it without bawling my eyes out Douglas Adams was the first author to make me laugh uproariously back when I was a wee nipper Sure Roald Dahl had given me a few chuckles but it wasn't until I read Hitchhikers for the first time that I realised a book could make me laugh so much I nearly wet myselfAs such this was a bittersweet experience Reading Adams' unpublished work including several chapters of a new but never to be finished Dirk Gently novel gave a new definition to laughing through one's tears I'm glad I read it but it's going to take a while to recover It's a good job I had my towel

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Неговият природен талант да реди думите една след друга в името на събуждането удоволствието шашването информирането или разсмиването на читателя така и не му изневери“Стивън Фра A kind of poor book which just happens to be filled with awesome I'd really like a well organized and indexed collection of all of Douglas Adams' short writings Round up all the columns and editorials he wrote the text he did for his websites everything and get it all tied up with a bow and some context Salmon isn't that collection; the writings are just tossed into poorly defined buckets with no real TOC to speak of and let us not speak of indexes and there's no real way to tell what's missing or what's even important There's some occasional interesting serendipity to be had but ehOn the other hand it's Douglas Adams bringer of joy and wry good natured English despair and even inferior collections of his work are crucial

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The Salmon of Doubt Hitchhiking the Galaxy One Last Timeето случаи трябва да останат здраво заключени и заковани в случая с Дъглас Адамс обаче отварянето на най затънтените поддиректории на твърдия му диск си струваше усилията отвсякъде This technically is the 3rd book in the Dirk Gently series Sadly it's not really a Dirk Gently book You see before Douglas Adams could writefinish this third book he died of a sudden heart attack in a gym in Santa Barbara in 2001But he left behind fragments of chapters or chapters and their rewritings and a lot of other notes on his various computers His wife daughter agent editor assistant and other people then pieced together what is now The Salmon of Doubt which would have been the title of the third bookThis book is divided into three parts1 Life2 The Universe3 And Everythingwhich is a tribute to his Hitchhiker booksThere is much in this book than simply another story or the beginning of one The first two parts are filled with snippets random thoughts DA wrote down about tea and cookies and computers and other stuff interviews for various magazines and newspapers he did as well as speeches he gave for all sorts of occasionsFor example did you know how much Douglas Adams got involved with environmentalism Yes this giant literally of a man did not just love all things Apple but thanks to a trip done with biologist Mark Carwardine he also became a staunch defender of bio diversity Most notably he loved and tried to protect rhinos He even climbed the Kilimandscharo in a rhino costume in order to raise money for Save the Rhino a wildlife conservation organisation Here he isNaturally it was much of an ordeal than he had originally thought which he explains in his very uniue hilarious way seriously I almost suffocated when reading his account of that tripMy favourite story though is of the cookies Here it is This actually did happen to a real person and the real person is me I had gone to catch a train This was April 1976 in Cambridge UK I was a bit early for the train I’d gotten the time of the train wrong I went to get myself a newspaper to do the crossword and a cup of coffee and a packet of cookies I went and sat at a table I want you to picture the scene It’s very important that you get this very clear in your mind Here’s the table newspaper cup of coffee packet of cookies There’s a guy sitting opposite me perfectly ordinary looking guy wearing a business suit carrying a briefcase It didn’t look like he was going to do anything weird What he did was this he suddenly leaned across picked up the packet of cookies tore it open took one out and ate itNow this I have to say is the sort of thing the British are very bad at dealing with There’s nothing in our background upbringing or education that teaches you how to deal with someone who in broad daylight has just stolen your cookies You know what would happen if this had been South Central Los Angeles There would have very uickly been gunfire helicopters coming in CNN you know But in the end I did what any red blooded Englishman would do I ignored it And I stared at the newspaper took a sip of coffee tried to do a clue in the newspaper couldn’t do anything and thought What am I going to doIn the end I thought Nothing for it I’ll just have to go for it and I tried very hard not to notice the fact that the packet was already mysteriously opened I took out a cookie for myself I thought That settled him But it hadn’t because a moment or two later he did it again He took another cookie Having not mentioned it the first time it was somehow even harder to raise the subject the second time around “Excuse me I couldn’t help but notice” I mean it doesn’t really workWe went through the whole packet like this When I say the whole packet I mean there were only about eight cookies but it felt like a lifetime He took one I took one he took one I took one Finally when we got to the end he stood up and walked away Well we exchanged meaningful looks then he walked away and I breathed a sigh of relief and sat backA moment or two later the train was coming in so I tossed back the rest of my coffee stood up picked up the newspaper and underneath the newspaper were my cookies The thing I like particularly about this story is the sensation that somewhere in England there has been wandering around for the last uarter century a perfectly ordinary guy who’s had the same exact story only he doesn’t have the punch lineTypically British And strangely or not so strangely because it's typical DA a perfect anecdote about lifeThis book therefore grants a uniue insight into the author's mind his anxiety that sometimes bordered on depression his early years and struggle the sudden fame and success the maddening battle with Hollywood his private life even And it shows how beloved and respected he was by family friends and colleagues I mean Stephen Fry penned the Foreword and Richard Dawkins the Epilogue Just the list of people he knew and often also how he got to know them is staggeringAlas this is the end So to speak Fortunately I can look forward to reading the 4 other Hitchhiker volumes as I haven't read those yet It's amazing what kind of a legacy this man left behind not just through his books but also radio programmes BBC contributions movies TV shows etcTrigger WarningThis book is sometimes difficult to read; at least to those people who mourn the author or generally feel for people who have to cope with sudden loss It sure made me cry at certain points