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The Shelters of Stone Book ↠ 770 pages Ü Jean m. auel Ü This eBook includes the full text of the novel plus the following additional content • An exclusive preview chapter from Jean M Auel’s The Land of Painted Caves on sale in hardcover March 29 2011 • An Earth’s Children® series sampler including freeD her way in this complicated society to prepare for the birth of her child and to decide whether she will accept new challenges and play a significant role in the destiny of the Zelandonii Jean Auel is at her very best in this superbly textured creation of a prehistoric society The Shelters of Stone is a sweeping story of love and danger with all the wonderful detail based on meticulous research that makes her novels uniue It is a triumphant continuation of the Earth’s Children® saga that began with The Clan of the Cave Bear And it includes an amazing rhythmic poem that describes the birth of Earth’s Children and plays its own role in the narrative of The Shelters of Stone Auel has written a beautiful saga about prehistoric man and if I weren't so attached to her characters and their fate I would have chucked this book long ago Sadly this is the worst of the five mainly because it lacks plot and interest Auel spends 200 pages on their first day with the Zelandoni about 600 on the first month or so then suddenly the last months whizz by in maybe 100 pages She is redundant not only from her previous books but within the book itself She makes the same detailed statement 4 or 5 or 6 times How many times can she tell us in great detail of Ayla's special language for the horses? Too many times I love the premise of this book I love the first 4 books tho they are also uite detailed and redundant to a lesser extreme This book just annoyed me greatly Yet I still like it in a way because it sets up the conclusion of her series I still want to know what happens to my favorite prehistoric family Auel leaves you wanting to know Ayla and Jondalar's future and that's even with an obnoxiously boring book I look forward to book 6 and I will remain optimistic that she can give us another page turner

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This eBook includes the full text of the novel plus the following additional content • An exclusive preview chapter from Jean M Auel’s The Land of Painted Caves on sale in hardcover March 29 2011 • An Earth’s Children® series sampler including free chapters from the other books in Jean M Auel’s bestselling series • A A with the author about the Earth’s Children® series The Shelters of Stone opens as Ayla and Jondalar along with their animal friends Wolf Whinney and Racer complete their epic journey across Europe and are greeted by Jondalar’s people the Zelandonii The people of the Ninth Cave of the Zelandonii fascinate Ayla Their clothes customs artifacts eve Now in its fifth incarnation of The Clan of the Cave BearThe Shelters of Stone the decline is uite noticeable here there is no real plot just Jondalar taking Ayla back to his home after being away for half a decade Obviously missing the family still his future mate is rather nervous understandably her background raised by Flatheads as the Cro Magnon call their disdained rivals the less developed Neanderthals They on the other hand kindly referred as the Others the newcomers are taking over the territories of the long established Neanderthals who have inhabited the lands for 200000 years And are not anxious to leave nevertheless the static Flatheads are having trouble competing haven't changed in those hundreds of thousands of years The newcomers numbers are increasing the original inhabitants the opposite survival of the fittest is the law of nature their rivals strive to progress always making better spears knives shelters rafts etc guess who will prevail? Arriving in an area after many tough adventures crossing frozen glaciers wide rivers high mountains not to mention battling wild dangerous animals and unfriendly people which someday will be the modern state of France He Jondalar is greeted by his mother Marthona brother Joharran and sister Folara and lesser relatives However he needs to explain a missing close memberYet not all are happy he's return especially bringing a foreign woman along with her strange horses and even stranger ways Whinney Racer and the lethal giant wolf named improbablyWolf she too seems dangerous maybe some kind of evil spiritThis group live under cliffs not large caves rock shelters and very well indeedThe uneasy girl feels uncomfortable they stare at the clothes listen as she speaks with a weird accent and the unusual living among her animals this is not the Zelandonii custom Jondalar's people can she ever assimilate Morona the beautiful spoiled former love of Jondalar hates her does anything to embarrass the foreign girl Anyhow the couple needs to rest after the endless hardships of traveling together Ayla wants to stay and belong the teenager is desperate having no people of her own her man simplyreturn to live as before Still dark secrets are hidden too painful to reveal the past never forgotten the memories constantly on her mindThe Clan raised the orphan fed the little girl gave a family to her for a short time taught her to be a healeruntil she was able to take care of herself The exile was involuntary but Ayla somehow survived with the help companionship of her animals in a lush valley and later meeting Jondalar her lover important a friend The novel has familiar characters and situations that is a pleasure On to the sixth and last in the series may it be good

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The Shelters of StoneN their homes formed in great cliffs of vertical limestone are a source of wonder to her And in the woman Zelandoni the spiritual leader of the Ninth Cave and the one who initiated Jondalar into the Gift of Pleasure she meets a fellow healer with whom to share her knowledge and skills But as Ayla and Jondalar prepare for the formal mating at the Summer Meeting there are difficulties Not all the Zelandonii are welcoming Some fear Ayla’s unfamiliar ways and abhor her relationship with those they call flatheads and she calls Clan Some even oppose her mating with Jondalar and make their displeasure known Ayla has to call on all her skills intelligence knowledge and instincts to fin Total Crap Enough of Pleasures and discriptive scenes of ice age Europe Some new information and a plot would have been great The series has gone from one of my favorite books Clan of the Cave Bear to something I almost didn't finish The series started crashing with Plains of Passage where Jondalar and Ayla Pleasured themselves across the continent while righing wrongs curing injustice and improving life styles in their spare time Shelter just bombed Can't remember a single scene from the book nothing happened I think Ayla got drunk once puked and swore never to do that again it could hurt the baby whatever snore