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Paradise Lost characters ↠ 0 Í Paradise Lost remains as challenging and relevant today as it was in the turbulent intellectual and political environment in which it was written This edition aims to bring the poem as fully alive to a modern reader as it would have been to Milton's contemporaries It provides a newly edited text of the 1674 edition of tLly modernized spelling and punctuation Marginal glosses define unfamiliar words and extensive annotations at the foot of the page clarify Milton's syntax and poetics and explore the range of literary biblical and political allusions that point to his major concerns David Kastan's lively Introduction considers the central interpretative issues raised by the poem demon. THE CONUEST OF PRIDEThe road winds inListlessness of ancient warLangour of broken steelClamour of confused wrong aptIn silence Memory is strongBeyond the bone Pride snappedShadow of pride is longTS ELIOT RANNOCH AT GLENCOEWhen TS Eliot visited the Scottish Highlands in his later years he saw at first hand the site of the Glencoe Massacre at the time of the doomed Jacobite uprising of 1689 As he mused who knows if he also thought of his own earlier words on this poetry poetry that was composed at a religiously fractious moment of British history in the same timeframe as Glencoe Milton's Paradise Lost Perhaps he was remembering his comment that Milton could never endear himself to us readersBut maybe also this great twentieth century poet called to mind as he meditated on war and pride his own opinion that there is no wisdom beyond the wisdom of humility“Pride begins and ends all wars and pride can be the downfall of anyone’s religion But humility is graceAnd pride is the last enemy we must defeat on the road to self knowledgeJohn Milton was a proud man and he was valiantly attempting to work out his salvation with diligence as Eliot‘s character of the psychiatrist says in The Cocktail Party within the confines of a religion of Love in which his own immense ego could barely fitA doomed enterpriseAnd the crushed blind Milton of the later Samson Agonistes was still smothered in the smoky remnants of a hellish pride as is his Satan in this work with whom Milton subconsciously sympathizes And that's the problem Which is it the humility of the Lord or the pride of SatanIt seems that as long as we like Milton seek a separate transcendence from our fellows in our beliefs those beliefs will be to some extent defined by pridePride seeks transcendence; while humility abases itself to a state of immanence There may be no religious faith other than the Pauline one which accepts the full weight of life’s inherent problematicsMany outside of faith similarly seek transcendence some in great power though others through idealizing their ideas of sexuality and living those ideals through their actsIf you take your life straight up without those transcendent ideals you’re on the right path though it hurts like all get out to do that Yet that’s what Christian existentialists like Kierkegaard and Jaspers tell us to doMilton lived in his poetic ideals as others among us live in their sexual ideals And so life becomes for them a game to be won ever anew until old age puts the kibosh to all that Yet those who seek in resignation to live life in forever experiencing its problematic aspects will be forever renewed in its vigour Any form of escape will prove to be spiritual suicideThe majestic rumbling cadences of this great work inspire our awe but the epic doesn't satisfy because of this inherent duality of meaning and intent For the real meaning of Losing Paradise is found in the transcendence of prideSo to sum up The epic battles are incredible but they are filled with the clamour of confused wrong The poetry floors us but the ego of its author turns us off The overall architecture is superb but there is a crack in its cornerstoneFive stars for an otherwise incredible masterpiece of literature A fractured masterpiece to our objectively wary modern eyes

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Strating how thoroughly it engaged the most vital and contested issues of Milton's time and which reveal themselves as no less vital and perhaps no less contested todayThe edition also includes an essay on the text a chronology of major events in Milton's life and a selected bibliography as well as the first known biography of Milton written by Edward Phillips in 1694. Is Satan coming Are we in the End of DaysIs the Earth heating under the Sun's RaysIs it all make believe manipulation or trueWhy on this wonderful Earth is everybody blueAre we in the Rapture Impending DoomLightning strikes sink holes and thunderous sonic boomsEbola and earth uakes hurricanes and tornadoes tooNow I can see why we are feeling blueForest fires tsunamis land slides and HailWatching the mainstream news it looks like HellFake news and propaganda rhetoric is it all that is seenAll this mayhem and misery coming from the TV ScreenTerrorism false flags usury and greedPeople living on top of each other all race and persuasion and creedWe would get along swimmingly if we were not controlled Lorded over by a few Elite cabal hiddenKnowledge kept esoteric to us ForbiddenIs Satan Saturn The father of time Old Nick as in the Nick of timeAre we trapped in a matrix a primeval soup dark matter black slimeSo dense with materialism constricting like a snakeKeeping up with this capitalism something has to breakThe serpent swallowing its tail does capitalism workWhen the Elites own it all people will go berserkOrchestrated chaos civil unrest no food in the storesSwallowed up like a black hole by Corporation WhoresInflation going up but no paid work for peopleReplaced by Machines useless eaters SheepleIs the Earth a farm Are we the characters in Orwell's animal farmAll following the Pied Piper's musical charmIn the words of the Killers are we dancer following in Formation to a tuneLike Lemmings cartoon characters loony toonIs a policeman acting As in acting police officer is this all a gameOne is asked if we understand or stand under whilst having the point of blameLook around see what is really going on ignore BBC CNN and SKYMake one's own decision let them pass byAfter all they are reading from a script edited and photo shopped they have the means to fakeNot some individual who witnessed first hand and managed to takeA picture with their mob phone it must be realNot according to MSM its all fake doctored and spielWhat is really going on in the skiesIs the climate changing geo engineering or is it all liesIs Satan coming Is it the End of Days Or is he already here Been here always Armageddon Jihad Ragnarok it's all the same to meSame story different culture that is HistorySo what is coming What is going to happen To Ye and MeOne things for sure you won't find out on the BBCBy Leo🐯👍If he is already here where does he resideIs he out in the open Or does he hideHmmm Maybe it is both hidden in plain sightThe only few that know illuminated by the false light🐯👍Maybe we are all Satan's children Kids Baby Goat of MendesWhen did Children suddenly become Kids It is MadnessYet parents call them thusAm I unnecessarily causing a fussWake up and see what words we useWords that are there only to confuseSatan is androgynous Both of Male and Female SexOur children being indoctrinated by a Witchcraft HexNobody can see this Paradigm changing fastAll rational debate or thoughts will be our lastAs we move forward into this New World that is AboundThe opening of Hades a Three Headed HoundReturn of the Old Ones are we ready for this to beginA world where anything goes a world of debauchery and sin 👍🐯👍

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Paradise LostParadise Lost remains as challenging and relevant today as it was in the turbulent intellectual and political environment in which it was written This edition aims to bring the poem as fully alive to a modern reader as it would have been to Milton's contemporaries It provides a newly edited text of the 1674 edition of the poem the last of Milton's lifetime with carefu. Paradise Lost is the uintessential epic poem and its protagonist Satan is the uintessential anti hero “Better to reign in Hell than to serve in Heaven” It’s almost impossible to read this without in some way sympathising with him Although he is vain full of pride and evil he is still a fallen angel And that’s kind of important In the early cantos he is powerful persuasive and godly though he ultimately becomes corrupted by his own selfish desires and ruins himself He is blinded by ambition and God’s glory He is jealous and power hungry and reals over what he will never have He deteriorates and festers becoming evil as his pain increases The hell he feels at his separation from God is projected outwards and he looses himself in maelstrom of emotions that inflict his soul He lives in denial and becomes demented that much so he is reduced to the form of a snake The once magnificent angel tall and proud now slithers on the floor with the beasts Satan is fearless Eternal damnation did not make him baulk As a form of petty revenge for his perpetual banishment from heaven Satan determines to corrupt mankind and prove that God’s creation is fallible weak and debased He creates Sin and Death his children the means of entering Earth through hell Through temptation he has his victory Eve eats the apple in the garden of eden because of his coercion God punishes Adam and Eve banishing them to Earth Satan has achieved his goal though his fate remains unchanged and his once noble intentions have become so distorted that he becomes the very personification of evil “Abashed the devil stood and felt how awful goodness is and saw Virtue in her shape how lovely and pined his loss” The poem interprets the idea of salvation and redemption present in the bible Despite his crimes Satan never attempts a reconciliation Humanity on the other hand toils on earth worships god and seeks forgiveness It displays the idea that obedience to God is the creed in which one should live by and that all hierarchies exist for a reason to break them is to break the rule of God As such some critics see political arguments within the text arguing that Satan represents Oliver Cromwell the usurper and that God represent Charles I the lord and king of the lands It’s an interesting reading for sure Like all great poetry Paradise Lost can be read in many different ways The religious allegory and imagery is excellent There’s so much to say about this poem and it has influenced so many other writers in the centuries after its original publication I wonder how much so though I can think of numerous examples in modern literature that would not have existed if not for the influence and pertinence of the ideas presented here Putting aside the beauty of the poetry and the allegories it's a fantastic story that has permeated so many others it's legacy endures It’s a powerful piece and the tragic story of Satan will always remain the most endearing aspect of it for meBlog | Twitter | Facebook | Insta | Academia