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Queen of Song and Souls (Tairen Soul, #4) Free download ✓ 102 Ï Two lovers two hearts one soulOnly joined can they be truly completeOnly joined can they survive the darknessThe Fey King Rain and his truemate Ellysetta share a passionate love unrivaled in the history of their world—and a forbidden power that made tHe Fading Lands As war looms and the evil mages of Eld threaten to rip their world asunder they must fight to defend the very kingdom and people who reviled themOnly by trusting completely in their love and in themselves can Rain and Ellysetta hope to defeat the gatheri. 2nd read 27 30 January 2016Buddy read with Anzu and maybe Maru 1st Read from April 04 to 05 2015What a depressing ending

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Ng forces of Darkness But it will take than the strength of their devotion to endure They must unlock the secrets of the past and find the courage to embrace the dangerous destiny that awaits them Only they can save their world but that victory might cost them their liv. ueen of Song and Souls is the fourth installment in the Tairen soul series For years I have heard so many amazing things about this series and its not easy to find a stirring fantasy romance series that captures your heart from the very beginning This review will be shorter than others so that I don't give too much awayRain and Ellysetta's story has been magical from the moment they first met They have suffered and have made great strides In this installment there is much that we learn about the past of Ellysetta and the future of Rain and Ellysetta Rain and Ellysetta are coming closer to completing their bond but time is slowly running out There is a high level of intensity and emotion that is displayed in this story In ueen of Song and Souls the danger level of the Eld and Mage have escalated and Rain and Ellysetta are racing against time to try to gain assistance from their allies The story is mostly centered around Rain and Ellysetta and learning about her past and about their destiny There is uite a bit we learn in this installmentOverall I couldn't help but admire once again the talent of Wilson I am still astonished by how much I have enjoyed her I always love a fantasy romance and the theme that is present in this series is sensual and epic The romance between Rain and Ellysetta is intense yet tender too We see a deeper development in their bond to each other and there uite a lot of suspense and adventure involved I loved the aspect of the different combination of danger romance and this world that has been created that captures your attention There is uite a bit of a intensity level here and it definitely near impossible to put it down It did leave a bit of a cliff hanger and I will warn you that you will need some tissues to get through this story But what a great addition to the series and I can't wait to read the last and final installment and find out if Rain and Ellysetta achieve their HEA

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Queen of Song and Souls Tairen Soul #4Two lovers two hearts one soulOnly joined can they be truly completeOnly joined can they survive the darknessThe Fey King Rain and his truemate Ellysetta share a passionate love unrivaled in the history of their world and a forbidden power that made them outcasts from t. So the best way to describe this 4th book in the Fading lands series Maddening But in a good way There's just so much going on and you want to know it all and you want to know it all right now now NOW But then again no you don't because then the story's over and then where would we be other then waiting for CLW's next 3 promised booksBut there's a lot happening in this book and it doesn't seem to stop and you want our Heroes to get a break and to be able to just relax and then they do but then things pick up again but you can't help but yell at half of them and tell them not to do it and I can't tell you what the it is because that would be a spoiler and if you know anything about this series it's that the books are so much better if you don't really know anything in advance but let me tell you it is so worth it and even the bad guys or rather the people who do bad things but aren't really bad because they're being preyed upon by malevolent forces so it's not totally they're fault again no details because spoilers are bad they're totally sympathetic even when you want to kill them in a murderous Rage and the real bad guys or rather bad Guy because despite there being a few not so great guys there's only one really bad guy and you hate him HATE him In a way no evil villain has made you hate them before And the ending It doesn't end like any of the other books but it's still as gut wrenching still as frenzied and surprising and hope inducing as the last books and those stupid final pages the necessary and interesting really glossary and ad for another unrelatedbook make you think there's plenty of story left but really there's not so when you get to the last word it leaves you desperate desperate for the final piece of the storybut not because again then it would be overAnd you're crying because really how can you not cry And you're railing because Ms Wilson is evil incarnate to leave us here and you know know her publishers are even evil incarnate because they're totally going to make us wait another year to know the ending or she'll decide to rewrite again and we'll still have to wait and wonder what the original version was like and how on earth are we supposed to do thatso overall a great addition to the seriesProbably reads better if you read it right after the 3rd book Even better would be able to wait for the last book but really once you've started the first book there's really no hope for you The story picks up pretty much where that leaves off Ohh and you really want to carve out some time to read this uninterrupted because there aren't really any okay I can stop here for a bit moments Every page makes you want to read the next and the next after that and to just keep goingSo In conclusion I love this series It makes me all kinds of happy and makes me even ridiculously happy that I'm a member of PBS the reviews over there are what initially convinced me to give this series a chance and that I'm a reader and it makes me want to to convince people that they should be readers if just to find an author they like even half as much as I love CL Wilson