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FREE PDF ð BOOK Lioness of Kell  PAUL E. HORSMAN ¼ Secure in his position as the Prince warlock's son seventeen year old Basil is content with his solitary life of study and magic He has a comfortable set of rooms in his father's tower he has his books and scrolls and he is perfectly happy Until the Warlockry Council sM'Brannoe at eighteen already a mighty warrioress is about to graduate as a Lioness a special duty officer answering to the Kell ueen and no one else The Prince warlock asks her to fetch a certain boy from a pirate town who could act as a double for his son On their way back someone sabotages their airship and the two find themselves marooned in an ill reputed forest Together the young lioness and Jurgis the lookalike battle their way to the coast and a ship home while finding solace in each other's armsThen Read the full review here I received a free galley of this book sponsored by Masuerade Tours in exchange for an honest reviewI loved how different this book was from all the fantasy books I’ve read before There weren’t elves and wizards and such; instead there were warrioresses called by the ranks of “lioness” or “tigress” or “leopardess” along with warlocks and singers flying on carpets Maud was a wonderful character–incredibly strong and brave but still young and inexperienced on the battlefield She and Jurgis the boy she was sent to retrieve on her first mission balance each other well as Jurgis refuses to let Maud simply take care of him caveats about this below Their journey with Basil and Yarwan takes many unexpected turns to some pretty cool settings including several sea voyages abandoned towers a creepy forest and dilapidated citiesThe story does sometimes become almost video game esue as the “side uests” are fairly obviously set forth The villain was also pretty obvious in my opinion so the “big reveal” didn’t have too much punch Although most of the characters were interesting and their relationships are believable again see caveat below it did become a little irritating that the characters constantly referred to each other by pet names even in the narration A uick side note for those who are sueamish about such things There is a fair amount of cursing and implied sexual encounters both heterosexual and homosexualNow for my biggest problem with this book the gender relations The story starts by focusing on Maud a sexually voracious warrioress and then only focuses on the male characters as soon as they are introduced The only times Maud becomes the center of the story after that is when the story focuses on the gender relations in Kell where Maud is from Switching the malefemale dichotomy women in Kell are the fighters who run the government; men are weak to be protected and cherished seems a bit forced and after a while becomes rather offensive Women talked men into a decline–really? Their success broke men’s spirits–so women should refuse to succeed at all for fear of discouraging men? Sure writers creating their own world can create things in whatever way they choose but at times this overt role switching seemed to demean the real struggles that real women have faced and sometimes still face I found this book to be deeply flawed in the way the genders were approached

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Secure in his position as the Prince warlock's son seventeen year old Basil is content with his solitary life of study and magic He has a comfortable set of rooms in his father's tower he has his books and scrolls and he is perfectly happy Until the Warlockry Council summons him and their demands sets his whole safe existence tottering Scared and unsure he decides to run and takes the first ship out of town On board he meets Yarwan the handsome midshipman who awakens feelings he never knew existedMaud of the I'll start with what I liked Maud herself in all her ian glory and her funny uirky relationship with Jurgis I have a soft spot for those rare Tiny Guy Huge Girl couples in fantasy fiction like Terry Pratchett's Sam and Sybil Vimes; it does us good to be reminded at least once in a while that tall muscular dudes and petite ladies don't have the happily ever after market cornered The sympathetic depiction of a gay couple is also uite welcomeBut I have issues with this book Boy do I have issuesFirst while I liked Maud in fact because I liked Maud I found myself disappointed even angry at how rarely her potential awesomeness was utilized She may be the title character but moments that focus on her are surprisingly infreuent; she's less a protagonist than a female hanger on in a Dude's Own adventure Often as I was reading I envisioned her with a leash around her neck being held back from making the contributions that were her due If only she'd been let off that leash she might have won a place among my favorite heroines But no She may get one great combat scene near the end of the book but it's the guys who save the daySecond Maud is a Smurfette the only female character on the side of Good who gets any development at all Granted female tertiary characters are uite plentiful but other than Maud the only major and featured players are men Daruine Dalja Ehlir Dori Rebeca Hala Hilda just names little The case of Daruine is particularly annoying because early in the book we're led to believe she'll play a substantial role but then she's shoved rather mercilessly into the background and proves to be in the end irrelevant Just a name like every other woman who isn't Maud or evilThird the matriarchal society of Kell is held up to critical scrutiny and we're meant to feel the injustice to which men are subjected in that society That's not a bad thing except for two points 1 it's implied that the men's weakness is a direct result of the women's strength as if a society in which men and women might be warriors and leaders on eual terms is simply beyond the realm of possibility; and 2 women's lack of access to the most powerful magics is NOT held up to similar scrutiny Women can't be warlocks the very word makes this clear and we're supposed to be okay with this because after all the only women we see wielding or attempting to wield magic are villains nasty Wemawee and evil Sari and therefore it's easy to conclude that such power is best kept out of women's hands Wicked is women's magic I hated that ethos in A Wizard of Earthsea and I darn sure don't like it here I have a hard time accepting a book as a 'strong female' fantasy novel when female strength is depicted either subtly or overtly as a thing to dread

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Lioness of Kell The four young people meet and Basil learns of a spell that might help him Only the spell's creator the infamous Arrangh Warlock disappeared nearly a century ago When the four young people decide to go searching for him they start on a path leading to an old war and unsolved mysteries that could heal the traumas of their own dysfunctional societies Or kill themA spirited fantasy story of high adventure and romantic love in a world where both magic and early modern technology flourishREVISED EDITION April 2015 What I liked No joke the diversity of the cast we follow is by far my favorite aspect of this story Our main character that we follow Maud? A person of color and a completely awesome warrior on her way to become a lioness of the Kell people Think the ian women and that was the way the story seemed to emulate the women from Kell She's not stereotyped either but has the right amount of flaws to make her believable and it worked so well The fact that she is a person color wasn't shoved into my face continuously yet it was easy to remember how she looked Lets not forget that we also get a character who has a lame foot and gasp a non heterosexual relationship Yes this book is going against regular fantasy tropes that I've read countless times and it made me so happy to read this book so different from so many other books I've read before Lets not forget the steampunk aspect that gets brought in to the story and it mixed so easily with the magical elements the story had too The world building wasn't overdone the pacing was really well and there wasn't any obvious lull in the storytellingWhat I didn't like I can't really pick apart any really big thing that I didn't obviously like it was a really good read to me but there were as always some minor flaws to me Nothing major nothing that will impact the overall enjoyment of reading the story but there were minor things that I wasn't sold about with this bookOverall Review Despite some very minor flaws this book has everything I've been really looking for in a fantasy book and managed to make all the characters believable and fun to follow From the world building to the storytelling and its pace Lioness of Kell is a great book that is different from so many of the other books in the fantasy genreRecommend? Yes definitely I would be crazy not to recommend a book that features a WoC as the main protagonist a character with a lame foot and a non heterosexual relationship