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EPUB ß MOBI The Vampire Fate î Dark World The Vampire Wish #4 ô NATURALTREATMENT â The vampire ueen is deadAnnika shouldn’t have been able to kill the vampire ueen Laila—such a task can only be done by the Nephilim whose race is extinct But somehow she did kill the ueen NowLy alive because she’s a fugitive at the neutral kingdom of the Haven As if that weren’t enough to deal with the world is in danger and she’s the one prophesied to save it But she doesn’t have to do it alone When fate brings her and Prince Jacen togeth Full Review at What's Beyond Forks?There was a lot to this book and not just the action but the characters We got to know them better and learned about them too I can feel for almost all of them in a way Even the well I don't want to call them the bad guys but the not so great ones? I can see why they are the way they are Some I even care for a little bit now There's depth to the character and world building of this series and it gets better and involved with each bookThe ARC of The Vampire Fate by Michelle Madow was kindly provided to me by the author for review The opinions are my own

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The vampire ueen is deadAnnika shouldn’t have been able to kill the vampire ueen Laila such a task can only be done by the Nephilim whose race is extinct But somehow she did kill the ueen Now she’s the number one target on multiple hit lists and she’s on The Vampire Fate by Michelle Madow is the fourth book in the young adult paranormalfantasy series The Vampire Wish The series began with Annika out skiing with her family when they were attacked by vampires with Annika being the only survivor The vampires then took Annika hostage to the hidden vampire kingdom of the Vale where she was kept as a human blood slave to provide food for the vampires It's in this kingdom where Annika met Jacen who was also taken by the vampires against his will but unlike Annika who still remains human Jacen was turned against his wishes and now fights his desire to kill for bloodSince the beginning of the story in the first book so much has happened in this fast paced adventure that I don't want to go into too many details and spoil the story for readers As with other Michelle Madow books there is always plenty of jaw dropping moments included to keep a reader on the edge of their seat as the story unfolds over the course of the series Some of the things included in this series though are of course the vampire kingdom the story begun in but the world has been expanded to learn of other kingdoms along with werewolves outside the borders witches who bring their sorcery into the mix along with now touching upon nephilimMost of the story has centered around the two main characters thus far of Annika and Jacen with them alternating their own points of view but there have also been chapters told from other key characters at different times during the books As fast paced as they are the story is always easy to follow along with as and action is brought in to heighten the story And even with being uick reads the world and character building is just enough to feel that you get to know exactly what is going on at each turn of the page This has definitely been a series to hold my interest and always take me by surprise with each installment along the way and I'd certainly recommend checking it out to fans of this genre I would definitely suggest though to start back at the beginning with the Vampire Wish otherwise a reader would probably be lost if jumping into the later books as it's one that has picked up where each left off and built upon that excitement I received a free advance copy of this book directly from the author thank you to Michelle Madow for allowing me to read early For reviews please visit

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The Vampire Fate Dark World The Vampire Wish #4 Er again they team up on a uest to find the only object that can save the world as they know it the Holy Grail itselfThe adventure continues in the fourth book of The Vampire Wish series and get ready to brace yourselves because it’s going to be a bumpy ride First of all I just want to say thank you to Michelle Madow for giving me an ARC of this book to read in exchange for an honest review No compensation was given offered or taken to alter the opinionAfter the massive cliffhanger at the end The Vampire Trick a major secret that changed everything we knew about Annika I couldn't wait to get my hands on Vampire Fate I love that this series always picks up right where the previous book left off This series is full of action magic romance supernatural characters drama excitement and danger What else could you ask for in a book series? This installment is huge in the overall storyline It answered a lot of uestions and the answers will blow your mind Not only does this book answer a lot of uestions but now we are left with some new ones That endingHoly cow If I have learned one thing from reading Michelle's books it's that you never know what to expect I love this series because these books suck you in and you can't put them down I finished reading this one in less than 24 hours and now I desperately need the next one