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The Fall GuyIt is summer 2012 Charlie a wealthy banker with an uneasy conscience invites his troubled cousin Matthew to visit him and his wife in their idyllic mountaintop house As the days grow hotter the friendship between the three begins to reveal its fault lines Enh I didn't like the characters and I know I wasn't supposed to but they weren't even well written and well written unlikable characters can still be enjoyable I wasn't wowed by the plot or the author's writing voice either Lasdun seems to regard that old writing adage show don't tell as bad advice and spends a lot a lot of the book hammering us with telling with very little showing Early on there's thisThey sat in the living room one morning playing Scrabble Matthew's family had been avid Scrabble players and Charlie had been introduced to the game when he gone to live with them as a teenager He hadn't much liked it it had been accorded with his sense of what was cool a novel concept in Matthew's old fashioned home but extremely important to the adolescent Charlie and he hadn't been very good either And yet as an adult he'd incorporated into his own household rituals when Lily learned to read The game seemed to have a significant emotional resonance for him and Matthew was always touched when he suggested playing it It was as if his cousin were acknowledging the ancient bond between themLike we know We know Matthew feels as if his cousin was acknowledging the bond between them because Lasdun showed us that with the entire paragraph flashing back to the ancient bond between them playing scrabble But then Lasdun beats you over the head with it by adding that irritatingly redundant sentence at the end to TELL us how Matthew is feeling There's a lot of that A lot of thesaurus y words exclamation marks than I could handle and sentences I had to re read because they were so fragmented and loaded down with synonyms This passage in particular made me groan out loud after I'd finished itDepending on his mood almost any image of success or even just average functionality had the potential to initiate a kind of looping self interrogation; the abject sense of being confronted by some viable version of himself provoking the uestion of why he couldn't become that version which in turn would arouse the fleetingly hopeful sense that all it would take would be a determined act of self adjustment followed however almost immediately by the recollection of this adjustment would have to take place in that tantalizing stretch of time we wander in so freely and yet can no longer alter in even the minutest degree namely the past Which brought him back like some infernal Möbius strip of thought to that condition of abject susceptibility to the lives of othersEllipses not mine OyI finished this really uickly not because as my Book of the Month box suggested it was so gripping and thrilling but rather because it was just not that deep And when I got to the back flap with Lasdun's bio I found out he teaches creative writing at Columbia and The New School So what do I know right?

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Ebook ↠ The Fall Guy 256 pages Ô Naturaltreatment ↠ It is summer 2012 Charlie a wealthy banker with an uneasy conscience invites his troubled cousin Matthew to visit him and his wife in their idyllic mountaintop house As the days grow hotter the friendship between the three begins to reveal its fault lines and with tAnd with the arrival of a fourth character the household finds itself suddenly in the grip of uncontrollable passions As readers of James Lasdun’s acclaimed fiction can expect The Fall Guy is a complex moral tale as well as a gripping suspense story pr Whoever is handling publicity for this new release is doing an excellent job Covered in one of the weeklies as a must read thriller for Fall 'The Fall Guy' really did not deliver in my opinion The tale of revenge and obsession involved no thrills at all I appreciate a multi layer psychological suspense but this book was rather slow and the ending left me with a 'meh' Don't get me started on the amateurish 'stalking' of Chloe her elusive yoga classes and the wealthy husband's paranoia The writing was great but the characters were developed far less than the self indulgent food descriptions which actually stuck with me a duck egg and aged gruyere omelette much? Thank you to NetGalley for providing me with an ARC for an honest review

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Obing uestions of guilt and betrayal with ruthless incisiveness Who is the real victim here? Who is the perpetrator? And who ultimately is the fall guy? Darkly vivid with an atmosphere of erotic danger The Fall Guy is Lasdun’s most entertaining novel ye Matthew an unemployed and struggling chef accompanies his wealthy cousin Charlie and Charlie's wife Chloe to their idyllic country house for the summer Through secrets suspicions and jealousy cracks in their relationships are revealed as Matthew becomes increasingly obsessed with Chloe and her behaviorThe story is told solely from the perspective of Matthew I would have preferred to have Charlie's and especially Chloe's perspectives as well While Matthew's character was well developed I never found out enough about Chloe's motivations or Charlie's thoughts and feelings This was a pretty average piece of literary fiction with a slow start but it picked up at 60% and as it was relatively short at 256 pages it can be read pretty uickly However I'm afraid this was another of these books that simply didn't evoke any emotions Class money and politics were discussed in detail than I cared for and the elaborate descriptions of the food and the scenery made it very tempting to skim read Probably rather cheeky coming from me as I tend to construct really long sentences myself but believe me that's nothing compared to some of the sentences James Lasdun knocks together Mind you he's a creative writing teacher so he obviously knows his stuffThe Fall Guy is heralded as a taut psychological thriller gripping suspense story but many of the developments felt really contrived the safe the door key to the vacation rental items found at the back of the sofa etc and the plot meanders along so that the thrillersuspense elements just didn't work for me I'm afraidBut if you ignore the marketing and treat this as a literary character study with the focus on Matthew rather than on the plot then it turns into a reasonable readI received an ARC via NetGalley