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Reader ✓ Looking for Alaska ✓ 272 pages Download ☆ John green Í In the dark beside me she smelled of sweat and sunshine and vanilla and on that thin mooned night I could see little than her silhouette but even in the dark I could see her eyes fierce emeralds And not just beautiful but hVe and dead sexy Alaska will pull Miles into her labyrinth catapulting him into an unimaginable futureVivid passionate intensely moving an shocking this is a stunning debut novel by young American author John Gre “We need never be hopeless because we can never be irreperably broken”Again I know I'm late This book is incredibly popular and it's been waiting patiently in my bookshelf for at least two years now I've read Paper Towns which was boring af and The Fault In Our Stars which is one of my favourite books Looking for Alaska was something in betweenCharactersMiles the main character is as interesting and charming as toast So are his parents but their lack of character depth is even worse Chip his roommate saved me from falling asleep and Alaska is a bit of a cliché She is every toast boy's fantasy curvy but also smart a bookworm and feministPlotHmm What's the plot Boarding school pranks bullies girls with boobs alcohol and cigarettes Way too many cigarettes which really annoys me Yeah teens smoke out of stupidity but why write about it and in a way promote it Not cool Listen guys smoking not coolThoughtsI don't get the point I didn't feel emotionally connected to any of the characters and this lack of feelings took away the sympathy and understanding for them view spoilerAlaska's death didn't move me In a way it seemed pointless Not because it's not sad but because the whole novel left no impression on me hide spoiler

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Tiful but hot tooWhen Miles Halter leaves for boarding school he goes to seek what dying poet Rabelais called the Great Perhaps Much awaits Miles at Culver Creek including Alaska Young Clever funny self destructi That's me realizing I was about to give a big one star to a super popular book on Goodreads It didn't stop me This book was beyond stupidMiles is a little nerd boy from Florida he is going away to boarding school hoping for a new life or maybe his Great Perhaps The Great Perhaps comes from a minute reference to some poet Thrown in to this book to make it all edgy and shit Fail Once he gets there his roommate the reuisite character that is so poor but super smart befriends him The Colonel aka Chip takes Miles now known as Pudge under his wing and now he has friendsIncluding the super special Alaska she is the beautiful cool and allusive girl She is moody and spontaneous Of course the boys all love her milkshakeincluding our Pudge That smoking line It's from the book head deskThen another thingand this was a big one for me John Green you have enough dang money that if you are going to write southern characters at least try TRY to get them halfway right You just put every stupid stereotype known into the characters that are southern for this book You made them all sound stupidIf they didn't go to this wonderful boarding school that erased their accent they sounded like ignorant hicks I hate to tell you honey but last time I check Florida is also in the south They have accents too You lost a star just for not taking the two seconds to research southern speech I've lived here my whole life and I have never heard someone speak like you had several characters speaking Anyways for me This book glorified the whole oh I'm so dark don't you want to be me shit FOR ME view spoilerIt glorified suicide even though Alaska technically did not commit suicide hide spoiler

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Looking for AlaskaIn the dark beside me she smelled of sweat and sunshine and vanilla and on that thin mooned night I could see little than her silhouette but even in the dark I could see her eyes fierce emeralds And not just beau My assistant Amanda has been a John Green fan for ages which is one of the reasons I decided to start giving his stuff a read I decided to start here because it was one of his first books After I finished this book I went to her and asked Are all of John Green's books going to leave me feeling like I've had a hole kicked straight through my gutsNot all of them she said But yeah Some I thought about this for a while then asked her In Name of the Wind when X happens did it feel like that when you read it Except I didn't say X obviously I mentioned a particular scene in my first book Well Amanda said Not really His scene is central to his book But even so yeah It was kinda like that Shit I said Sorry about that So yeah Sorry about that