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PDF ↠ BOOK Penny and Her Sled º KEVIN HENKES º Caldecott Medalist Kevin Henkes’s award winning and bestselling mouse Penny stars in an irresistible story about anticipation disappointment and a brand new sled Told in five short chapters Penny and Her Sled is perfect for reading alone reading aloud and sharing togetherWhenS a bed for her doll Rose It becomes a magic carpet that takes Penny and Rose on adventures all around the worldAnd as Penny waits for a snowfall that may never appear she learns all about the power of patience imagination play and spring Told in five short chapters and with an emphasis on family and patience Penny and Her Sled is the perfect choice for emerging readers and for family sharin The 4th book in the Penny series has Penny desperately waiting on snow during a warm winter that is not cooperating sounds familiar Her parents convince her to anticipate the snowdrop flowers which like crocuses are the first signs of spring and can be her snow alternative Penny’s not thrilled about this especially since she is unable to use her new sled But like all Henkes’ characters Penny has pluck and loving adults to support her which is a winning combination Henkes’ doesn’t offer any overt commentary on global warming but many readers will make that connection

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No snowPatiently Penny waits and watches for the snow to appear She puts on her scarf and hat She sleeps with her mittens Maybe if she’s ready the snow will finally come But day after day the snow does not arrive Finally Penny decides she will use her sled for other things it’s too wonderful not toWith a little imagination the sled becomes a bridge for her glass animals to cross It become Penny gets a new sled and can’t wait for it to snow so she can use it but the snow never comes At first she finds other ways to use her sled like a bridge for her toy animals or a bed for her favorite doll until she becomes bored with the sled and it ends up in the corner of her room Sensing her frustration and the slim chances for snow as winter comes to an end; her mother suggests waiting for the snowdrops to bloomIt’s been a long wait for a new Penny story in the easy reader series from award winning author and illustrator Kevin Henkes but Penny and her Sled has been worth the wait Once again he has produced a superior story that delves into the everyday world of a kindergarten child Waiting for something can be excruciating for a 5 or 6 year old and waiting for something as unpredictable as weather even frustrating Penny’s creative play solutions and her parent’s patient coaching offer real life ways of managing like situations The water color and black pen illustrations are endearing and add to the goal of decoding the text for a new reader as they playfully bring the story to life I would highly recommend this book for purchase by any school or public libraryThis book was provided by the publisher for professional review by SWON Libraries

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Penny and Her SledCaldecott Medalist Kevin Henkes’s award winning and bestselling mouse Penny stars in an irresistible story about anticipation disappointment and a brand new sled Told in five short chapters Penny and Her Sled is perfect for reading alone reading aloud and sharing togetherWhen Penny a sweet and curious mouse gets a new sled she can’t wait to use it But there’s one big problem there’s Six years after his most recent Penny book Caldecott Medalist and two time Newbery Honoree Kevin Henkes returned to the series with Penny and Her Sled It's winter and Penny very much would like it to snow What's winter if you can't sled down hills of icy white fluff Mama and Papa assure her that snow will come but weeks go by without a single flake drifting from the cold gray sky Penny sits in her brand new sled in the living room with her doll Rose; Penny wears mittens to bed hoping this will remind the sky to snow She has dreams of snow falling and creating a winter wonderland to play in but reality is not cooperating Disappointed Penny focuses on activities that don't reuire snow She ice skates takes long walks in the frigid air and sips hot cocoa with whipped cream Her sled has no purpose in this snowless world Though at first Mama and Papa insisted snow would come now they admit there might be none this year Penny gradually forgets about her sled as the days grow warmer She needs something to look forward to a hope certain than snow that will lead her through to the cheerful debut of spring Once Penny finds that something to look forward to her excitement will return Her new source of inspiration may even be better than snow When you pin your hopes on something that seems guaranteed to come your way sooner or later it's disheartening if it never does You feel robbed of an experience that meant a lot to you but you have a choice how to respond either by stewing in your hurt feelings or recalibrating your expectations so you'll be satisfied with something different than you wanted but which offers its own rewards That's the only route to happiness in an imperfect world and it's the route Penny chooses under Mama's wise guidance Persevere and you'll find an attainable version of your heart's desire Kevin Henkes's Penny books are smart sweet and pleasing to the eye They feature short chapters to boost the confidence of young readers who may have never attempted a chapter book Penny deserves mention alongside other popular characters from the author's picture books including Owen Julius Lilly Wemberly Chrysanthemum Sheila Rae and Wendell I might rate Penny and Her Sled two and a half stars and I enjoy the series even if they aren't favorites of mine among Kevin Henkes's works I never met a book of his I didn't appreciate