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Une si longue lettre doc ☆ Mass Market Paperback ô naturaltreatment í Een lange brief portretteert op persoonlijke wijze de maatschappelijke isolatie van getrouwde vrouwen die polygamie verwerpen in een maatschappij waar polygamie gebruikelijk isHet boek ontvouwt de problemen van een moslimvrouw van En van een moslimvrouw van middelbare leeftijd die zich bevindt tussen haar orthodoxe opvoeding en haar nieuw bewustzijn dat zich niet meer wil laten leiden door Islamitische tradities Een lange brief is Each profession intellectual or manual deserves consideration whether it reuires painful physical effort or manual dexterity wide knowledge or the patience of an ant Ours like that of a doctor does not allow for any mistake You don't joke with life and life is both body and mind To warp a soul is as much a sacrilege as murder A comparison to Sleepless Nights is not too far apace for what is familiar of the epistolary form is counterbalanced by a less novelized perspective expanding that much often abused 'difficult' to include a reader's blinkers with the usual linguistic fireworks There is also the saturation to consider; ninety pages of pedagogy politics much maligned Islam and a little less so emotional turmoil complete with footnotes to account for the barriers of language culture skin and gender In this one must consider all the works of this country and continent that did not make it to the lists of 500 GBBW 1001 all those one will never know on what schemes of uality they fell short The best of the best of the best are the only ones fit for global perusal perhaps but the childhood favorites The soap opera pleasures The uick and easy casual reading that says much of a writer who reads them than the factory produced lists of classics enough to necessitate a covering with 'guilt' I wonder sometimes what works the elite of Senegal scoff at which ones they covet with false delight what familiar lines of public engagement with literature I see only in the Anglo world and am missing everywhere elseIn short what works did Bâ grow up on that are not proclaimed everywhere else I read a piece like hers that pulls out from my subconscious names like Woolf and Evans Eliot for those who have not yet caught up and wonder whether I am understanding the inspired or translating a familiar breed of inspiration Perhaps it is because this work has less of fellow Senegalese lit God's Bits of Wood's preoccupation with what is Euro and what is self but when one searches a rare combination of demographic and finds a love one must not be content with a lone mascot It does a disservice to literature to treat with it as a fill in the blank rather than a living entity that existed long before you and will continue long after you're goneI see I've gone and not talked much about this work I say is amazing Well the prose is beauteous the plot treats with an entirety of life probed in a delightfully full and empathetic manner intellect couples wondrously with love different choices of life do not feel the need to compete with the other the old is there and is understood the new is there and adapted to pain heals slow and sure and friendship is raised to the heights it deserves A personal bonus was the Muslim feminism that the temper of these times call for so desperately along with so many other categories of the written word but I've spent enough time on the uagmires of representation For practical folk this is rather short and super cheap a tome so without reservations experience away The power of books this marvelous invention of astute human intelligence Various signs associated with sound different sounds that form the word Juxtaposition of words from which springs the idea Thought History Science Life Sole instrument of interrelationships and of culture unparalleled means of giving and receiving Books knit generations together in the same continuing effort that leads to progress They enabled you to better yourself

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Het debuut van de Senegalese schrijfster Mariama Bâ Een bijzonder debuut dat meteen in de prijzen viel en op de Frankfurter Buchmesse van 1980 bekroond werd met de Noma Award voor het beste Afrikaanse bo If I'm being honest I want to like this than I do And it's not the subject matter or prose it's the orientation There's an awkward angle I just can't shake Let me explain This novella is in epistolary form a long letter from an aging widow who is progressive by her society's normative standards perhaps boldly and bravely so to her great friend Aissatou Both women have been transformed by their husbands' decision to make them co wives Ramatoulaye our heroine recounts her struggles and seems to gain strength as the novel time progresses She is not preachy or polemical She emanates a solid core of determined self respect whose authenticity provides the spongy outer layer which soaks up difficulties insulating her from the criticism of her life ways and decisions that are often at odds with her patriarchal society So what's wrong then Well and I admit this may be a minor uibble I guess I just wanted it to be better crafted I kept looking for ways to justify awkward details in the letter ie Ramatoulaye recounts details of her relationship with Aissatou that would be needless if the letter were truly written for her By the end it seems that there is almost a successful explanation Ramatoulaye is writing perhaps a letter that is not meant to be delivered a letter that is instead intended to fill out the days of her Mirasse four month ten day mourning seclusion a strictly personal catharsis with Aissatou functioning as muse only But I have to repeat this is almost but not uite enough to smooth out the awkwardness the sense of awareness that certain choices to provide context imply that the author was writing for a wider reading public rather than maintaining the conceit of the form You probably should judge for yourself It's only about 90 pages that I certainly don't regret reading

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Une si longue lettreEen lange brief portretteert op persoonlijke wijze de maatschappelijke isolatie van getrouwde vrouwen die polygamie verwerpen in een maatschappij waar polygamie gebruikelijk isHet boek ontvouwt de problem We all agreed that much dismantling was needed to introduce modernity within our traditions Torn between the past and the present we deplored the ‘hard sweat’ that would be inevitable We counted the possible losses But we knew that nothing would be as before We were full of nostalgia but were resolutely progressive Mariama Bâ So Long a Letter Mariama Bâ means a lot to me because she was the first African woman writer I’d ever read I like to think I recognized her genius at age 14 when I read So Long a Letter for the very first time but it’s only now as an adult with awareness and lived experience that I really understand how powerful of a writer she wasThis book seems simple enough in storyline a long letter written by Ramatoulaye to Aissatou her long time friend on the event of Ramatoulaye’s recent widowhood The letter contains so much than just words to a friend though; incorporates feminism Senegalese tradition religion and history all the things that were very relevant to the lives of these two women Ramatoulaye mother of 12 children whose husband of 30 years abandoned her 5 years prior to his death for a much younger second wife details her childhood marriage struggles and so on The emotions that are brimming under the surface may not have had an outlet in many circumstances but in this case the protagonist has an audience in her best friend Aissatou who when her husband decided to take on a second wife divorced him rather than stay in a polygamous household against her wishesI’ve always been interested in stories that take place during times of transition and this letter details a lot of the thoughts and observations of the transition from colonialism to independence This winter I sat down with my 90 year old grandmother who was a young primary school English teacher during colonialism and she told me about what a hopeful time independence seemed to be for African women She told me about how empowered she felt being able to work and another thing she mentioned was how people thought that she as a woman in the 1940s and 50s must be pretty eccentric to even want to work I had always thought of my grandmother as very conservative and traditional but hearing her story made me realize she was of a rebel than I’d ever be Mariama Bâ was coincidentally born in the same year as my grandmother so rereading her thoughts on African feminism during this time really made me reflect on my conversations with my grandmother and how life changed for African women during transitionsWe were true sisters destined for the same mission of emancipation To lift us out of the bog of tradition superstition and custom to make us appreciate a multitude of civilizations without renouncing our own to raise our vision of the world cultivate our personalities strengthen our ualities to make up for our inadeuacies to develop universal moral values in us these werethe aims of our admirable headmistress It’s interesting reading this book in the 21st century over half a century onwards from independence and realizing that that hope the continent felt was sort of misplaced and didn’t come to fruition in many ways because of poor governance A powerful book that I’m sure I’ll love forever