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Treacherous kindle ↠ Kindle Edition ✓ chloe walsh ✓ One year is all I have to endure That was the agreement with Uncle Max One year in a new school on a new continent and then I can go home to IrelandTotally doable right? Wrong The boy next door is dangerous He's a criminal He's violent He fills the halls of my He's reeling me deeper into his underworld It's sink or swim time he warns me but I fear I'm already drowning Warning due to its explicit content Treacherous is recommended for mature readers of seventeen years and abo 2ND TIME AROUNDIt's been years since I first read this and there are only a few times I will read a story than once and this is definitely worth it Wait NOAH MESSINA is Teagan? Oh man she's the perfect thorn I love her

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One year is all I have to endure That was the agreement with Uncle Max One year in a new school on a new continent and then I can go home to IrelandTotally doable right? Wrong The boy next door is dangerous He's a crimi 45 Thorn stars for Noah and Teagan Are you fuckin' kidding me??? I HATE CLIFFHANGERS I HATE themChloe why did that to us???After all those shits that we have to get through that was the ending???And not only that but you went seven years forward???So much wasted time I'm gonna dieThank God that the second book is already out there but please please tell me that the problems will finish and we're not going to have another cliffyDamn that was one hell of a ride and i want to thank my friend Julie for this rec You get me girl you're really getting me Noah Messina is my new loving book boyfriendAnd with the girl next door they were a very fiesty and delightful compination This gif is so perfect to present you the thing between Noah and TeaganI won't lie to you they frustrated the hell out of me than once they made me want to kick their asses and get their heads straight but at the same time they made me excited and angsty and i couldn't stop turning the pagesI didn't even realize when i finished itWell this was the story of Teagan and NoahTeagan had come to America from Ireland with her uncle who was her legal guardian after a tragedy that struck her family some years beforeBut it was very difficult to live in this neighborhood when the girl next door was bullying her all the damn time without a good reason And when in the game added her hot step brother Noah the things got out of handA war started between Teagan and the two stepsiblingsA war that got out of hands many times You know what they sayHate is the closest thing to love Teagan was sick out of Ellie's bullshits and when Noah was adding in the euation she decided to fight back with everything she had She didn't lose a single opportunity to get back to them with any cost Yes Ellie was the ultimate bitch but her step brother was a treacherous guy And he wasn't stopping harrass herTeagan's biggest problem was that she hated with every shell of her body Noah but at the same time her body was becoming hot and bothered every time that she was too close to himNoah was a dangerous guy with too many secrets and she just had to stay away from himWould she take her own advice??? My mind knew this attraction – and my behavior – was all kinds of fucked up and irrational but there was this draw I hadn’t felt before – or maybe I had and refused to consider it as anything other than my body's heated response to his assholeness Noah Messina was hot Wow That guy was too hot for his own good and he was also such a tortured soul Honestly guys I just want to consolate him and to protect him with any costHe had too many shits on his plate and the presence of the new girl next door made the things ugly for him than already have beenNoah was living a pure hell and he didn't need the distraction that Teagan was offering himShe was the only girl that could drive him crazy from anger and lustBut as much as he wanted her he had to keep her in arm's length for her own safety and his own as wellSo she had to believe that he was hating her Even though that he had no part in the torment that his step sister was creating to her That girl was nothing but a huge thorn in my side and I didn’t need any complications and pain in my life Well as you can understand Teagan and Noah were bickering all the fuckin' time and that was annoying and exciting at the same timeThe air around them was thick with tension when they were close to each other I fuckin' crave for them to be together and they annoyed me when they didn't stop provoking each other I'm exactly what you want – crave – and that rebellious streak inside your brain fucking hates itI'm justI'm confused as hell about you – about how you make me feel I admitted in a torn voice You scare me So what will happen with them???Can they get over all those obstacles between them and be together???Or with being together will come the destruction of both of them???Can they stay away from each other??? Or they will take the risk??? It's gonna be rough ThornI'm the worst kind of wrong for youI'm well aware of that I admitted honestly But I also know there's good in you than there is bad Noah I loved Noah and Teagan They were fitting so good togetherWhen they let themselves lose they were such sweethearts but the fight between them never stopped and it was adorable in a wayThe things that got on my nerves was that Teagan was so judgemental toward Noah and that she was becoming very often very unfair to him and he didn't deserve it But i have to admit that when she learned the secrets that Noah was keeping she had the courage to stay beside him and to fight for himPhew For once again i will say that my heart was aching about Noah's behalfHis life was so unfair And Teagan manage to become his greatest weakness and that wasn't good for neither of them Hell i didn't like the end I need redemption ASAP Raw lust and anger fuelled inside of me and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to hit him or kiss him It was a very unsettling feeling I feel like slapping you and kissing you all at the same time I admitted in a torn voice And it makes me feel crazy Noah because I know you hate meHate you? I'm fucking lost in you Teagan he hissed and I think my heart stopped in my chestYou're lost in me? I asked barely breathing as my heart thundered against my ribs You like me Yeah Thorn I do I felt his touch slip away and opened my eyes If any other girl treated me the way you have believe me I'd have walked away by now As for the rest of the characters in this book???The good guys are all the Carters and they were amazing I loved all the Carter kids and the parents so much and i have this feeling that i'm missing something To be honest i was wondering all the damn time why the series was named Carter Kids since they were the secondary characters but i think that near to the end i understood why As for the bad guys??? Damn they were all of them disgusting and hatefulGeorge Ellie that slut Reese George's son God what an awful bunchThis George was the King of the bad guys As for Noah's mother??? She was eually awful and i got mad with Noah that he was letting them to treat him like that because her mother didn't deserve his devotion Why do I get the feeling that you need someone to fight for you as ferociously as you fight for those men? That book reminded me a combination of favorite book as Bully by Penelope Douglas Lovely vicious from Sarah Wolf and it was relating with illegal fighting What else a girl can ask???Ugh??? That's all from meI can't wait any I'm running to read the next book

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TreacherousNal He's violent He fills the halls of my school by day and keeps me up at night I know I'm in danger I need to keep my head down and my mouth shut Problem is I'm not good at doing either Noah Messina is treacherous and I really LOVED this book I’m a sucker for hate to love relationships This book had so many cute moments so I was smiling throughoutTo me the hero Noah was perfect I adored him so much He was very funny and always looking for Teagan which was super sweet The fighting between the two was great I think that’s what made it funnier the chemistry was definitely hot between the twoI didn’t like the heroine as much for one small reason which was she kept jumping into conclusions without knowing any facts also she kept running after every little fight which was annoying as hell but I really liked her strongfeisty side The only thing I have a BIG problem with is the cliffhanger arrrrrg