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M's Walls in the heart of Troy they know that their uest is running perilously short of time For the Grail Brotherhood has finally set the date for the Ceremony when they will make their bid for the immortality and thereby seal the fate of Earth's children foreverBut before Renie and her allies can hope to stop the Brotherhood they must first solve the mysteries of Otherland itself and confront its darkest secret―an enitity known only at the Other Mountain of Black Glass is the next book and continues the adventures of the very disparate gang from the previous book in which we see them start to come closer and closer together as they go through the various virtual world in an attempt to undo what the Grail Brotherhood are attempting to do and to healthy while doing it DAs in the previous book the characterisation is really great with all the characters feeling very different throughoutD As the story progresses straight after the previous book we get to see some of the harder edges that we have seen in the previous books start to get knocked off our characters and the 'team' really starting to work together as they go through even extremes than they have before which leads all of the disparate groups to eventually meet up at a Troy simulation which to their horror is right in the middle of the closing battles which put our characters in even danger some of the on opposite sides which further complicates things DThe book is on an epic scale with each virtual world visited seeming to be a epic in itself though the irony is that many of the worlds visited are based on epics and this adds a little bit of dry humour to events which throughout can get very extreme with many of the characters really being put through the wringer D Though there is a lot of humour throughout which helps to put into context what some of the characters are up to DFor the first time in these books though we get to see all the characters and events coming together though and as this happens we get to see different perspectives on them and at the same time you also get to see how some of the characters in many of the simulations are actually becoming heroes as opposed to pretending to be ones which leads the books to a sense of building confrontation with the Grail Brotherhood throughout and it shows that Grail Brotherhood are about to meet there match but they simply do not know it yet DThere is also a great blending of cultures and different imaginings that go on throughout which means that anything can appear in any reality within the network that the characters are travelling throughout the book but at the same this also gives many of the scenes a very surreal feel and still adds to the mystery whether the action book has some fantasy elements in though all will no doubt be revealed in the next book no doubt D The book is the third part in what is really a very large novel but it is a perfect setup for the next books with characters really realizing that they have arrived at their goal but things are not uite what they seem to be or was expected due to the inference of what has almost become their Nemesis D Though there are many secrets and mysteries still abounding which have to resolved so you are also kept guessing and throughout D Brilliant and highly recommended D

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Mountain of Black GlassThe Grail Brotherhood has built the most powerful sophisticated simulation network imaginable At the same time they have manipulated ad injured the minds of thousands of childrenThis proclamation from the mysterious Mr Sellars confirmed what Renie Sulaweyo had feared to be true when she first broke into the Otherland network in a desperate search for the cause of her brother Stephen's deathlike coma Now Renie the Bushman Xabbu and their companions f Executive Summary Things are really picking up in the 3rd of this 4 volume doorstopperAudio book Another excellent job by George Newbern With books as long as these it's important to have a good narrator and thankfully they've made a good choice Clear good volume good inflections and a variety of voices making the audio a good choice Full Review Both the previous two books in this series suffer from slower parts and this one was no different However I found this one to have the fewest number of slow parts yetWe finally start to get answers to many of the uestions I've had since the first volume Additionally the pace seems much better Everything feels important to the story and the characters journey for answers and not just some exercise in writing for the authorThe prose are once again excellent and I find myself increasingly attached to the characters This is especially true of Orlando Fredricks and Xabbu Renie who got on my nerves at times in the last book was much less so in this book Paul's plotline provides some of the best reveals of the series thus far but I found myself a bit less interested in him as I was in the previous two booksIn this novel we start to finally get some convergence of several plotlines that had previously felt only loosely related to one another We get yet even new sim worlds to explore but thankfully they don't seem to be explored for exploration's sake but with real purpose to the plot Many of the minor plotlines are starting to finally feel important as wellUnlike the previous two where I found it was easy to take a break with something shorterlighter there was no way I couldn't jump into the fourth and final book with how this ends Overall this has been a pretty enjoyable series for me and I'll be curious to see how Mr Williams wraps it all up

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Mountain of Black Glass Book Ð 749 pages ´ Tad williams ´ The Grail Brotherhood has built the most powerful sophisticated simulation network imaginable At the same time they have manipulated ad injured the minds of thousands of childrenThis proclamation from the mysterious Mr Sellars confirmed what Renie Sulaweyo Ind themselves navigating a treacherous and ever changing course―from a strangely unfinished land ro a seemingly endless labyrinthine House―pursuing a sociopathic killer who has stolen one of their group To Renie's despair she is no closer to uncovering the secrets which could help save Stephen's life and now it appears that something may be very wrong with the Otherland network itselfAs Paul Jonas Orlando Renie and the rest strive to reach Pria I don't know what it is about this series but the second and third books have really been just travelling travelling travelling with no real advancement of the plot The first book was spectacular but now it seems that Williams is content with showing the reader how cool each simulated world is rather than injecting any kind of mystery intrigue or hey an actual story Really disappointing as Tad Williams is one of my favorite fantasy authors At this point I'm not even sure that I want to read the final volume