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Read doc ½ Lindsay Versus the Marauders ✓ Paperback ↠ naturaltreatment ´ Shy Lindsay Fleming has just summoned up all her courage and come out All she's ever wanted is to be accepted for herself but though her best friend Myra is okay with her sexual orientation many of her high scOoting and pillaging Lindsay is reluctant to get involved but she agrees to help Jo who she is attracted to Jo is tall and self confident and Lindsay thinks Jo might like her but she feels so shy and awkward Will she be able to shed her shyness and gain enough confidence to win Jo's heart? Even risky will Lindsay survive the dangerous Marauders find the jewels and return them before Jo's planet runs out of reserve power There were parts I liked and parts I didn'tI found the dialogue a bit tacky at times and some of the girls responses to certain situations seemed a bit unlikely like getting to naked to distract some monster aliens However on their own Lindsay and Jo are interesting well formed characters I think a lot of teen girls could easily identify with LindsayJo was my fave character and she made an ideal lesbian love interest although they were an unlikely couple they were sweet together and the unlikelyness of them appealed to meThere's no sex but there are some intimate moments that were surprisingly touching and genuine

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Shy Lindsay Fleming has just summoned up all her courage and come out All she's ever wanted is to be accepted for herself but though her best friend Myra is okay with her sexual orientation many of her high school friends are not Her parents don't understand at all leaving Lindsay angry and confused During the Christmas season Lindsay attends a meeting for the newly out but she leaves when that turns into a disaster On This book jumps right into action as Lindsay comes upon Joneprha Jo being attacked by very tall men with red skin and for the most the story remains in a state of tension and high activity I usually like that because it makes me feel like the story is flying by and I am right in the action with the characters For some reason though it did take me a few chapters before I could get immersed in the storyAfter accidentally driving away Jo’s attackers Lindsay gets swept up in Jo’s uest to save her planet They travel through many different worlds and I thought the author was very creative with them It did seem a little bit convenient that almost every world besides Jo’s had breathable air but I thought the descriptions of the lifeforms and their ways of communicating were interestingBecause it’s a YA story sexual situations were kept brief and to a bare minimum The romance between Jo and Lindsay was a slow burn with the two working together and building trust but not really making any moves on each other I was torn about that I wanted to feel a little bit chemistry but I appreciated that while Jo was trying to save her world their wasn’t a lot of gratuitous making out when important things really needed to be done However the girls do begin to see a kindred spirit in the other and romance blossomsI would say I enjoyed this story There are two books and I am interested in reading about the two of them and their adventures after this story It isn’t perfect because there are a few inconsistencies in the story but I’d definitely say that the story line and characters kept me interested until the end I’d definitely recommend the story especially to those that are fans of YA or sci fi810 Pots of Gold 80% Recommended – Compares to 45 Stars

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Lindsay Versus the Marauders Her way home she saves a young woman from being mugged by four red skinned aliens The woman Jonephra Call me Jo is a resident of the planet Carinna located in another dimension The red skinned men known as Marauders are a mean ruthless bunch who stole jewels that power Jo's home world and she's on a mission to get them back Turkel leads the band of heartless pirates and they'll kill anyone who gets in the way of their l rating 35I was provided a free copy in exchange for an honest reviewWhat a fun interplanetary romp through the galaxyThis is fun uirky action packed sci fi It doesn't take itself seriously but instead presents us fascinating alien life forms and imaginative worlds And its all wrapped up in a package of humor and whimsy I may be older than this story intended younger YA audience but as a sci fi reader it was refreshing to read something rooted in imagination rather than realism or perceived realism that took itself too seriouslyAdditionally the story dealt with important and serious issues like homophobia loneliness and bullying within that fantastical framework Yet the humor didn't take away from appropriately addressing each oneLindsey is a typical teenage Earth girl She worries about friends school and dating Although they are of a challenge to her than the typical girl because she's a lesbian Then she meets Jo an alien traveler warding off attacking bad guys in an alley This chance meeting sends them on an interstellar journey to save a world And learn something about life and loveYes there are some issues that could use polishing At times the writing is a bit uneven such as an infodump at the beginning There are some issues that I don't think were given the attention they should have for example view spoilerwhen Lin's dad died the grief seemed glazed over and there was an insensitive sentence that actually called it convenient hide spoiler