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In the uiet hour before dawn anything can happen A third daughter can dream of being a creature of flight and magic of wearing a swan skin like her sisters But Doucette must run the castle household while her older sis. Bleh Stupid No thanks Not recommended The main character isn't a character at all She only reacts to what goes on around her and never consistently only in ways that will forward the very tenuous plot All of the characters are this way They only do things to make the plot move When the plot reuires them to be nice they're nice When it reuires them to be beastly they're beastly The only interesting thing is seen coming a mile off and is rather a disappointment when it does come And potential spoilers that is if you're going to waste time reading this book the ending proves what a miserable excuse for a character Doucette yes that's really her name is After ditching her betrothed because a dog licked him ah ah ah I said let NO ONE kiss you and well you know that dog lick and spending her time building a castle with a moat and tormenting every visitor she has in spiteful ways and then burning down her castle in a fit of rage because guess what her betrothed is getting married well she comes down out of the sky and says Aren't you marrying the wrong girl And proceeds to throw herself at him and kiss him while his bride to be is standing right there But then to make sure everything is okay the author commands the bride to actually be in love with the brother so everything works out thus making things so that Doucette isn't a jerk Bleh Again bleh At the end of one of the chapters the mysterious uestion was asked just how far would her mother go to get her way and I seriously muttered aloud under my breath Who gives a d I was fed upWhy did I finish reading it Well that is a good uestion Probably partly because I was hoping it would get better Which it never did Probably partly because I was supposed to be taking a break from my grading and wanted the book to distract me I don't know But it really was wasted time I wish I had read something else instead Ah but then I wouldn't have had the chance to write this one star review So something good from all things I suppose

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The Swan MaidenTers learn to weave spells Her dream of flying is exactly that until the day she discovers her own hidden birthright Sudden soaring freedom it is a wish come true Yet it comes with a price As Doucette struggles to find. I don't know if it's fair that I rate this book I didn't read it all At the begining it was similar to Goose Girl so I was pretty sure that I would like it However it was so slow that I started skipping pages and then chapters I did read the last chapter and I was glad I didn't waste my time reading it all I suggest someone else read it and then you can tell me what a wonderful book it was and maybe I'll try reading it again

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The Swan Maiden Summary ó 5 È In the uiet hour before dawn anything can happen A third daughter can dream of being a creature of flight and magic of wearing a swan skin like her sisters But Doucette must run the castle household while her older sisters learn to weave spells Her dream of flying is exactly that until the day she discovers her own hidden bHer own way in the world she risks losing the one she loves most of all An age old fairy tale told in a refreshingly original voice Heather Tomlinson's stunning debut is fantasy at its most elouent and richly imagined. Review originally posted hereThe Swan Maiden by Heather Tomlinson is a novel that uses the idea of a girl who can transform into a swan via a magical swan skin This is not a direct retelling of any specific swan maiden tale but uses elements prevalent in several and sets it against a backdrop of medieval France It has many fairy tale staples in it The impoverished man seeking to perform a task to gain the hand of a maiden magic transformations enchantresses If you go into it keeping in mind that it is really just a long form fairy tale and are not expecting much you may enjoy it I didn't have this mindset going in and it really didn't do much for me as a resultThe main character Doucette is a bullied doormat when we meet her Unable to practice the magic her sisters both swan maidens were born to she is being trained by her mother to be a good wife and chatelaine Her sisters bully her and use their magic to make her miserable Then during a time of spring cleaning she finds a swan skin Her swan skin that her mother has been hiding from her for years Angry and energized with the knowledge that she can do magic too she strikes out on her own to join her sisters for their summer of magic learning with their aunt She puts no thought or planning into her flight and takes absolutely no precautions Then intoxicated by her freedom and new found power she propositions a guy she barely knows but has the hots for then flies off in a huff before he can completely respond Showing her to be way too immature to be even thinking about a relationship like that This never changes throughout the entire novel The only things standing between Doucette and her happy ever after is her own bratty petulance Once she is reunited the first time with this young man they declare their love and intention wed This is the most interesting part of the story He has to complete three impossible tasks set by her father and she is struggling against her controlling mother When they conuer her parents and have fled for his home Doucette flies off in a huff again for no good reason other than she has to have her own way at all times Clearly she was not ready for marriage After spending some months alone she seeks out her love who is then planning to wed some one else Except I'm not convinced she really learned anything from any of this The resolution of the story lacks closure because I couldn't help but feel she was going to repeat the same cycle over and overThe hero of the tale is sacrificing loving caring considerate and way to good for Doucette I didn't have much respect for him because he made himself an endless victim of her fickle magical tantrums I think his happily ever after will consist of being a doormat for his enchantress wifeSome of these are issues inherent in fairy tales You see them pop up all the time The characters are selfish two dimensional self consumed and focused on their own wishes This is why Sondheim had so much fodder for writing Into the Woods There are two acts to that play though and in the end four of the characters have at least learned something and grown You have hope for their future This should be true of a fairy tale told in full novel form as well You can do and I think should do with the character arcs I was disappointed with The Swan Maiden because the characters never became real people They were their two dimensional fairy tale caricatures from beginning to endThere was an interesting uestion underneath the story Could Douc