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Macrocosmic Conflict (Starhounds, Book 3) Read ´ 104 Â Third Volume in the STAR HOUNDS seriesA dystopian futureA beautiful wild female pilot on the run from an odious FederationA handsome troubled pirate with a secretAliens who enjoy bizarre apocaclyptic gamesMix them together space adventure with thrusters on fullFirst NovelTheThird Volume in the STAR HOUNDS seriesA dystopian futureA beautiful wild female pilot on the run from an odious Federa. Review copy kindly provided by GR friend Saul GarnellIn this third installment of the Star Hounds series no longer a trilogy things get very serious for the lovely maverick pilot Laura Shemzac whose search for her alien abductee brother continues As we follow her on her uest we discover the answers to a lot of uestionsFor example we find out about the inscrutable Jaxdron who are holding Cal prisoner for devious purposes of their own We learn about Shon'till the alien and the members of his vanished race The depths of Zarpfrin's madness are revealed And most importantly we find out what is on the other end of the vortex Even though the author maintains a continuity with the zaniness that has gone before things get even serious here than in the previous volume It's a bit like fans of Buffy making the transition from Kristy Swanson to Sarah Michelle Gellar And the ending like that of any good seuel leaves room for yet another seuel As with the previous books there are echoes of Dune Star Wars and possibly other sci fi classics But here I have to make a confession As I was reading this third volume I was continually reminded of Futurama of all things Of course these comparisons have their limits but they could give you some idea of what the characters are like With apologies to Mr Bischoff let me explain Cal is much smarter than Fry and he is not really a throwback to the distant past but he does come up with a lot of references to 20th century pop culture Laura has the regular number of eyes for a human but like Leela she is vulnerable yet savvy and rather kick ass if you'll pardon the expression Mish is a little like Professor Farnsworth Shon'till who is almost companionable one minute and dangerous the next might be compared to Dr Zoidberg Captain Tars Northern has some traits in common with that irrepressible lothario Zapp Brannigan We've already seen a race of funny weird unsettling aliens similar to the ones which haunt many of the planets visited by Fry et al And Zarpfrin well Mom comes to mind Shiver

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Re with thrusters on fullFirst NovelThe Infinite BattleSecond NovelGalactic WarriorsThird NovelThe Macrocosmic Conflic. Like the other books in the series this has some great plot angles but the simplistic emotional responses of the characters really hurt the story

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Macrocosmic Conflict Starhounds Book 3TionA handsome troubled pirate with a secretAliens who enjoy bizarre apocaclyptic gamesMix them together space adventu. I'm in a special position to write a review because it was my privilege to work with David Bischoff and help him republish this as an eBook with Hotspur PublishingBook #3 in the series THE MACROCOSMIC CONFLICT is a lot of fun It's classic space opera with a kick ass heroin named Laura Shemzak She's not only a cyborg with incredible strength and agility but she's absolutely drop dead gorgeous There is a love interest between her and her brother Cal Shemzak but don't get too grossed out by that Cal and Laura are siblings because they were born from the same Federation cloning vats Or were they As the adventure unfolds you'll need to decide what's true and what's notThen there's captain Tars Northern a strapping Space Pirate who is smitten by Laura's beauty and courage But his first allegiance is to his starship The Starbow and his loyal crew Will love prevail as Tars and Laura fight treacherous forces lurking in both the Galactic Federation and the enemy Jaxdron empire You'll have to read all the book's in the series to find outI found it an absolute blast to not only read this book and the others in the series but to work with David and re edit the book for today's readers We made sure all the technologically dependent scenes have been updated so that after almost three decades out of print you'll find the ebook version as fresh and fun as ever It's also fun to read the old paper versions too just gloss over the parts that don't take your iPadiTouchAndroid wireless world into account