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characters Rupee Millionaires ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ✓ Dodgy Frank Kusy born into poverty from immigrant parents learns to live on his wits––first as an unwitting money collector for Ronnie Kray later as a Buddhist trader in London’s St Martin’s in the Fields marketThen he meets up with thuggish ‘Spud’ Bound Rajasthani George an irascible American Nick and Anna a uirky Canadian couple Susie a Dagenham girl gone ‘native’ and Rose the secret love of Ram’s life These become the ‘Pushkar Posse’ a group of oddball traveller entrepreneurs who meet once a year to have fun and make money in eual measureJoin Frank on this wild rite of passage through Indi. Oh my goodness what a book I felt as though I needed a long lie down in a darkened room after reading this book This is the second memoir written by Frank Kusy about his time in India The first one was the eually enjoyable book 'Kevin and I in India' about the writer's travels in India as a younger man This one focuses on his selling career first as a market trader then progressing onto a leading wholesale buyer and trader of Indian garments bedspreads and jewellery along with his psychotic partner Spud It occurred to me that this would make a great movieAnother wickedly funny and this time frenetic series of journeys through the India that the former travel writer knows so well and the fascinating characters encountered along the way Hilarious descriptive honest warts and all laugh out loud at times throughout but the pace and personal life gradually took it's toll on both of them without giving too much away Emotional times too There's another book in the series out soon in October 2014 'My Crazy year in Asia' the follow up to 'Kevin and I in India' The 23rd of October to be exact and I was disappointed to find that today was the 22nd and not the 23rd when it would be auto delivered to my Kindle Tomorrow

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S him on the spot as his business partnerIt’s a deal with the Devil Spud is a loose cannon liable to blow up at any moment The two travel to India to become the largest wholesaler of hippy Hindi glad rags in the UK and to fulfil their dream of becoming rupee millionairesAlong the way they pick up a motley crew of kooky characters––Ram a lovable crutch. A memorable fascinating MemoirOne of the major reasons this superbly written book is so electrifying to read is that difficult as it may seem to believe it is based on fact From biographical data gathered from the various sites where his life is made public we learn the following about the redoubtable Frank Kusy `I'm a rather fat Buddhist who likes playing bridge with little old ladies and writing silly stories about cats I wrote my first cat book when I was eight It was called `Jessie the Cat' and even my mum liked it There followed `Toad's Dilemma' a seuel to my all time fave kid's book `The Wind in the Willows' and a whole host of similarly derivative anthropomorphic masterpieces Only after a short affair with journalism in my 20's did I write anything with a human being in it well the Financial Times insisted upon it and only after I went to India aged 30 did I stop writing about cats I only saw one in India My first published book 1986 was a travelogue on India 'Kevin and I in India' re released here on Grinning Bandits I wrote it to avoid having to return to a mind numbing job in Social Services There followed a slew of Asian travel guides India Thailand Burma Indonesia etc but none of them paid very much and the last one gave me a ten year writing block I simply couldn't decide which Delhi hotel had the best bathroom the Taj Intercontinental or the Oberoi I returned to writing after breaking my leg in 2005 my wife Madge nagged me into it And the first thing we penned together wasanother cat book Thus came into being `Ginger the Gangster Cat' the story of one fat cat's devotion to Spanish cuisine For anyone interested Sparky our 3 year old perennial kitten and Ginger's shy and nervous sidekick is real He really is the cutest cat in the universe Ginger himself is a composite of every stray tom cat we've had in the past absolute terrors all of them I hope you enjoy my work I'll cry if you don't' And then the pertinent stuff `Born in England of Polish Hungarian parents Frank left Cardiff University for a career in journalism and worked for a while at the Financial Times India is his first love the only country he knows which improves on repeated viewings He still visits for business and for pleasure at least once a year'You may think that has very little to do with RUPEE MILLIONAIRES but considering this is a memoir the flavor of the above is necessary to appreciate the rather madcap life and modes of thinking that make his story so intriguing and entertaining Frank born into poverty from immigrant parents learns to live on his wits first as an unwitting money collector later as a Buddhist trader in London's St Martin's in the Fields market teams up with Spud a snarly operator who immediately impresses as a man who can frighten away competition such as the Russian gangsters the Petrovs and through wits and luck become the largest wholesaler of hippy Hindi glad rags in the UK on their way to becoming rupee millionaires In this intensely complex and at times hilarious travelogue of an adventure they pick up a motley crew of kooky characters Ram a lovable crutch bound Rajasthani George an irascible American Nick and Anna a uirky Canadian couple Susie a Dagenham girl gone `native' and Rose the secret love of Ram's life These become the `Pushkar Posse' a group of oddball traveler entrepreneurs who meet once a year to have fun and make money in eual measureKusy's matter of fact delivery of dialogue and atmosphere makes his book one that once started begs to be read in one sitting It is full of flavor especially the scents and scintillations of India as we've never read about it and satisfies on every level This is a story pleading to become a film Grady Harp

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Rupee MillionairesDodgy Frank Kusy born into poverty from immigrant parents learns to live on his wits––first as an unwitting money collector for Ronnie Kray later as a Buddhist trader in London’s St Martin’s in the Fields marketThen he meets up with thuggish ‘Spud’ who is so good at scaring people notably the Petrovs two encroaching Russian gangsters that he hire. I've just come across this book and it will probably make an interesting readSee back in 1990 I was in business with the author for a few years and I'm clearly the model for his caricature Spud Of course this is a work of fiction and I am just a regular guy and not anything like the cartoon he createdSomeone said they didn't think his description of his meeting with my ex wife was very well written The fact is I divorced in 1993 3 years after my wife and I both worked with Mr Kusy one of a number of embellishments in the chapter of the book I read for free on Amason I've also never been to prison or ever been arrestedHis depiction of me as a womanizer is very strange too as the only woman in my life through the entire time I knew him was my wife Frank does have an art in picking up on random joking comments made on long tiresome bus journeys and spinning them into the core of his fictional character though I remember Stock is Power and consoling him after his girlfriend left him literally the week before my wife left me with the humorous comment never mind you'll soon have enough money to make women irresistible to you This is the same girlfriend Anita that I was apparently insanely jealous of despite still being happily married at the time Actually if I recall correctly right after I made that comment to him I went home and discovered that my wife had walked out on meThe theme of Rupee Millionaires came much earlier in our partnership and was once again an offhand comment I made that Frank built up into a big story I simply said that the way to become insanely rich was to set your target low and then work up from there Become a Rupee Millionaire first and then work our way through the worlds' currencies until we were Dollar and then Pound MillionairesRather than leaving Frank in fear for his life I have spent the last 20 years struggling with depression after I bought him out of our partnership at his reuest and for the price he asked only to find he used the money to set himself up in competition despite assuring me that he would not do so and then started undercutting me by the simple strategy of importing goods under the name of his dear dying mother to avoid paying VAT He actually chronicles this in the book while trying to justify his behaviorSo as well as ruining my health ruining me financially and almost losing the roof over my head I still owe the taxman £60000 as a result of his failure to pay his tax bill which was levied against me after he transferred all his assets to his wife's name and pleaded poverty I now have to suffer another indignation through my depiction in this work of fiction dressed up as true to lifeI did think of him as a great friend I trusted him than anyone before and certainly since and the experience left me brokenEnjoy the book but be aware that behind it lies a very different storyHaving now read the book apart from the blatant attempt to paint me in the most ludicrous of negative light the timeline is all over the place with Frank trying to stretch a 3 year period into 6 and extending our relationship into a further 2 years of fantasy His anecdote are weak and often lacking the finest points of detail and humor that made them memorable to me I find his casual racism a little disturbing calling an Irish character based on a 1st generation Irish immigrant Spud is like calling a Frenchman Froggy A German Kraut a Black person Watermelon or an Hispanic Beany He also refers to an Indian as his disabled pet monkeyEven small details are sloppily overlooked He refers to going to India in 2001 still aching from walking through the mud at Glastonbury Glastonbury Festival wasn't held in 2001 and the closest years that it was muddy were 1997 1998 2004 and 2005 So I would uestion whether he just added that in to sound like he was still hip and in the groove man He also talks about a plague in India in 1996 that happened in 1994 demonstrating that he has stretched the story out over a longer period in order to encapsulate the fictitious downfall of Spud through drug problems When you write a story a good writer checks details like that He even changed the date of his mothers' death so that he could add in the emotional trip to India with her after our partnership ended In fact while he was enjoying this trip with his mother in 1994 I was working for the both of us on the trip where he accuses me of forcing a Muslim to break his Ramadan fast An extra clue to the accuracy of that story is that it was supposed to have happened in January 1995 94 or 95 Ramadan didn't start until FebruaryFrank Kusy says in his acknowledgements that this was the work of his heart His heart must be a very dark place if he has to vent this malevolent travesty of reality on the public 20 years after it was best forgotten