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read Æ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Í Nicola J. McDonagh Oodsmales trapped by savage Clonies and drugged by corrupt Monks in the Monastery in the Clouds Adara’s uest seems doomed Yet Amongst the outcasts and deviants she encounters Adara finds unlikely friendships that help her come to terms with her supernatural ability and realise her true potential as a Bringer and powerful weaponAs she journeys forth with her new found allies Adara un. What sets this excellent book apart from the crowded field of dystopian novels is the strong voice of the lead character a plucky young woman named Adara However while Adara is uniue in the novel’s bleak futuristic landscape she is by no means uniue in the world of books – a young hero with a special gift out in the world on a uest to rescue her brother It is the strength of the author’s writing specifically the fascinating speech patterns Adara uses that keeps this novel from being a mundane adventure in which our hero moves episodically from one peril to the next As readers we are transported to this harsh future not so much through descriptions of landscapes references to technologies or apocalyptic exposition but through the intimate nuances of languageAdara’s voice keeps the story small and personal despite freuent mentioning of larger events – events one suspects will take on a bigger role as the Song of Forgetfulness moves along Often times the uniue vocabulary the inverted phrasing and the swapping of adjectives for adverbish thingies helps our hero describe her own body and its processes This isn’t Tolkien inventing words to teach us about the history of the world; this is instead a skilled author inventing words to describe defecation and menstruation among other things And that brings a good deal of light and humor to what is too often a humorless genre It also makes Adara feel very real Along the way not surprisingly Adara meets a cast of characters Some are friends some are enemies and than a few are shrouded in mystery As these things go we know some untrustworthy characters will behave honorably while some close friends will commit acts of betrayal While reading this novel I sometimes proceeded along with a sense of dread that it might succumb to the banalities of its formulaic nature But always my fears were unfounded as new characters and imaginative details kept the story fresh and fascinating I was particularly interested in the character of Wirt a sidekick with a uniue manner and a compelling and horrifying backstory In fact it is the nature of Wirt’s troubled past that makes Adara and him such interesting companions as the potential for a romantic connection is complicated in ways you won't find in ShakespeareAnother uniue aspect of the book that sets it apart and above other books of this genre is its upbeat and positive tone While the future setting is certainly grim and tragedy is close and personal our hero seems unflappable Again much of this comes through in the nature of her voice and her humor intentional on the part of the author but maybe not always intentional on the part of Adara She’s an easy girl to root for and she earns the readers sympathy without playing the standard chords of loss and abuse and loneliness She gets our support from this great narrative voice that is so human and honest The idea that she is special and gifted with uniue abilities is entirely believable not because the author simply tells us she’s destined for greatness but because she’s genuinely drawn by the author as someone of singular uality If I had to offer any criticism of Echoes from the Lost Ones I would say it is an uneven book The characters and language are at times richly presented thoroughly developed and as well done as anything in the genre However there are times when these strengths create a harsh contrast with flatter less successful elements of the story Many characters are simply drawn cutouts from too many other stories and they miss the uirky and imaginative details the author gives her main characters Certain plot elements suffer from this same contrast A climactic scene near the end is presented through uick exposition without giving the reader a chance to see how events fully affect the characters I realize this is an attempt to move the story along uickly as important event unfold in a chaotic situation And I did tear through the last bit of the book riveted by the seuence of events Generally speaking I was extremely impressed by this novel which I chose completely at random to be the first of many books I review on this blog Ultimately the greatest indicator of how much I enjoyed this or any other book is whether or not I pick up the next book in the series I suspect the next book which I hope to read soon will explore the larger story and bring depth of characterization to some of this book’s minor playersthebavardcom

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Echoes from the Lost Ones (Song of Forgetfulness #2) characters ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ Librarian's note An alternate cover edition can be found hereWhat would you do if you found out everything you believed in was a lieAlone in the hostile Wilderness where starving feral dogs and kilted Covers conspiracies and lies kept hidden for centuries Secrets that uncover the origin to all the inhabitants of NotSoGreatBritAlbion and the truth behind her destiny“This outsideness is a savage place I know nowt about I must creep and peep all stealthy like to track down my bro bro snatched by Agro scum for who knows whatI just wish I knew who or what is following my every move”. This volume is Book Two of The Song of Forgetfulness The author continues with her slangy but uaint diction appropriate to a distant dystopian future which was what interested me in this series in the first place See my review of the Preuel Whisper GatherersWe learn a good deal here about the culture and inhabitants of NotSoGreatBritAlbion I wonder a bit why the survivors latched onto the archaic chiefly poetic name “Albion” for the British islands It seems that after a great famine in 2085 sea level rise caused a tsunami to reduce the size of the British Islands drastically people fought over the remaining land and finally the “Agros” and scientists took over destroyed most books and began cloning people in 2092 It turns out that almost everybody now alive is a “Clonie” In a mountaintop monastery enough books have been preserved to keep this history alive When the heroine Adara and a collection of companions whom she has acuired go there they learn what their true mission is – not just to rescue Adara’s brother from the Agros but to rescue all “Meeks” who were also created by the Agros I remain a little vague as to exactly what the “Meeks” are but Adara’s brother whom we met in the Preuel seemed to have characteristics of autismI was curious about the names of the characters Wirt seems to have the ability to detect the true names of individuals although if this ability was ever explained I missed it “Adara” is said to mean “Caller of Birds” “Ryce” is said to mean “Powerful” and “Atyhtan” is “Enticer” I’m puzzled as to the derivation of these names Apparently the evolved English speech has acuired some new connotations since for example if one looks up “Adara” in the website 2000 Names it’s a Hebrew name meaning “amplitude or largeness” or an Arabic name for “the virgins” also the brightest star in Canis Major So historically up to our own times at least the name seems to have no connection to birds This book has some formatting and stylistic issues although some of the formatting may be purposeful as part of the future language One thing that bothered me a little was the dearth of commas which occasionally creates confusion and sometimes a comma occurs where it’s not needed Also the author seems to eschew the use of “Adara said” or “Wirt asked” When there are several persons engaged in dialogue it’s easy to lose track of who is speaking It’s not a problem if only two people are involved Easing the reader’s way should always be a goal of an authorHowever I enjoyed the book enough to give it four stars The author displays a lot of imagination and the plot and characters have great originality I love the innovative use of language a single example “I sighed and saw the false monk’s eyelid twitch uick as a scatter bug I crouched by his motionless bod leant close to his ear and gave forth a whispered tune uiet so only he could hear The melody was oddly indeed and I was glad the others were far enough away so that they could not discern the spooky notes that issued from my slightly parted gob”At the end of the book Adara and her companions have headed out to take on the Agros and rescue the Meeks All is never uite as it seems in these books and so I have purchased Book Three and intend to read it soon

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Echoes from the Lost Ones Song of Forgetfulness #2Librarian's note An alternate cover edition can be found hereWhat would you do if you found out everything you believed in was a lieAlone in the hostile Wilderness where starving feral dogs and kilted wild men roam Adara must rely on her combat skills if she is to survive her perilous trek through the ravaged terrain of NotSoGreatBritAlbion to find her missing broSnatched by lustful W. It is a strange and weird if often exhilarating time in your life being a teenager caught between childhood and adulthood yet not belonging really to either Adara the narrator in ’Echoes from the Lost Ones’ is in many ways a typical teen She tries to be confident and grown up and in charge but often simply needs other people around to assure her all will be well However all may not turn out well for Adara lives in a future where the tensions and divisions of today have ripped apart the connectivity of humanity and the earth Adara lives in a very dangerous worldOne of the many joys of this book is the way that fragments of memory and history are revealed as Adara travels through the disparate societies of the future looking for her kidnapped brother The location of her journey is NotSoGreatBritAlbion which a long time ago was ‘called Youkay When the sea was not dead when creatures called suids lived there’ The journey takes her through forests ancient warzones and mountains There is much to threaten her and prevent her from completing her task but fortunately there are also people who befriend her and accompany her All the while as she keeps going onward the past is impacting on her journey Her past is our now an era of industrial farming environmental degradation and cloning and towards the end of the book Adara and her companions learn just how massively that past has shaped each living individualThis is a great fast paced book packed with wonderful ideas and reflections I’ve tried not to give too much away about ‘Echoes from the Lost Ones’ but I was delighted to discover that this book is only the start of a trilogy I look forward to reading of Adara’s adventures and learning about her world and ours