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READER ☆ DOC Time Out of Mind º 9780373110841 ´ How could she love him? They'd never met When Adria Morris had been mugged at Victoria Station she'd lost than her purse The bump she'd received had wiped out her past And it had taken two years for Kyle Hamilton to find her Kyle insisted he could prove she was his late brotShe learned that Kyle had been her lover and wanted her again She would have to choose her fate marry Kyle or leave behind the only hope she had of ever regaining her memor Maybe 35 stars Decent angsty story if you can overlook the fact that the hero and heroine were totally cheating on the heroine's husband and hero's brother just a few weeks after they were married

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T had taken two years for Kyle Hamilton to find her Kyle insisted he could prove she was his late brother's wife Lisa so she returned to their family home on St Amelia There Re Time Out Of Mind this one is a bit suicky but remarkably absorbing nonetheless I did have to check a few times to make sure I was reading KT instead of Anne Mather but if KT was doing an AM impersonation she did a good job of itThe suicky comes in when the H targets the h for seduction while she is married to his half brother She has an affair with the H while her errant hubby is off wandering around so if infidelity is a deal breaker and the half brother thing may be a major deal breaker as well HP travelers might want to give this a miss For those who have the Captain and cookie stash fortitude to forge through this one it was rather surprisingly good I had forgotten over the years just how interesting KT can be This one starts with the h not knowing who she really is she suffered a physical attack two years earlier with a head injury and has no memory of her past at all She guesses her age to be around 24 and she works in a London department store as a clerk On her way to work one morning she jaywalks and almost gets hit by a car She is running late so in her hurry she does the handsy sorry gesture and gets herself into her job Later on she is shocked to see the man who almost hit her wandering around the store looking for her She makes a formal in person apology and explains that she was running late The man seems to like what he sees and he asks her out She declines He waits around until she gets off of work and asks her out again this time she accepts Something about this dishy stranger is very appealing to her sensibilitiesOver dinner she finds out the H is from the Virgin Islands and owns a large estate there he had a half brother who was the product of his mother's affair but he died a few years back and so there is only the H his sister and their mother The H explains that the dead son was the mother's favorite when he died the mother sank into a deep depression and since she was always distant from her two other children she spends her days mourning her favorite son and isolating herself from everybody elseThe H and h really like each other he claims she looks a lot like a lady he knew and the physical passion is intense They get into a heavy lurve moment when the H notices a distinct birthmark on her chest and calls her by another woman's name and accuses her of horrible things The h takes the time honoured HP h reaction in times of distinct stress and passes out When she comes to she explains that she doesn't know who she is and tells the h about the attack and the last two years of memory loss The H explains that it was thought that she died with his brother in the car crashed that killed him the car caught fire when it wrecked so the bodies were pretty much unrecognizable and it was assumed that it was her because she had been seen earlier with the brother and the passenger was femaleThe H insists that the h now owns half his estate because he had made his half brother a partner in the place in an effort to make him settle down He insists that the h needs to go to his island with him and get things sorted out The h goes cause at this point her woozy spells around the H are making her really nervous and she wants to know the full story and maybe get her memories back So it is off to a British Virgin Island we go and things start to get intenseThe h asks the H about her marriage and her dead husband and if the H knows anything about her life before that The H tells her she was apparently an orphan she had been raised by an elderly aunt who had passed away After the aunt died the h went to Switzerland on a ski trip and met the H's half brother She wouldn't go to bed with the brother when he tried it on so he married her after two weeks and then brought her to the family island The marriage went bad pretty uickly the H says they started having problems right away and they were only married two months when it was assumed they both died in the crash The H and h arrive at the family home and the sister is shocked to see the h alive but seems to be pretty happy to see her and they uickly establish a new bond The h is feeling out of place because the H has issued an invitation to a woman he was dating before he found the h and the mother isn't happy to see the h at all The h is reeling from the weird jealousy see feels when she thinks about the H and his OW and reels even when the mother accuses her of arranging the car crash that killed her son The mother tells the h she was nothing but a gold digger who latched on to any rich man she could find and when it did not work on her favorite son she went after the H The h doesn't think that was really in her character and the sister is pretty assuring that she did not act like that at all but she does admit the marriage wasn't working mainly because the brother wasn't keen on island lifeThere is some poking around the h's old things and her rooms from before in the hope of prodding her memory and the H starts to issue invitations to the h to go sailing with him The H puts on the big smooth seduction moves over the course of a few sails The h falls in love with the H pretty uickly and after the H tells the OW not to take up his invitation he marries the h She is sure she is in love and the H seems to care a lot too and the lurve clubbings result in mutual transcendent ecstasy so the h is pretty happy The sister has two potential suitors to choose from so she is having a little romance drama of her own The only one not happy is the mother she no longer accuses the h of causing her son's death but she is still adamant that she is a gold digging tart and the only reason the H married her is to keep control of the whole estate she inherited the dead son's half when he died and the H isn't taking any chances The h dismisses the mother's claims it is obvious she is very grief stricken and tries not let it worry her too much the mother is leaving the island to go live with her sister anywaysThe scene with the mother triggered something for the h tho she goes to drive into town and in the car her memory returns The h did marry the brother in whirlwind romance on a ski trip She had lost her professor father and her mother when she was very young lived with her aunt until she died and then took the legacy money her aunt left her and went on a nice little trip The brother picked her up her second day and pursued her relentlessly she was young and infatuated and so when he proposed she said yes They married and went to the family home but the mother entirely disapproved and the H was pretty harsh as well they both thought she was grabbing for the gold The sister was the only one nice to her and her husband started spending a lot of time off island and claiming he wanted to be alone After a month the H finally accepts that she really is a nice girl at heart and he has been feeling the lust since she stepped on the island so he takes the h sailing and seduces her They start an affair and the H tells the h he will arrange for her to divorce the brother and marry himThen the mother tells the h that the H is leading her on to break up the marriage and get her off the island The h believes this after some consideration and when her estranged hubby suddenly pops up she asks him to start the divorce and get her on the plane to England The h did not have a lot of money from her aunt's legacy left she has been paying for herself this whole time so he buys her ticket and takes her to the airport and gives her a bit of cash to start her off with The h gets to back to England and then gets attacked in the train station and robbed and loses her memory The husband had to go to the airport anyway to pick up his current mistress So after he saw the h off he picked his married mistress up from arrivals and that was who was in the car with him when he crashed and they both died The mistress's husband had thought maybe she just ran off or something The h feels a bit bad for himThen the h recalls her own situation and is trying to hide that she has her memory back She loves the H dearly but thinks he does't love her and so is amping up the wattage on the tower of power rides and using all her kittenish tiger skills to entice the H into baby making That all changes when the h and H almost crash and die in the same spot the brother did There is a tricky curve with bad light and tree in that spot and the H panics and confesses that he couldn't take losing her again He grieved when he thought he lost her the first time and rushed her into marriage so she couldn't escape him and the h pretends the second car crash restored her memory so she avows love at first sight too and they wander off to a tropical sunset and the rosy baby making HP HEAThis one was interesting in that H's meanness and suspicions and his eventual h chase for the hair dragging back to the family yacht actually occurs in the h's memory restoration flashback which means that it happens fairly late in the book We get to see the nice and wooing side of the H first so we don't really wonder about his motivations until almost the very end and it is a pretty effective tension producing few chapters too We get the full effect of the h's fears that she is being deceived and it certainly keeps the pace up Plus KT really does make you wonder if they actually had an affair or not while the h was still married for uite a long time she makes it seem very out of character for the h to have done that By the time we realize she really is a cheatin' jezebel we know the dead hubby had

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Time Out of MindHow could she love him? They'd never met When Adria Morris had been mugged at Victoria Station she'd lost than her purse The bump she'd received had wiped out her past And i This one is a hard one for me to rate so I opted for 3 stars There were somethings I really enjoyed The book is very well written and moves at a great pace I found myself absorbed to the point that I couldn't put it down The story is about a woman suffering amnesia for 2 years and is accidentally identified by her brother in law when he almost runs her over For some reason amnesia is not one of my favorite tropes but I thought it well done in this story However in spite of the well executed plot I had trouble warming up to the heroine and hero I typically don't like infidelity in my romances but when it happens to be with your husband's brother right in the family dwelling it leaves a lot to be desired Love does not excuse morality and these two were in my opinion both amoral characters Especially the heroine who claimed not to be a gold digger yet married a man after only ten days and chose not to leave him when things didn't work out because she didn't want to give up the lifestyle In stead she opts for an affair with his brother right under her mother in law's nose I'm not uite sure what her definition of gold digger was but it came very close to mine The Mother in law was uite vicious in her approach with the heroine But when I step back and think about it she is the only one that had common sense She suspected the heroine of marrying her son for money Check She suspects her of sleeping with her other son Check She suspects that the heroine has no real character Check So even though MIL is painted as an evil manipulator I found her to be the sayer of truth As for the hero the only reason he could identify her as his ex sister in law was a distinguishable birthmark in a very private place Seems he was about to do the horizontal tango with her again when he saw the birthmark That alone could be forgiven except it turns out he was seriously involved with another woman and about to get engaged I see a life of misery for these two I think their only connection was on a physical level Once all the pheromones die down I see a life of misery He drifting off and not being able to keep his pants zipped and the heroine only focused on keeping her comfortable lifestyle whatever the price